11 July 2011

~Good Golly Miss Molly~

June was a very long month for me.
I spent most of it on the couch or in bed in an awful Flare.
I did have something wonderful to look forward to though.
At the beginning of May, a new kitty showed up.

I suppose someone dropped her here,
thinking we wouldn't mind.
We do live waaaay out in the countryside.
We do have two 100 year old barns,
that seem to scream to people,
"We need more cats!"
We do not.

I have no idea what number
 kitty she is that has been dropped off at our home.
Some have stayed.
 Most have gone to our
wonderful No-Kill shelter.
I do know the pup that J took to the
shelter last month
was number 39.
Yes. 39 dogs have been dropped off
on our property in just under 7 years.
Not counting Sadie-Louise and Baby Girl!
They each have their own story.

I took new kitty over to the shelter
to have her checked out.
I had a sneaking suspicion about something.
And I was right.
She was free of fleas and ear mites.
Even had a ring around her neck
where a collar used to be...
But, she was preggers.

Our shelter is currently over-run with
spring and summer kittens.
And mama cats with newborns.
(The cat room and the nursery were
a buzz with action as I stood there
watching in my own moment of glee.)

Basically, there was no room at The Inn.

They asked if I could bring her home,
let her have the kittens and when they are
eight weeks of age and no longer need Mama,
they could come back, and be ready for adoption.
(We had already been through this when Chloe
came to us. Brutus is one of her kittens!)

We named her Molly.
As in, "Good Golly Miss Molly!"
Here we go again!

Molly is a young cat.
Not more than a year old herself!

On the morning of June 23,
I noticed she seemed very uncomfortable
wherever she laid.
She got in the wicker kitty bed that is shaped
like an amphitheater.
It is very private.
Perfect for birthing.
About an hour later, I heard a squeak!
She had delivered the first kitten.
I moved the basket, with Molly and baby inside, to our guest bath.
And closed the door.
By late afternoon she had three tiny, furry,
bundles of love.
Not until 7pm did she deliver the 4Th!

How incredible Nature is!
How incredible that Molly had the instincts to
take care of each kitten as it was coming
into the World.
I sat quietly on the bathroom floor,
and watched in complete awe.
She purred the entire time....

Molly is a wonderful Mama.
The door to the nursery is left open all day,
and Molly has designed her own
"invisible border" outside of the bathroom.
Our pups and kitties have learned they
do not cross this line!
Zeke will lay on the kitchen floor
and do his best pup whine.
"i just wanna see 'em!"
He was raised by the cats in our home.
 Zeke knows that cats rule the world!
But Mama is diligent in her efforts of Border Patrol!
And no one is crossing that border!

Just a few days ago the kittens began to crawl.
Each has open eyes now.
They are already displaying
distinct, individual, personalities!
Mama lays in the doorway to keep an eye them
when they are napping.
And once in while she cuts loose
and bats around the kitty toys that sit on the
kitchen floor.
She is very proud of her babies!
If J or I are walking towards "the nursery"
she will run ahead of us.
Jump in the big kitty crib,
and purr loudly,
while making cookies, and loving on her babies.

As if to say~
I am a Queen.
Look what I did!

We have a saying around our house.
Whenever a stray appears we joke that
God told them to come here.
"They will help you", He whispers to them.
As silly as it may seem to some,
I believe that.
Everyone has a calling in life.
This is mine....

~I'd rather have 10 minutes of wonderful,
than a lifetime of nothing special....
(Steel Magnolias)


This is actually part 2.
Next up-
"This Thing I do!"
This one is for you, Andrea! Ha!!

*each kitten already has a
Forever Home waiting to take them!
And that is some kind of Wonderful!


Laura said...

Oh my! So sweet! I haven't seen tiny baby kitties in so very long. One of the cutest things ever!
We raised and bottle-fed our pup, Duke (and his brother) from the day after birth when Mama couldn't care for them. One of the neatest (and most tiring) experiences ever!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH how sweet, Misha.... Molly must be a fabulous cat --and obviously, she is a good Mama. Glad you could help her/them... AND--congrats to Molly for four new babies!!!!! How special is that!!!! Thanks for sharing.


Roe said...

Watching kittens - or anything - being born you realize what a miracle it is. How does the body know to make everything just right. I hope they can find good homes. They are just adorable.

Joyce Ann said...

How wonderful the kittens already have forever homes. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of them. Love me some picutres of babies, any kind of babies.

Elle Bee said...

You have a heart of gold Misha! Those kittens are so cute. How truly wonderful that they are all already adopted out.

texwisgirl said...

oh this is wonderful! what a good mom she is! so, the babies all have forever homes. how about miss molly? is she going to get to stay in your household? (please, please, please, please...)

Jeanette said...

How sweet they already have homes to go to! You are a sweet helper, Misha! The mamma cat looks like another bloggers mamma cat, Maggie who just went to the adoption shelter after raising 6 babies! I so admire you all that can foster kitties like that. I think I would keep every one!

Kerry said...

HI Misha,
I love your blog so much, I am an animal lover myself. I grew up around horses, I do not have any now. I live in the city and I miss them a lot. My husband and I have had 4 Irish Setters. We have two wonderful daughters and their husbands, oh yes I have one grandson and three grandaughters.
Life is great. Feel free to stop by blog if you like.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Congrats on your newborns! I wish so much we could have barn cats, but the Jack Russells don't like anything furry, you know how that goes. We live pretty deep in the woods too and I think our house lights up at night screaming "Suckers" as we get way to many drop-offs and hobos that needs homes too. You're great to take in so many. Debi

Sherry@ Ties2ThePast said...

There's nothing much sweeter than a baby cat!!
Hope Miss Molly found a good home, too!

Karen said...

My favorite line by Shelby in Steel Magnolias - LOVED that movie.

Molly looks so happy to have her kittens in such a comfy place. You are a good soul, you and J. Keep us posted.

I sure hope you're feeling better...

Deb said...

They are so lucky to have you care for them. She will surely miss them when they leave but if they go at different times it will be a little easier for her. It's always the last one that is the hardest...kind of like kids. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Country Dreaming said...

Another cute animal story.
Good to hear that all have forever homes. Animal instincts are very interesting indeed.

Have a good one.


missing moments said...

What an outstanding story and photos. Loved reading it. So glad there are generous people like you to give to these wonderful creatures!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Aw Misha your new kittens are so cute. It's funny how you ended up with two black and two tabbies and we had one of each this spring. We still have Dora...the people will be coming for her soon or hubby will be taking her to work probably later this week or early next week. We'll sure miss her. It sounds like your flare up has calmed down finally...I hope you stay well for a long spell this time. Enjoy your kittens while you can and hopefully no one drops any more preggie mom's off at your farm. Have a great week!
Maura :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Forever home...how sweet that is! Why is it people find it so difficult...impossible even...to DO THE RIGHT THING!? I'm struggling with pregnant, feral cats and it costs the earth to spay and neuter Other People's Problems!
Not to mention...here I go anyway!... those people who take their "problem" animals to the shelter and hope they'll get adopted. A little friend just adopted a boxer mix who is Very Aggressive and has spent a lot of money she doesn't have on spaying and vet care. Now the dog is showing her aggressive side and that's so not a good thing. We talked about this yesterday and how people will drop off their problem animals at the shelter and Never Mention the animals' problems! Some animals should be put down; it's safer and far more humane than being beaten to death because some human didn't do their job correctly.
Misha. Please, help me off my soapbox before I hurt myself.

Clint said...

God bless you for your great work.

ain't for city gals said...

As I was reading I thought if I lived closer I would take two...then I read they already have forever homes..great!

Deb said...

The little porker is adorable. You are a true friend to all the animals that end up at your place.

Joycee said...

It is some kind of wonderful! It's been a long time since we had kitties in the house, they are so fun to watch and cats make the best mommies! We live in the country too but amazingly don't get strays. Our old cocker spaniel Ben rules the roost here and wouldn't share anything with a new boarder so it's a good thing we don't have any pets dumped on us! Our daughter Amy does rescue work, she is a vet tech with a big heart just like you Misha!

Linda said...

What a calling to have. This is the first time I've been to your blog and this is such a beautiful story with the cutest little baby kitties!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Oh I'm so behind on reading blogs that they are probably old cats by now! :)
Soooo cute and I don't know how you've resisted posting hundreds of pictures of those precious faces!!
Is anybody staying with you?

Rural Revival said...

I love the belly of the little porker! Perhaps Annie could carry him north, across the lake to me? Pretty please?

I still can't believe that thing you do works and worked again!

And I do believe God does send the strays to you, he knows exactly what he's doing.


PS. I saved it to the end, I am now going to read part 2!!