17 August 2011

~How Charmin Changed My Life~

Yesterday I ventured into the Big City.
To my Doc appointment.
Most people hate going to the Doc.
I love going to mine.
He is a cool guy,
in a Doogie Howser kind of way.
It must be a happy place to work,
because in my 5 years of being a patient there,
the entire staff is the same.

It's kinda like the TV show
I walk in the door and everyone says,
"Hi Misha!"
I walk up to the bar counter,
and instead of a beer and Norm,
I get Trish asking if all my info is still the same.
"Still no insurance?"
That's me.
The Pay-As-I-Go Patient.
It's all good though...really.
Nice people.
Nice chats with everyone.
And when I leave I hear,
(that's my cold hard cash being plunked down on the counter)
"Bye, Misha!"
And then I am lighter in spirit for the chat,
lighter in the wallet,
and I didn't even have to leave a tip on the counter.
But, I still have Fibro and a host of other stuff.
Yeah, it's all good.

My usual if I am feeling up to it{ after the Doc}
is to hit the enormous Wally World.
The one the size of three football fields put together.
The same one that every time I go to,
half way through my shopping experience
I am cursing myself for not stopping at my
corner market instead.

Let me explain that yesterday was an icky day.
Not as icky as the previous week, but still not a winner.

So, I did my hair, put on a little makeup,
 donned a cute skirt and my lacy black summer flats.
It made me feel better about me.
(I also wore a shirt-just for the record)
And as I am in Wally World,
in the Charmin section,
I hear,
"Oh my gosh!"
"Are you Misha, that has that blog?"
"That 'In the Mountains' blog?"

Freaked me out.
It did.
My little anonymous blog here.
A little tiny dot in the
vast Blogosphere of
51 million Google blogs,
 and a sweetheart named Jenna
recognizes me buying toilet paper at the
Wally World in the Big City. 

My freak-out subsided and we chatted for a while.
Jenna asked how Nana was doing.
(Better, thank you.)
She asked if Brutus had been in trouble lately.
(Yes, this morning actually!)
If Annie was still kicking out fence-boards at every turn.
(yes, she is!)
And then Jenna jogged my memory that we had emailed
about 6-8 months ago, after she found my blog.
She doesn't partake in blogging herself, but reads a few
that are based in east Tennessee.
Jenna found me through
"Mama Pundit"
a local K-Town
{K-Town (Knoxville),
 that's what all we east Tennesseans call it,
'cause were cool like that in these here parts}
Major-Huge blog written by a
Real-Life Writer,
Katie Allison Granju.

Little me left a comment on Katie's blog,
and Jenna followed the trail of comments
to my little house in the Blogosphere.

So that is the story of meeting sweet Jenna,
at the Ginormous Wally World in the Big City
while pulling a 4-pack of Charmin off the shelf,
after my appointment with
Doogie Howser.

On my drive home, back to my little mountain town,
I began to wonder about all the
Misha's and Jenna's
and the way we connect in this
brilliant age of sharing our lives.
My day was a lot brighter for meeting Jenna.
And getting a nice hug from a friend.
A friend I never knew that I had.
Jenna, you made my week!
Oh, yeah.
It's all good....


 Welcome a new neighbor
on our blog block.
Her name is Lynne.
And you will love her :)
I already do.
Irish Garden House
just click!
Now go!
She has coffee on :)


Gail said...

...and this is what we need to remember on the days we wonder why we blog. We touch people's lives, sometimes in small ways, sometimes profoundly, and we may never know.

What a wonderful story!

Hartwood Roses said...

Imagine if Jenna had just quietly noticed you and moved on? How wonderful it was that she made the move to greet you once she recognized you!

Here's a funny story: Last year, I was at the open house at Monticello's Tufton Farm in Charlottesville to help a friend with the program there. Before things got started, I was out in the garden with my camera taking photos of the roses. They grow SO many beautiful roses that it's a photographer's dream.

Most of the roses that day were relatively low to the ground, which meant that I spent most of my camera time bent over double with the seat of my pants in the air. As I was focusing to photograph Elegant Gallica, a voice behind me says, "I LOVE your blog!" Huh!!!

Turns out that this man met me at another event a few weeks before, and he had been reading my blog since then. It still was really weird. Note to other fans: wait till the object of your attention stands up before greeting them.

Joycee said...

There's a real lesson here. I'm a blogger who writes and runs, my life right now starts early and ends late. Therefore there are many times when I go days without reading other blogs, trying to catch up all at once on the weekends. That leaves me wanting to get to know my readers but never really having the time to do that. I love blogging, I love reading blogs... it's the one on one I have trouble with. I hope I can do better, I'm missing out on the best thing about blogging... the connection.

Lynne said...

Just love this. You are so much fun to read. It is like a cool short story.

Did you tell Doogie Houser to make it all better, FOR ME!

And the Jenna and the Charmin . . . what a treat that was.

Who would've known, surprise, surprise!

And then all the way down to the end you mentioned ME
. . . I flipped out of bed, started hootin and hollering you'd have thought they scheduled me for the Tofay Show or something. What a special lady you are. I want to meet you at wally world. I will be standing with a 4 pack Charmin.

Hey there all you Misha followers, let's. grab some tissue and you know where we will find her!!

Lori said...

What a great story of how small the world really is. And way to go Jenna to step up and say something and not just hang back saying "I think that's her". If she would have your day would maybe not have been as encouraging.
Love the Welcome to Tellico sign. It sure makes me Mountain sick. Miss that area! It just might be time for another trip! :)

TexWisGirl said...

oh yeah. i SO would have freaked out! :) but so glad she asked it if was you and you got to meet and chat. what a wonderfully small world this is...

Joyce Ann said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. How nice to meet a reader in the middle of Wally World.

Laura said...

What a great story! Who would have thought that you'd meet a follower while just going about your day?! So cool!

Samantha said...

How very cool about Jenna!
It is a small and delightful world.

Snappy Di said...

What an absolutely perfect day you had! I'd be shocked if someone recognized me in Wally World... Maybe I should put on a skirt and put my hair up too. You know, clean up my act a bit. LOL

Aunt Barb said...

Blogging has opened a whole new world, hasn't it. Such wonderful people out there! I had the opportunity to meet a blogging friend and it is such a thrill.

Isn't Lynne such a delight. She has been a dear friend of mine for nearly 30 years now. Love her immensely. In fact, I introduced her tomthe wonderful world of blogging and I'm proud to say she is hooked.

Enjoy this wonderful day Misha.

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I'd have to carry Hank around to be recognized. I hate my picture and don't even like looking in the mirror let along having it looked at world wide. Glad you're up and about. It's still so hot here and I'm very tired of it.

Jeanette said...

I met one other blogger once and I was just so thrilled to meet her it wasn't even funny. If I ever get you way I will be sure to stalk the TP aisle in WalMart!! Glad you are feeling a little better, Misha!

Carolyne said...

I loved reading the little story of your new found friend. What a gracious person *you* are to welcome her into your life!
Being rather quiet myself, I asked to "meet" a blogger who lives close by, but was turned down. The rebuff still stings a bit. However, I have to believe the person is too fearful and not ready for real friendship.
I agree with the comment earlier that we never know how we may affect someone. And it takes so little time to show we care, doesn't it?
Bless you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's amazing! I loved reading your story, too! Makes me feel like we're connecting...and could meet at any time! ♥

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Isn't blogging just awesome? I have met so many fabulous people through blogging...

Sounds like a good day ---even though you plunked down a wad of cash and had to go to the gigantic WallyWorld.....

Fun post, Misha... You are special to so many of us.

Donna said...

How funny! And how delightful to meet up like that! This blogging world is quite magical like that...

Donna said...

What a lovely story! Isn't it amazing how the blogging world works ... love it!
Glad you are feeling better.

jodistone said...

Hi Misha,
I'm new to your blog here and I just read your Charmin post (trust I will be digging a bit deeper learn more.) It is very cool to be recognized, I have yet to be recognized by chance (I have a small blog following) but I was recognized at a fundraiser once and it almost put me into a panic. LOL One of your commenters said, "blogging touches people" and that is really true. Sometimes when we least expect it, we hit a chord with someone. It's really nice.

Keep up the good work.

Karen said...

What a great surprise!... and I do love that picture of you walking with the dog....

Karen said...

and um... that would be a cat.


Aunt D said...

Do you know how many times I've run out to the store and thought I'd never see anyone I know. Do you know how many times I've been wrong!? You'd think I'd learn by now. Happy that Jenna got to meet the real deal. love you, kiddo

Rural Revival said...

Well, it's settled then. I need to hang out at Wal-Mart in K-Town. : )


Would that make me a stalker?

Feral Female said...

Thanks for reminding us that we can touch people`s lives Misha.

Cassy said...

Bloggers touched peoples lives through their posts. many times I find myself crying upon reading some post and sometimes I laughed.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Oz Girl said...

I love this story of meeting Jenna in Wally World. :-) So very true. And often, I'm sure we might not even realize how our blogs touch someone else's life. Not everyone leaves comments - many just like to stop by and read about our lives. I am constantly reminding myself to keep my blog relevant, and true to its topic. It's hard to do sometimes.

I am going to visit Lynne. Have a beautiful Sunday Misha!

(love your photo effects, gorgeous!)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Misha, how wonderful y'all had a chance to meet...blog land and the world is quite a small place.
BTW, if you have a septic system, re-think using Charmin. Unless it says it can be used in a septic system, it can cause problems of a sort you really don't want -smile-.
We have our septic tank drained every few years and the company employees tell us, "never use Charmin!"

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

It certainly is a small world isn't it! What a wonderful surprise to find someone in the toilet paper isle who recognized you...how cool is that! Blogging certainly does open a door to the world doesn't it. I'm glad you were feeling good enough to get out to your docs appointment and what a great bunch of people at the docs office! Wouldn't it be nice if all doctors offices treated people like that. I will head over to Lynnes as soon as I send this off to you. Take care.
Maura :)