05 July 2011

Was Justice Served? ~What is your opinion in the Anthony verdict~

Not Guilty.

That is the verdict that was read just a short time ago.
Her parents looked stunned.
And then they got up and walked out of the courtroom.

Over the last month, I have followed this case
via online streaming video of the daily proceedings.
(Being home-bound and bored for the month
of June gave me a reason to view this daily)

The jury (which has been sequestered for 2 months)
 obviously didn't feel the
State met it's job of proving that Anthony was guilty.
The jurors have also made the decision,
 after consultation with the judge,
to not speak with the media.
The names of the jury will remain sealed.

I am stunned.
I didn't believe Anthony would receive the Death Penalty.
I did believe she would be found guilty on a lesser charge.
And would be sentenced to
life in prison with no chance of parole.

Now she has only been found guilty of lying to investigators.

On Thursday, July 7, 2011
Anthony will receive her sentence for that only charge.
I have a gut feeling she will receive
"time served"
since she has been incarcerated for several years.

Caylee Anthony has not been served Justice.
A child whose life was cut short at mere
two years of age.
Who will continue to advocate for this
beautiful child?

The TV talk shows are already lining up
for interviews with Anthony.
The book deals are waiting in the wings.
The magazine covers with Anthony interviews
filling glossy pages
are just a week away.
Anthony has made comment of
loving being in the spotlight.

And now in the end,
after several years of following this
heartbreaking case,
and having my own gut feelings about
the truth, I don't have anything profound
to even write as a final comment.
The only thing that continues to roll around in my brain is~

I just don't get it....

I hope you are having a day filled
with the *normal* stuff of everyday life.
Whether it be work, chores around your home,
shuffling kids to summer activities, picking up
a few things at the market~
And I hope you take time to be grateful for the
love and security in your life.
A kiss for your kids, a hug for your fur-babies,
an email or phone call
 to let someone know you love them.
Caylee Anthony doesn't get the chance to grow up
and be on the receiving end of any of these
simple pleasures.
Because monsters walk among us.


*feel free to comment.
I respect that your opinion is your opinion.
Whatever that may be.


Sherry@ Ties2ThePast said...

I'm with you...my heart is breaking for that poor child....

rharper said...

Like OJ she's a sociopath that does her 'title' well. Like OJ she is guilty as hell. Like OJ she got off and can never be tried for what she did again.

The justice system in this country stinks! And it's getting worse and worse.

It just makes me sick.

Laura said...

I just so sad and mad at the same time.

Donna said...

I am shocked! I have followed the trial when time allowed and I can't believe she has gotten off!
It is very sad for little Caylee. And now I hear the defense is celebrating ... UGH!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I just now heard through your blog... We quit watching the news totally while we were on vacation and it was wonderful. Haven't even turned the TV on ALL day....

I am furious about this --but after OJ's verdict--anything is possible in this country... I just don't understand our justice system at all. It's a total disgrace...

Poor child.... No justice at all.

The Hinsons said...

As stated above, she is a sociopath aka OJ Simpson. And just like OJ, she'll continue to behave in this way until she commits another crime (although nothing as horrific as killing her child, please God). She will get hers even if it's not for killing that precious child. I think I know why this jury refused to speak to the media. How do you defend this verdict?

Golden To Silver Val said...

I am stunned! My feelings are the same as yours; that precious baby was robbed of her life and justice was not served. God knows the true story of what really happened and perhaps He wishes to deal with Casey in another way and at another time. I feel her life will be tormented by her guilt....so she will never be truly free. I will pray for her parents, but not for her.

texwisgirl said...

i've not followed the coverage or the details - just whatever is shown on the nightly news. but from what i had heard, there was not much solid evidence to convict anthony as the killer. she is psychotic - who goes partying after their daughter dies/disappears/is killed? she is a liar. a horrible person/human being. but you cannot convict someone because you abhor them or because you feel in your gut they're guilty. there's got to be hard evidence.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

It's a very sad day in our country...this girl just got away with killing her own child...I sure hope she never has another child.


Cheryl Ann said...

It only took 1 juror for her to be found not guilty and I think that is what happened. I feel sorry for her child...I really do NOT believe that justice was served. I think her parents' reaction said it all...

Jeni said...

God knows the truth and His justice will be served.

Mitzi said...

I find no fault with the defense team-even their celebrating. They did their job-the prosecution did not do theirs. Only the Anthony family knows what went on-she has been judged here on earth, but God may have a different verdict for her.

Donna said...

Sickening...although not surprised.
I testify several times a month in child abuse cases and it's appalling how easy it is to get away with killing or harming a child. She's only one in a long line of moms to get away with murder...and she won't be the last!

Karen said...

The whole thing is sickening. I hope she never finds peace again. I'm sure she'll find a party though...

cge4211 said...

While listening to a local radio talk show after the verdict, a caller suggested that Cayce outsmarted everyone once again. In going back to when Caylie died, probably from being overdosed on "something" Cayce knew that if she reported the death at that time, surely she would have been arrested on child abuse and probably found guilty of manslaughter. She needed to buy time until the body was totally decomposed so no tests could be performed to determine cause of death. Looks like she once again fooled everybody and has gotten away with murder. Lord, help anyone who she comes in contact with in the future. Very dangerous girl.

Deb said...

I don't get it either Misha and that's about all I can say. Thank goodness that baby is in heaven and safe now.

Rural Revival said...

I know nothing about this case, only today's verdict reached as far north as me today but anytime I hear of such a crime my heart breaks.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Misha,
I tried to have an open mind through this whole thing ..even before the trial. It seemed to me that the prosecution just didn't have enough solid evidence to connect her to the death of her daughter. They had some great people giving their opinions but no DNA...fingerprints...nothing. I...like you thought she'd get life in prison or at least do some time but yet when I really thought about it it just seemed like they didn't have what they needed to convict her of anything other than lying. I think she'll be paying for the rest of her life though...how can she ever live a normal life after this? Will her parents want her back? Maybe her Mom but what about her father and brother? Her friends? Will she even be able to get a job? Oh she'll make money from interviews and probably books and likely a movie one day...but I think her life as she knew it is over. I just wished in the end the truth of Caylee's death would have come out. I wonder if we'll ever know. I hope you're feeling better. Have a wonderful week!
Maura :)

Joyce Ann said...

I undrstand why they could not find her quilty but I know that even though there is a lack of physical evidence she knows more than she is saying. What happened to the child I am afraid we will never know.

Mellodee said...

I do not know if this woman killed her daughter, I wasn't there, but I'd like to remind you all, that in this country, one is "innocent until PROVEN guilty". The jury agreed that the prosecution did not prove the charges. By law, that means that Casey is innocent of the charges in the eyes of the Court.

Also, I also believe that capital cases must be decided by a unanimous vote of the jurors, not just one holdout. It is either unanimous or it results in a hung jury and a new trial.

So many of you seem to be sure that she was guilty. So unless you are privy to evidence that the prosecution did not have, it appears your opinion is based what you've read or heard in the papers or on TV. Juries are not given access to newspapers and TV news when they are sequestered. That is to ensure fairness and impartiality.

A person cannot and MUST NOT be convicted of a capital crime just because they don't act like one might expect or they don't seem like a nice person.

For a verdict of guilty in court, there must be a "preponderance of evidence to prove the defendent's guilt". Evidently, those jurors did not see the proof. I, for one, am damn glad that our country requires proof rather than convicting someone of murder based on what the newspapers say!

I'm sorry to disagree with you, but without our system of justice in place and working correctly, all of our lives would be quite, quite different. Do not doubt that for one minute.

Lynne said...

You said it best,
"I just don't get it."

ain't for city gals said...

I did not follow this case..when I caught a glimpse of it I could only think of how MANY children are killed or abused EVERY SINGLE DAY! Where are there advocates? I am proud to say that when my niece passes the bar for law she will enter into the field of children's advocate and maybe, just maybe she will save one child's life or make one child's life better. That is where our anger and frustration should be...with a court system that put parental rights above all other.

Jeanette said...

I am sickened and saddened at this outcome also. I agree with a previous comment that the parents said it all when they quietly walked out of the courtroom.

Vickie said...

No, we don't know all the details - but we DO know that something terrible happened to that baby, and Casey had something to do with it or had some knowledge of it. Omission to me is just as bad as commission - especially when a child is involved. No, justice has not been served to little Caylee. Casey will have to answer for her actions someday, and so will anyone else that was involved. I also don't believe her allegations about child abuse from her father/brother. That was just something to throw the guilt off of her and get everyone sidetracked. I don't know if her dad had knowledge or was involved. It just sickens me. I don't get it either.

Amy said...

I feel one of the greatest punishments {here on earth} is losing a child and having to live without them. No matter what the verdict is, her child is gone and she has to live without her for the rest of her life, whether she did it or not. That will be something she has to deal with in front and behind the cameras and fake smiles. She is a sinner like all of us and is in desperate need of the Savior Jesus Christ. Amy @ http://momscoffeetime.blogspot.com/

Beth said...

Guilty as the days are long. OMG....she is such a liar. Not sure how the jurors could let her off as they did. What did they see that I didn't see. I saw what they showed on TV and I assume they (jurors) saw the same thing(?) Poor, poor child. May she RIP. Justice was not served.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...
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missing moments said...

I understand why they had to come up with that verdict ... but she is responsible for the death of her child and it angers me that she is not going to be held responsible.

She is going to make millions on interviews and a book deal. Just watch!