30 September 2011

~Hodge podge~

Poor Brutus.
Anything that is 
out of place,
knocked over..
Any strange,
we-shouldn't-be hearing-that
any cupboard
being opened
and closed
{despite child-proof locks!}
it is 99 1/2 percent of the time~
Big, Bad,  jelly-belly, kleptco cat Brutus!

When Brutus teases Shelby,
she literally puts her tongue between her teeth
and gives him a *raspberry* !
I know how you feel, Shelby.
I do the same to Brutus sometimes...

Hercules, the 3 1/2 month old kitten
 keeps me smiling...every day!
He is so full of joy, mischief, energy, and love.
All wrapped-up like a little mini bob-cat!

These girls?
We had one day of rain this week and they pouted.
And with every toy known to dogs,
and a huge basket of stuffed animals..
well, I didn't feel sorry for them.
Nope, not one iota.
{Mmm, yeah. You know me.
I put on Animal Planet
 and they snacked on doggie treats}
Zeke? He slept on his couch, as usual.

Brutus is still in love with his fake amphibian.
But, that great love has not changed his thieving ways.

This cute guy
{just look at that face!}
is one of a kind.
The story-book of Mickey and Sissy
and their big adventure
should be finished soon.
{If the author would just 
get her behind in gear and finish it!}

Saturday should prove that Fall is really here!
A high of 63 degrees and big sigh of relief,
that Summer is finally gone.

I so love being outside and smelling 
the smoke coming from the chimney.
Hearing leaves crunching under-foot.
That is about as good as it gets!

My beautiful grandmother...

My Aunt Debbie has been communicating 
with someone who is related to us
and researching her family history.
Like 6th cousin or something!
This gracious person has provided 
us with pictures of Nana,
 as a child and in her teens,
that we have never seen!
I am not even sure if Nana 
knew they existed.
After I get the photos re-sized I will share them.
They are so amazing!

That is my hodge-podge for today.
A little of this and a little of that.
And I am happy to share with all of you!

Here is hoping your day is sunny,
even if it rains!


Amy said...

Good morning dear Misha, thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful fur babies with us- I laughed and smiled at each of their photos! Living with 9 (soon 10) cats and dogs myself, I understand completely how fun a day can be with all these fur babies around!! They have their own wonderful personalities which brighten our days!
How fun to find old photos of your Nanna! I adore old photos, can´t wait to see yours!
Have a wonderful Friday my friend- hugs from Norway :-)

Mary said...

Brutus is so funny. The picture of him and his snake cracks me up. What a bunch of characters! I guess I'm kinda sorta ready for fall. We just didn't get the blistering heat like you did, in a way I feel a little gipped. I am looking forward to the fire though, I always like that.
I can't wait to see the photos of long lost relatives and such, I really get lost looking at old photos and trying to imagine how life was.

Snappy Di said...

Lovin' your header, girlfriend, and OMG that snake is totally cracking me up. Totally!!

Clint said...

I love your pets and their expressions. We really do need them in our lives, don't we?

Your grandmother is a treasure. Mine have gone on to glory, and I miss them.

Hartwood Roses said...

All of your critters make me smile! Our Daniel and your Brutus could start a support group for pets who get blamed for everything.

With the photos of Nana ... those old black and whites are pretty dense, and they can usually be scanned high density (like 600 dpi or more) on your household scanner and enlarged quite successfully. I have a tiny photo of my great-grandmother, her husband, and their first baby that is now nice snapshot size.

Lynne said...

I really like your children and I like momma too!
I hope you enjoy a sunny day, no matter what . . .

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh the early photos of Nana sound fabulous; looking forward to seeing them, Misha. Praying you're having some good days!

TexWisGirl said...

love your sweet bunch of critters! they do make our days complete, don't they? :)

Deb said...

I love that picture of Brutus on the porch and the one of you and Nana. That is so great about researching the family history and I can't wait to see your new found photos of Nana.

We got a cool front here after a record breaking day of heat yesterday. It feels great!

That old Singer is a beauty.

Rural Revival said...

I love this hodge podge!

Oh that snake is too funny...I'm just glad it's not real. I'd have to look away.

And that pic of Hercules snoozing in the box is the cutest thing ever. Don't tell Brutus I said that though! You know the guy with stealth (not fat) paws. : )


Mark said...

Love those cats!
I have two myself. One who is getting up there in years and the other one who is just one. He's bad but such a cutie.
And yes, I would love to see those photos of you Grandmother.
Your Friend, m.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a perfect hodge podge with adorable critters, wonderful Nana, and your decorated wood stove! I used to do that also when we had the wood stove INside (shhh, don't tell, I really wish we still had it inside because it's more cozy that way than the outside furnace!). Anyway, I adore your vintage Singer machine in that lovely vignette. I have one in storage. If I could just get my house out of CHAOS ... :o) I'd set it out too! Can't wait to see some vintage Nana pics! :) Have a wonderful weekend, dear Misha! -Tammy p.s. I fell in love w/ Mickey --what a beautiful color coat he has - gosh he's purty too!

The White Farmhouse said...

I just love that jelly belly klepto cat! he looks so funny with his snake buddy! What a character! I would just sit around all day watching him. I can't wait to read about the antics and travels of Mickey and Sissy.

No horsey tales this time? I keep on wondering how Miss Annie is doing after her little bout of sickness. Need more horsey tales and jelly belly pics!

. said...

dear misha, thank you for another smile on my face from you dear fur babies. here we even have the so-called wild ones come up to get a little attention and know they are special.

as for special, how is your flare up coming? take care of your self.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Aww Misha what a wonderful post! I loved all the critter photo's...loved all the 'posing' too..they're all so cute. That's wonderful about your distant relative having pictures no one has seen before and I'm really excited to see your post on them. Enjoy your cooler weather...we sure are even though it's in the 80's this weekend. Why couldn't we have had some of this in the summer?!
Maura :)

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

I'm finally caught up with my blogs after being away!! So sorry that you've been feeling rotten.
I laughed out loud at the photos of Brutus with his snake!
I'm a sucker for old photos.... such a window into the past! Can't wait to see them!

Country Dreaming said...

Loved the post--the cats are too funny!

Enjoying the fine Fall weather we are having here. It is supposed to get in the 80's again this week though.

Take care.


Donna said...

Your furbabies are just the cutest! I could just rub bellies all day long except I have one named Flip who doesn't get off my lap long enough to let me do anything! Do they all sleep with you?
I spotted a Singer sewing machine in the picture :) Adorable!
Pictures of Nana ... can't wait to see them!

Karen said...

I just love your little cream pup. What a face... i'm a sucker for the little ones.

Love that picture of you and your grandmother!.. looking forward to the "oldies"!...

and boy are those cats lucky to have you.

Joycee said...

That wood stove would feel good here this morning, we are in the low 40's! Won't be long and the house will be cool enough to turn the heat on. Your babies all look so content!

Campbell Kids said...

Wonderful photo of you and your grandmother! What a gift to have photos of your Mom that you didn't know existed...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, Love seeing all of your very innocent (???) babies!!!!!! Cute pictures/words.

Decorating for Fall is so much fun... I love the yellows/oranges/golds of Fall...

Family History is just so special.. Glad someone in your family is doing it.


pilgrimscottage said...

Interesting hodgepodge! Your cats are so funny and cute. Lots of personalities! I hope you are doing all right today, Misha.

Elle Bee said...

I loved all the photos! Your critters are such cuties! I can not wait to see the pictures of your Nana--what a wonderful peak into history that will be.

I wanted to share my new blog with you. It's www.ourlostcoin.blogspot.com

Have a great rest of your week!