21 August 2011

Do you believe in....

Definition: The traditional beliefs, practices, customs, stories, etc.
 of a people, handed down orally or behaviorally from individual to individual

Unlike literature, the folklore of a society is rarely written down
or published except by those who collect and study it.

The Coyotes love this time of year

There is a lot of
in these parts.
One is about the amount of
foggy days in late Summer.

I couldn't even see the pasture!

For every fog in August,
there will be a 
Snow Day
the following Winter.

Jam watching the morning unfold
 So far we have had 4 foggy mornings.
Very foggy!
And for us,
a snowy day means being home.
Because here in the mountains,
everything shuts down!

The sun burning through the fog

So what do you think?
Do you believe in
old weather Folklore?

Tell me what Folklore is
spoken about where you live!
And whether or not it usually comes true...
 ~Wonderful day to you all~




Jeanette said...

I definitely think there's something to the folklore! I love fog and we don't get it nearly enough here! I always want to walk around in it!

Snappy Di said...

Not sure I believe the weather folklore... but it's fun to put it to the test, right?

Gail said...

I counted the fogs in August once and it matched perfectly.

I think it would only apply to some regions...I'm sure parts of California are foggy with never a snow fall.

According the wooly worms and the horses hair, we are gonna have a cold one this year, too.

TexWisGirl said...

i think there's a lot of truth - especially to weather-related folklore. my folks always talked about how the weather was cold at the full moon. seems to hold true.

love the header photos!

Debi@7Gates said...

I love foggy mornings, I just don't like driving in it. I love the pictures you captured. We've heard a lot of coyotes out here lately too. I'll just have to read the Farmer's Almanac and see what the predictions are so far. We won't know what the wooly warm does for a while yet.

Heart2Heart said...


WOW I've been MIA for quite some time and I apologize for being out of touch. I missed stopping by to chat with you but I'm trying to reorganize my time management issues again and do better with my blogging friends. How have you been?

Yes, I completely believe in folklore and find myself reading the farmer's almanac quite a bit lately. I mean all the farmers followed this faithfully in the past so I do believe it offers us some time honored advice. Love this seeing as we have had no foggy mornings so far no snow predicted! :D

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The White Farmhouse said...

My grandma, who was from TN, said that if there was some kind of precipitation within 48 hours of someone dying it meant they went to heaven. Not sure if I believe it, but every time I have been to a funeral, it's rained or snowed shortly after.

Sydney said...

When the wind comes from the north here (predominantly it's from the south-west) theres sure to be a bad storm. So true. I have literally seen the flag out front wheel around in the other direction and the sky go from cloudless and blue to black and cracking thunder in less than 10 minutes. Scary to get caught in riding!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Absolutely, I believe in folklore... I even read the Old Farmers Almanac. They are generally more accurate when you follow 'nature's' signs than the 'real' forecasters... ha


Karen said...

Red sky at night - sailors delight. Red sky in the morning - sailors warning.

Doesn't always come true.

Lynne said...

For every fog in August,
there will be a 
Snow Day
the following Winter.

Not sure what there is of folklore here in these parts but this little ditty above I am sure holds some truth.

Your photos are ethereal. Love them indeed.

My ears will be tuned to the lore I may hear of in these next days for soon it will be Irish Festival time and the music is delightful.

Donna said...

I have heard about fog and the snow. It has been foggy here so maybe we will have snow again this year!
The wooly worms are really wooly this year ... saw one yesterday!
I like to think folklore is real!
Great post ... makes me think!

Deb said...

I like to believe there is a lot of truth in Folklore. The fog photos are absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the fog...so peaceful.

How is Nana doing?

Country Dreaming said...

Some go by the wooly worm here.
Then there is the Farmer's Almanac too.
It seems very interesting to me.


Pearl said...

I do believe in folk lore re: the weather, actually. :-) At earlier points, it's all we had -- surely our forefathers were bright enough to catch on to the patterns!


Madge said...

We've had fog too, but I don't know if that saying goes for the NW... I hope not, I don't like driving a 40' school bus in the snow... altough I do, and safely too I might add, I'd just rather not!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What beautiful photo's Misha! We don't get much fog where we live here in Kansas but when I lived in British Columbia in the mountains we sure did. October was the month for fog it seemed and in those high mountains it always seemed like they disappeared. It was very disorienting. One of the folklore's there or maybe it was true..that when the mountain ash had lots of berries it meant it was going to be a very snowy winter. When you get 40-60 feet (yes feet) of snow each winter already that tends to make you worry! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Maura :)

Vickie said...

Hi Misha - yes, I do believe in folklore. I suppose it's actually just the folks paying attention to what's going on around them for years and years and then passed down.

My mamaw always said when the cows were all laying down that it was going to rain. I've seen it be true, and I tell it to my kids, too.

Daddy was and is still a big fisherman. He always says "wind from the east, fishin is lease. wind from the west, fishin is best". Guess that includes weather and fishing!

Rural Revival said...

Boy, three posts to catch up on! Where have I been? : (

I haven't heard of any folklore around here regarding the weather but I like the snow day idea. So far I've got one on the way but I'd like a few more please!