09 July 2011

~Living Life on the Edge~la deuxième partie!

Because I outed Zeke,
to all of you in Bloggerville,
I promised him I would let you in
on something.
He is an
A #1 Squirrel Chaser!

Zeke also asked me to tell you
that he can rid a yard of squirrels
in no time flat!

Squirrels all across
the mountains of east Tennessee
Shake in their Boots
at the very mention of the name

Those squirrels that dance in our yard
know that when
Zeke is on patrol~
there is nothing that gets past him!
He is on a mission to keep the
Bird feeders full!

Today Zeke accomplished that mission.
He worked hard.
As Sadie-Louise and Baby Girl
napped in the lovely air-conditioned house
on comfy-cozy pup beds,
Zeke patrolled the yard.

Yes, he was diligent in his efforts
to make it a safe haven
for all the
beautiful birds that make their home
in his backyard!

But, diligent efforts come with a price.
For an 8 year old Mastiff, with
Hip Dysplasia
this means an evening with a heating pad!

As Zeke snoozed, he had
 Big Dreams of a Parade in his honor!
Yes, Zeke was Victorious in his efforts today!

And as Zeke was having sweet dreams,
he tooted a few times!
(But, I didn't tell you that!)
He is one happy dog!
And that is what matters.....

I hope whatever your efforts are today,
whether it be a day working in the garden,
or being lazy in the shade~
You are Victorious in your Efforts!

p.s. Would you do me a favor?
In your comment, let me know what your
fave post(s) are that I have written.
C'mon Lurkers! You, too :)

*Zeke takes Cosequin (just click)
 for his arthritis and hip pain.
As do Cadence and Allure!
(Several years ago we tried Rimadyl.
Zeke had an adverse reaction to this med.)

*la deuxième partie means Part Two.
I learned this
from my friend, Andrea! (just click)
She speaks fluent french and spanish.
I wish I lived next door to her.
Maybe her talents would rub off on moi!

*all squirrel pics from Bing Images


Deb said...

Sweet Zeke! He looks very comfortable there on the bed. He is such a cutie. I'm so sorry he has arthritis.

texwisgirl said...

i give cosequin to 2 of my girl pups too. ;)

sweet hard-working zeke... :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Such a cute post! Zeke is da man!! I truly *heart* all of your posts, Misha. But, if I had to pick one (un? a la Francais? my French is pitiful!).. it would maybe, quite possibly be when Miss Annie was born. What a heart-melter! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! -Tammy

Clint said...

Now, that's what I call a SQUIRREL!

Ro said...

I loved this!

Snappy Di said...

Sucker!!! LOL Now THAT made me laugh out loud. And, you know I love all your posts. :-)


Rural Revival said...

If you lived next door could you help me make jam that sets? You could bring Zeke and he could relax on the porch and watch Callie keep all the squirrels at bay. : )

My favourite posts..well, I love all of them, but the ones that come to mind first are the hurricane post, the Joe Namath post, a day with Nana post, your eat, pray, love year post, and every darn post with Senorita Andalucia, of course!!

I'll think of more, I know I will. I'll likely wake up at 2am with another favourite. I do that. : )

Good job Zeke!


Muchas gracias mi amiga. : )

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh, Misha... I'll PAY to bring Zeke here for a few days. I have too many squirrels I'd LOVE to get rid of..... When can I pick him up??????? ha

Lynne said...

Zeke can take up residence here and tackle the chipmunks. I live trap them and then go down the road a bit and let them go. They come back and bring their aunts, uncles, cousins. Sometimes there are so many scooting around the yard it is mind boggling!

So come on over Zeke! Youu the man!!!

I enjoy each and all of your posts. It is why I am here! Smile. I especially enjoy the scenery views from the front porch and anything about "the kids!"

I should be back up and posting this Tuesday so watch for me.
Love . . .

Kerrie said...

Some of those great photos made me laugh right out loud! Great post!

Freda said...

I love them all Mischa. I don't reply them all but I do read them all. The ones about the horses, the onesa about the dogs and cat and the ones about your Grandmother. Glad Zeke has something for his pain.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Love the scared squirrel. I keep a pooch out to patrol too. Those sneaky little gray squirrels. They will get their day! Debi

Pati said...

Zeke is such a great guy!!! I used to have an English Mastiff and she was the greatest girl ever!!

missing moments said...

That was fun! Go Zeke! Keep 'em on the run!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

This must be a great day for me in blogland because this is the second silly post I've read. What a fun way to start my day!

Favorite posts? I love when you write about the horses :D

Hartwood Roses said...

Your Zeke and my Emma are cut from the same cloth. Emma is kind to humans and cats, but she feels that it is her purpose in life to rid the world of squirrels. When she was younger, she would launch herself off the deck to chase a squirrel ... and I have the vet bills to show that she's not particularly graceful. For the longest time, we called her "Emma, the Queen of Stitches", because she would run into things as she pursued her prey.

What Emma couldn't get to because of fences, our outdoor cat Kimba would take care of. At one time, finding a squirrel in the yard was a real rarity. Kimba is old and deaf and she sleeps 23 1/2 hours a day now, and Emma is old and frail, so the squirrel population is beginning to rise. For the longest time, we didn't have ANY ... now it's weird to see two or three at a time.

Gail said...

I am new and so far, all posts have been enjoyable.

Donna said...

Zeke is living the life! He is so spoiled as is all your babies!
I love all your posts ... makes me smile.

Jeanette said...

How wonderful to have such a diligent
squirrel chaser, even if he does pay the price a little later! I love any post you do, but especially the tour of your barn and the horses in their stalls!

Country Dreaming said...

What a trooper he is. All dogs should have their own heating pad.
I hope it helps his hip.
Well you know those Annie stories are some of my faves. Nana ranks right up there too.

Have a good one.