01 September 2011

~My Precarious Relationship~

The days are rushing by.
September makes landfall this week!
Something I have been impatiently waiting for.
I am not a *hot weather* person.
Never have been.
Never will be.
Summer and I have just never made nice with one another!
From childhood on, it just has never been in the cards for us.

When I was nine years old,
my parents and I went to Washington D.C.
 to visit my my Aunt Debbie!

It was August.
Somewhere in our family photo albums is a picture of me that my Dad took.
Sitting on a curb, waiting for the tram at
Arlington National Cemetery.
I have on blue and white checkered overall shorts,
and my Mom had put my waist-length, very thick hair,
in two high pony-tails.
You know, like that would help me not complain about the heat!
My Dad must have told me to look up.
Because there I am-
My hand at my forehead, shielding  the sun away from my eyes.
With the biggest scowl on my face a nine year old could muster.
And I know I am thinking,
"Why the heck are we on vacation in August! Why not October?"

Yes, why August?
 Because in my Dad's business that the was the slow time.
And each year we took our family vacation in the hottest month.
Each year we went to Disney World for a week,
staying at the Polynesian Resort!
I loved Disney!
But, by noon each day we fled back to our hotel
so I could stay in the pool.
A total *water baby*.
All day!
Returning to the Park at night when cool air set in.
Then off to a week of  surf and sand, usually on the west coast of Florida.
So my Dad could re-cooperate from the Disney experience!

By the third year of this, my parents came up with a brilliant plan.
I could bring a friend along!
{I think the teen in me was wearing them out with my complaints of heat!}
And I could complain to my *bring along friend* about the heat all day long!

I always vowed that when I grew up, 
I would live in a place where Summer was bearable.
Of course, I moved to Georgia when I left Ohio to venture into the
Big Wide World.
Talk about hot summers...
And in the horse biz, you work
Rain or Shine,
10 degrees or 100 degrees

I rarely ventured past these gates..

Later a job offer took me to~
South Florida!
I would have loved to have taken the position in Montana!
But  little things in life like a much better paycheck usually dictate our choices.
Along with a good salary, a home to live in on the property,
palm trees, celebrity clients, the rich and famous and the ocean nearby~
I got to work in the sunshine.
And the heat.
Each and every day!

My house with the brown roof. I hardly ever got to experience the air-conditioning!

{Of course, I rarely saw the ocean, because I worked 16 hour days.
The only palm trees I viewed were the ones on the property!
Most of the rich and famous, celeb clients were..well we won't go there!
Except, J.N.!}

And then Georgia called me back for a year.
To Montezuma!
Way down in the south of that state!
As much as I loved living there, Summer and I still didn't make friends!
And then outta the blue,
I had an incredible job offer!
Private owner, one Arabian horse, for a former client.
You guessed it~
In south Florida!
That became my~ 
*some people have too much money, crazy man on the beach position*
The places my love of Arabian horses has taken me..
Working year 'round in the season I despise.
Over and over.

Living in Tennessee has been a dream.
We are privileged to witness the most incredible season of Autumn each year!
Every April I begin waiting for it.
Literally dreading the coming months.
Some people experience SAD each Winter.
Seasonal Affective Disorder.
A very real seasonal depression from lack of sunshine, 
and too many cold dreary, rain or snow filled months.
I truly believe I suffer from SAD in the warm months!
I need a good, rainy, dreary, grey, blustery, day once in a while.
A whole week of that does me good!

And so as we make our way into September,
my spirit is a little lighter!
I cannot wait to feel the breeze of Fall making it's way
here to east Tennessee.
To walk outside,
and not feel as if I have opened the oven door with a temp of 475 degrees!
To see the trees begin to change.
To hang my Fall wreath on the front door.
To put the Fall wreaths back on the horsey stall doors.
To watch the pups and cats
 run and play with a spring in their paws!
And watch the horses be *oh-so-happy*
to leave their barn each morning!

And not want back in, an hour later, to stand under their fans!
To finally feel a brisk Autumn morning,
and watch Annie cantor across her pasture.
Kicking up her hind legs in glee!

Yes, Dear Summer
I will be happy to see you slink away.
I have tried.
Really. I have tried to make nice with you.
From childhood until now!
But, I do believe it is time that I just give in.
And know that you and I will never be on friendly terms.
You have plenty of *hot-weather, humidity-loving* friends
around the world.
So I don't feel one iota of guilt when I say,
"Good Riddance!"

A wonderful welcome to September!
For she leads October in on her Wings...
{I shall be dancing with glee on Thursday}

What are you?
A Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring person?
My second fave season is Winter!
But, you probably already gathered that :)

{For your perusal}
~Dear Summer, We are skipping August~
from August 2010


Angella Lister said...

I grew up in a perpetually warm place, so it never occurred to me that I didn't like summer, until i experienced fall, winter and spring, and then i realized that i merely endure summer, tyrannized by the demand warm weather makes to get outside and enjoy myself. I'd much rather curl up on a rainy with a good book. in my warm weather childhood, rainy days were my only refuge. So I know what you mean.

Samantha said...

While I love a little of all seasons, I'm done with summer!
I had to break out a fleece yesterday morning but up into the 90s again by Friday.
Stop teasing!

Jeanette said...

I have to say I love the long days of summer, I love the beautiful colors of fall, I love snuggling under a quilt in winter and I love the warm awakening of spring! There's something to love about every season!! I'm glad we get to experience them all!

TexWisGirl said...

well, this year, i'm TOTALLY over summer. 64 days of 100+ degree heat and almost zero rain for months... September has got to be a kinder month...

Donna said...

I am with you! I love Fall and can't wait for the leaves to change and the cooler temps. I do not like the humidity we have here in the South. This summer has been miserable!
Come on Fall and a day of rain! Oh and I can't wait to make stews and soups!

Mel said...

Give me Tennessee....we get all 4 seasons...just a little bit of each...not a lot...beautiful fall leaves are starting to show up around here, even if it's still going to be in the 90's today...enjoy your front porch with a cup of coffee and relax watching your scenery of nature around you....I do...at Mel's Designs from the Cabin...Mel

Lynne said...

I so enjoy "reading you!"

Many journeys you have been on.
So important to "tell our story"
a "blogger friend "told me in May.

And JN being just JOE is quite refreshing.

My first favorite season is
WINTER, people usually go freaky when I say the word.

Second favorite is
AUTUMN or better known as FALL

It is "in the process" of happening.
And I Trust The Process and will
ENJOY the ride! With you . . .

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good morning Misha!
You know...I always LOVED summer when I lived in British Columbia. Our average daily temperature was around 72 in the little ski village where we lived at the base of the ski hill. BUT...having lived 12 years here in Kansas my feelings have changed towards summer especially this year. Today marks our 52nd day of triple digit temperatures...it will be 105 today and tomorrow. I have always loved fall but this year IT along with spring have become my favorite seasons. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Misha! Have a wonderful day. Maura :)

Deb said...

You know I'm with you on loving Autumn. Most people hibernate in the Winter but I do my hibernating in the Summer. We're still having 100+ days, you would hate it! Our trees are already changing color from the drought. We are supposed to get a cool front this weekend. The highs will only be 98. Big woopee, what a joke. Maybe it will be enough to put a "Spring" in my step. Teehee.

Vickie said...

Misha - I must say I'm ready for Autumn. Where I'm at in Texas, we've had about 66 100+ days - mostly 105-107. We will not break these kinds of records for another century or so. Every year I say Autumn is my favorite, then in Spring, I say Spring is my favorite. My folks lived in Tennessee for about 5 years and they loved having 4 seasons. They only came back to Texas because of the grandkids. I think I'm about ready to move to Tennessee myself...

pilgrimscottage said...

Isn't it funny where we end up sometimes? Tenn. is beautiful from what I remember on traveling. I can't decide whether I'm a fall or spring girl. By the way, those beautiful locks of hair in the header photo certainly rival's a horse's lovely mane.

The White Farmhouse said...

Autumn and spring for me. Not too hot and not too cold. Just right. There, my imitation of Baby Bear. I like the colors too. Bright and vibrant. When I was younger I loved winter, now it's just too dang cold! Loving the wreaths! I was wondering when you were going to show them off!

Milah said...

Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons, and I like winter over summer. Living here on our farm, there is so much work in the spring, summer and fall that I look forward to winter for the time to rest, quilting and getting caught up on my reading.
We are beginning to feel some cool crisp nights here but the leaves haven't started turning yet.

Sydney said...

I love love love love hot weather. I don't mind shoeing horses in triple digit weather. I however love fall for it's beauty and crisp days. I hate it for the onset of winter is just around the corner. I love winter for the first snow when I use my sleigh in the field...then it can all go the F back to Alaska in my opinion anyways :P

Clint said...

I'm with you on the summer thing. It's just too hot to enjoy the outdoors for very long. Fall is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month.

And hey---especially after having just moved from Texas to east Tennessee, I REALLY appreciate the fall!

Joycee said...

Summer person here... but she nearly killed me this summer with too many 100+ days! Loved the "make nice" reference! I blogged today that she is "slip sliding away!" All in the eyes of the beholder isn't it? That surely must bring a smile to our Lord's face, that he delights each and everyone of us...

Patricia said...

Hey there Misha, The photos you commented on today are from Brookings, Oregon. I wish we had that weather. We live in Northern Ca. with valley heat often exceeding 100 degrees in the summer time. We were in Brookings to visit my husband's mom and her husband. They're here now visiting us. He's doing well recovering from his surgery yesterday. Thanks for your prayerful thoughs. He's showing signs of improvement already from the spine surgery. YEAH!!!! He's 80 and wants to get back to being very active again.

Take care. P.

Debi@7Gates said...

My energy gets zapped in the summer. I am beginning to feel rejuvenated again; the horrible heat wave has broken as Sept. approaches. I am ready.

Patty said...

Hi Misha! I discovered your blog through the "Sugar, Spice and Southern Life" blog. I've been reading several posts and love it. I also live in east Tennessee, in Greene County, but your pictures remind me very much of the Cade's Cove area or maybe backroads Sevier County. Is that where you are? (I'm not a stalker lol). I just love trying to figure out if I've seen a particular mountain range from a photo before. My husband lived back in the mountains near Pigeon Forge when we were dating in college. I've lived in east TN my whole life, and I am so glad you felt so welcomed here after such a tragedy in Florida. pattyann.campbell@gmail.com

Elle Bee said...

I am the SAME way!! I can't stand summer! I love autumn and winter. Winter the best. :o)

ain't for city gals said...

I think in Arizona we tend to think in "months" instead of seasons...my least favorite is July and August and except for this year we usually leave for the mountains somewhere...my most favorite months are October and April...just a beautiful time in the desert...xoxoxo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons...especially since I've found silk long johns! Love the wreaths and need to make a couple of my own to hang at the gates and barns.
BTW, forgot to tell you, last week my seal point died on the operating room table while she was being spayed. Dave said, "it wasn't like she was a house cat; she was a barn cat" but, even though he meant well, somehow, it didn't help a lot.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my.. I so agree, Misha. At least this year! It's been so miserably hot, and now hot and dry. We are predicted to have highs only in the 70's next week. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Speaking of happy... I adore your pics! Fall decs definitely put me in a 'happy' :D Happy September, dear friend!! -Tammy

Rural Revival said...

Spring and fall now, so I can enjoy being out of doors and enjoy it and feel alive.

And I was a water baby too! Could not get.me.out. : )


Kelly said...

My mom is the same as you Misha! She gets SAD during the summer months. Winter is her favorite season and fall is her second favorite! My favorite seasons are fall and spring, though I don't mind summer and winter if I can stay inside and observe! :) Winter is beautiful, but my fibro flares throughout the winter, so I'm in constant pain and have to work 40 hours a week. (I provide for my parents, who have disabilities.) Email: sheep12315@gmail.com