16 July 2011

~This Thing I do~ Good Golly Miss Molly Part Two

Several years ago I realized
we were living in a household without a kitten.
Silly, huh?
Of course, kittens grow up be Cats.
And cats rule in my little world!
But, those first few years of their little lives are
pure kitten joy!

With a family made up of pups and cats,
our days are always full of
woofs, meows, a hiss here and there,
a squabble over a toy,
"Who wants to go out"
me telling the pups, "Out of the kitchen!"
checking water bowls for refills,
cookies for pups, treats for kitties,
the pups sitting on the steps to the kitchen watching me!
litter boxes being cleaned 3 times a day,
washing pup and kitty chow bowls
cat and dog blankies being washed,
and being washed again(!)
ad infinitum.....
I love all that!

I love all my kids.
They make me a better person.
I take to heart the saying,
~Please let me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am~
That always sticks with me!
To someone who has never been able to know the joy
of having the unconditional love
that comes from having a
pet in their life..
well, they might just not get me..
I cannot imagine living my Life without my kids in it!

Which brings us to:
~This Thing I Do~
We had just moved to our little cottage with our brood.
One night as J and I sat on the floor in the kitchen,
playing "laser" with the cats,
I told J that we needed a kitten!
I bowed my head, and prayed.
"Please God, send me a kitten!"
Out loud.
I busted out laughing!
J just rolled his eyes....

Now I know God does not answer
frivolous prayers of wants!
I was being silly, of course.
(or *just misha* as J would say.)

But, later that evening as J took Zeke for little walk,
Zeke spied something.
Good Golly Miss Molly!
It worked!
It was a kitten.
We named her
Imogene Threadgoode.
Her nickname is Idgie.

As the summer rolled on,
 Idgie adapted to a house full
of canines and lazy, senior citizen felines!
And we often laughed ourselves silly at
her kitten antics!
But, she was a kitten without a buddy.

And once again, I said my little prayer.
You know.
Just for the heck of it!
The following Sunday morning,
Zeke let us know there was something in the front yard.
There was.
A very, tiny little yellow kitten!
Idgie had a playmate!
And we named him, Bo.

Bo is my shadow.
He is just a little fella.
He follows me when I do house chores.
He sleeps on my pillow next to my head.
And Bo is petrified of the Great Outdoors!
But, not Idgie.
She soon let us know that she really preferred
living outside.
Just call her name,
and she comes running from the
backyard she calls her Queendom!

Bo lost his playmate.
He was a kitten without a cohort in crime!
This was the summer that Chloe found us.
Eating food we put out for her, watching us watch her.
A sweet cat who needed a home.
But, she was all grown up!

Silently, I did "my thing!"
Still wanting a kitten to show up as a playmate for Bo.

And as Chloe came to trust me enough
to finally let me pick her up....
I noticed something.
Chloe was with kitten.
Some odd days later, Chloe delivered
5 bundles of kitten joy!
(four were found Forever Homes!)
One of them was
a pudgie, roly-poly, take no prisoners,
huge personality,
fluffy, little guy.
We named him Brutus.
You know,
Brutus our jelly-belly, klepto cat.
And Bo and Brutus became best buds!
Partners in crime every single day!
Playmates to this day.
Chloe stayed, to help rule the outside Queendom,
and is Idgie's biggest nemesis!

Time marched on.
Our "senior citizen" felines were happy.
No single kitten to bug them during
 20 hours of napping each day!

Then 2 years ago, when my parents were visiting,
I was telling my Mom about,
"this Thing I do"!
As I clasped my hands, bowed my head,
and started with Dear God...
She quickly said,
"Don't do that!!"
(I guess she must see some truth in the situation, eh?!)
They left for home on Saturday.
On Sunday evening,
 J spied a tiny, black and white ball of fluff
near the old smoke house.
I guess my Mom didn't stop my little prayer in time!
We named that little prayer, Bella.
And she was not more than six weeks old...

And so our little feline and canine family was complete.

Bo and Brutus fell in love with Bella.
The Three Musketeers they became!

For two years now no other little
whiskered bundles of joy
have found their way here!
Any time I get the urge to do
This Thing I do,
J halts it!
Like a needle being scratched over a record!

Early in spring I told J about my kitten urge.
Like a woman whose child is now a toddler and longs
for another babe in arms...
I longed for another kitten to care for.

So when a beautiful silver, young cat began slinking
around our property, I figured this was the one.

But, she wasn't the one.

Good Golly Miss Molly!
She was with kitten.
They were "the ones"
My urge has been squelched x4!

Does This Thing I do
really work?
I suppose it is all coincidence.
Of course, I cannot keep them all.
I wouldn't want to.
I want mine to be able to have the love
and attention they deserve!
And I want each kitten to have their
Forever Home!

But, I do hope that God really does prod them my way.
To help give them the necessaries to be healthy,
and not bring unwanted babes into the world.
I hope He prods them my way to help them find their
 Forever Homes.

And now you all know the beginning of the story.
I suppose this is just a chapter of the book.
For I am sure there are more to come.
But, I don't think I will do
That Thing I do
for quite a long time to come.

In another month,
Molly's four kittens will be leaving
for their Forever Homes.
When her sweet babies are napping,
Molly sits in the window and pines for
the Great Outdoors.
She will join Chloe and Idgie, in their Queendom,
 when her
Mama duties are finished.
In the meantime, we are gearing up to
fully enjoy these four new, little lives.
I figure by next week they will be crawling all
over one another, with tiny spurts of kitten energy!

This morning,
Bo, Brutus, and Bella
each stood outside the nursery watching.
They smiled big-whisker smiles at each other.
And then I swear..
I saw them High-Five one another with their fat, furry paws!
Oh, yes!
It's going to be an adventure....

Please remember non-profit animal organizations
when making yearly charitable donations!

It would not be possible to help all the strays
that come our way without several devoted
organizations in our county.
We are very grateful to each one!

People Promoting Animal Awareness
Monroe County Animal Shelter
"The SNAP Program"
*Spay Neuter All Pets*
Each program offering their own special
services from free spay/neuter
to free vaccinations and other animal health needs!
They are each dedicated to animal health and happiness.
Working on individual donations,
and state, and federal grants.

There also is an organization in Knoxville, Tn
dedicated to helping families be able to
keep their pets in these tough economic times by giving
out pet food.
No family should have to make the horrid decision
of turning their pets over to a shelter.
If you are a local reader and know of someone
in need of  this information, just email me at



missing moments said...

Loved all the photos and all the work you do to care for them!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, I always love your posts.. You are such a loving person --and all of those furry babies are SO lucky to have you as their Mama...

Are you sure though that you will be able to let all four of those kitties GO to another "Forever Home"????? We do get attached to our pets so quickly....

Thanks for a great post.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Pretty impressive track record!

If J ever complains about the wishes, you could remind him that it could be worse.... you could be wishing for horses!! :)

texwisgirl said...

i'm a big believer in 'putting your wish out into the ethers' to set the winds in motion to make things happen. your little prayers go straight to God's ears, apprarently! :)

love it all...

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

So right! I could be wishing for Miss D to have to have *just one more*! I will be very careful with that little prayer! 5 are enough to care for!

Wendy S. said...

This post just made my day...Kittens, aren't they addictive and true enough that we have "to be careful what we wish for" as a special being/force just loves to bless us with four-legged friends because so many of them need loving and safe homes. Thank you for sharing your purrfect story and all the photos of the babies. My two "girls" are sitting right beside me and give their paws of approval : )

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wonderful post, Misha! I so enjoyed learning more about your adorable feline gang! I have a new kitty mousepad at work, and it makes me smile every time I look at it :) Love our kitties too - they make life a lot more interesting! -Tammy

Ironstone and Pine said...

Love reading about your fur babies....I think God hears your wish for a kitten and sends a homeless one your way, he knows how you love your animals! Graphics are priceless!!

Jeanette said...

Love your fur family! I have five beautiful cats that I can't imagine not having in my life!!

Country Dreaming said...

That thing you do could get you in trouble.:) One day you may have more animals than you know what to do with. But I bet not.
Enjoy the babies!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit. I loved my visit here today..all these pets! I love how you had then talking too...just love them all, especially the one with hairy toes! ;D

Arkansas Patti said...

Really great job with the adorable photos and stories. Sadly cats are considered throw away animals by a lot of people. These hard times I fear will really affect the pets first. Bless you for taking up the slack.
Your rescues and those of others like you, give me hope. You have a wonderful heart. Thank you.

Clint said...

Meow. Purr. Hiss. Scratch scratch....

Richard said...

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Snappy Di said...

As often as I complain about pet dirt and hair in our house, I don't think I could ever do without the scamper of furry feet around me each day. :-))


Lynne said...

Love, love, love reading you! Telling a story is what it is all about . . . for me.

Enjoy your busy, birthing bit of heaven.
With love, "I'm back!"

Jeni said...

Kittens are so cute! Love your story about how you've received each one.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Misha!
What a sweet post...all your animals are so fortunate to have been found by you and J. I can't wait to see more photo's of your new 'fur babies' as they grow...how sweet! I have to tell you that I LOVE Brutus's big furry feet....he's such a pretty kitty. One day I'd love to have a long hair cat...maybe if I bow my head and say a little prayer one will come my way ;) You just never know...when you live in the country anything can happen :)
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Cindy said...

I love reading your blog! Your love for your babies is so apparent with each post. Your photos make me so happy, especially the sweet little kittens!

Rural Revival said...

You can add this to one my most favourite posts. : )

And next time you have the urge, you can just tell him to send one along to me. We'll take extra special care of anything sent our way.

Oh...and those are NOT fat feet. They're just well padded for snuggling, stealth manouvres and other such stuff that only Brutus and I understand. : )