07 August 2011

~The morning our kitchen was invaded by Gremlins~

It has been 7 weeks of pure fun!
7 weeks of 4 tiny, furry bodies,
4 sets of wispy whiskers,
and four sets of
oh, so tiny, pitter-pat-around paws!
Molly is an incredible cat Mama.
She chats and chats and chats to them.
She gurgles softly as she bathes them.
And when the 4 little rug-rats are being naughty~
she has a wicked voice that commands!

After the third week of Molly's children being born,
we were able to partition off half of our kitchen.
It is a virtual playground for kittens.
Boxes to climb in and out of,
jingle bells to bop with tiny paws,
water bowls to drink play in,
and a huge mound of soft, cozy quilts
to lay upon and dream sweet kitten dreams...
Heck, Brutus even loaned his coveted
kitty-cat tube to the little munchkins!
Each has shown us their unique personalities.
They range from quiet and timid,
to Let's party!

Last week, Molly began taking a reprieve several times a day.
Laying on the deck outside the kitchen
in the horrid, humid, heat afternoon,
she can watch her babies through the glass door!
Our kitties love watching the goofy antics of the four.
And of course, so do we!

But, something changed over-night.
Something I had not expected quite so soon!
Our home is very quiet in the mornings.
I always awake to Zeke sleeping next to me.
Sadie-louise and Baby Girl snoozing on their pup beds.
A few kitties at my feet.
The soft hum of ceiling fans.
Very. Quiet.

Yesterday morning I awoke,
alone in bed.
Very unusual.
And their was considerable noise coming from the kitchen!
Highly unusual.
Party-like noise.
I tip-toed through the living room
and into the kitchen. 

Our kitties and pups were sitting shoulder to shoulder,
on the steps that lead down into the kitchen.
Watching. With great glee!
Ears pointed forward,
tails wagging,
paws clapping!
Over night, those four tiny, furry bodies,
with those tiny paws and oh-so-sweet whiskers
 had learned to climb!
Learned to climb up and over to the kitchen counter.
And as I stood behind my brood,
 this is what I saw......

My, oh my.
We have now taken certain measures to make sure they
don't have anymore drinking, smoking, flashing,
poker playing, parties!
don't hurt themselves!

And we just couldn't figure out where they got
the beer and liquor~
Until in passing,
I overheard Brutus tell Bo
"It sure was a long walk to the next county
to the closest liquor store!"
And then realized I was missing $50.00 bucks!
And Bo giggled......

Happy day to you all!
And watch out for those Gremlins 
disguised as kittens!

This week, Molly's brood
leaves for their
Forever Homes!
I may or may not cry....


Donna said...

They are adorable!!! I just love kittens :) They are so much fun to watch. I know they will be loved in their forever homes.

Clint said...

Nothing like a bunch of little kittens to make you laugh all day (and night). Glad you found good homes for them!

Elle Bee said...

Ah! So cute! I love when kittens go all crazy. You must be having so much fun watching them.

Hartwood Roses said...

THIS is why I adore kittens so much!! We delight in their discovery of new ways to get into trouble, and we clap our hands and are so proud of them. If this had been a puppy, we feel the need to correct them and prevent them from getting into trouble in the first place. Kittens, though, operate on a whole different set of rules, and there's something in us that loves it.

Your babies are beautiful!!! (isn't the crunch cat tunnel the best invention EVER for keeping kittens occupied?)

Snappy Di said...

H!... yes, after watching the video I would say it's time for some kitties to go. LOL


Karen said...

Misha, you done good. Don't cry... you've done the best job ever for those little guys. And can you imagine the parties into the night if you kept those hooligans around. You've got enough on your plate :-)

Deb said...

Sounds like some partys I went to when I was in my early 20's. Very funny that the dogs were standing by watching:) I'm glad you found them their forever homes.

Have a great day Misha and tell J that I said Hi!


ps my word verification for comments is partio. LOL! is that a party on the patio?

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i know i'd miss them terribly!!! they are adorable. a pack of houligans, for sure!

Flat Creek Farm said...

You *will* cry.. and so would I :) They are absolutely precious, and I loved the blast from the past with "Gremlins"! -Tammy

Jeni said...

Beautiful, adorable kittens!!! I bet your other dogs and cats where really saying "hahahaha You're gonna get it!"

Have a wonderful day Misha

Donna said...

They can get away with a LOT of mischief because they are so cute! Thanks for sharing their cute little faces with us and their antics!

Jeanette said...

They are just adorable! I probably would cry a little when they go to their forever homes! Molly was a good mama!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Oh I don't know which is cuter.... kittens, puppies...?

But kittens make puppies seem like model citizens. Such shenanigans. Puppies just chew and pee, but those kitties are demolition derby drivers crossed with acrobats!

Rural Revival said...

Oh how the male twin would have loved to have seen THAT!! He always imagines Whiskers and Callie playing poker in the back of a pick up truck smoking cigars and he's pretty sure they will be a negative influence on Ember!


I'll cry too. : (

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness..... LIttle sweet kitties are growing up!!!! Yipes!!! You are such a good Grandma to them ... Hope they have repaid you with lots of kitty love.

What precious kitties.

Debi@7Gates said...

Seems like yesterday they were just born. Separation is hard with little biddy furry things. I would be just like you. I'm sure you made sure they had good homes to go to, so find comfort in that.

missing moments said...

that was so cute and fun!
Oh, how can you ever part with them! I remember, so painful!
But they will have good homes, I'm sure!

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Julie Harward said...

lOL that was cute...it's fun to be surrounded by sweet pets isn't it?! They sure are cute. Loved the post below to with your grandma. Thanks for your visit. :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH boy do I know what you're going through LOL! LOVED the Gremlins video and that about sums it up too. I'm sure you'll cry a bit but at the same time you'll enjoy having your kitchen back. Our little Henry is doing great...he's a good boy and he's sure made himself at home and has no fear of the other critters. He has respect though so that's good. I never thought I'd see the day that Chelsea our little 'killer' would let a cat rub up against her ;) Enjoy the kitten you're keeping (I think you said you were keeping one of them) and I look forward to more photo's! Have a great day...stay cool.
Maura :)

Country Dreaming said...

Oh my oh my!!!!
The kitten with the deep blue eyes is so pretty.

Good luck with the departures.


Cindy said...

I could watch kittens play all day! Your babies are so cute!

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh how cute! I could watch kittens playing all day. They are a bit like gremlins. With hair. And less attitude. Poor Brutus! I can't believe he would do something like that!

Madge said...

It has been two years since I held a newborn kitten in my hands... so suh-weet!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your post reminds me of why cats were my first love, and have a special place in my heart!! Your babies are so cute and so endearing!!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

They are absolutely enchanting!

loved the video!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cute, cute, cute...kittens and the way you've described everything! One of my "projects", when I return home, is to catch the barn cats and have them spayed and neutered. Wish me success.

Amy said...

Hahahaha this was so funny!!! Yeah...you shouldn´t feed kittens after midnight or they do silly stuff like that...and typical big siblings to help the little trouble makers and then sit back and smile and say they had nothing to do with it...hahahaha....Will you be keeping all four little "angels"?
Kittens are adorable but they are also a handful when they figure out they can climb and reach so many new things!!! Hope your kitchen survives!!!!
Big hugs from Norway :-)