31 July 2011

~The Best Kind of Sunday~

In just a little while,
I will be off to visit my sweet Nana!
I so look forward to these few hours
each week.
Just me and my Nana.
And then I will back here.

To chronicle our day together!
And also to show you
just how busy Nana is during the week.
She keeps quite the social calendar these days!

And because she graces this place so very often,
I have been working on a page,
Just for nana!
The Nana Chronicles
~coming soon~

What are you doing this Sunday afternoon?
Do tell!


Patricia said...

Our Sunday is ripe with possibilities that haven't even been discussed yet. I do know we will spend time out on the lake to escape the heat. Right now, we (husband and I) are in our own offices playing on the computers while enjoying cantaloupe and blue berries. A deer has just crossed the hillside in front of our windows. Young squirrels are hopping from rock to rock, and then scampering up the trees chaching each other round and round.
'On Golden Pond' was on the movie channel this morning. (tears for sure). It's been a very long time since I've watched that one. I'd forgotten how sad it is. Now I've switched channels to the news ~ that is so very annoying. Anyway, I'm heading downstairs to get a second cup of coffee. So far it's been a very nice Sunday Morning. Have a great day visiting with your loved one.

Laura said...

I love that - "The Nana Chronicles"!
Isn't is so nice that she enjoys all there is for her to do?
Jim and I just got home from an early trip to a flea market, breakfast, and an antique store. I found some treasures...especially a cute little manual typewriter. I've been searching for one! I'm so excited!!
Have a wonderful visit with your Nana! :-)

TexWisGirl said...

just got back from an early errand run into town. now esconsed in the A/C with 5 big dogs all laid out on the floor.

Freda said...

My dear hubby, Lynn, had open heart surgery July 21st, got discharged to rehab on July 28th, so I am taking him lunch, my special potato soup and staying with him until around 2:30 cause I have to be at work by 3. He gets to come home tomorrow. I can't wait! I love your Nana stories Misha.

Jeni said...

Enjoy your Nana today =)

Today I am grilling steaks and making huge summer dinner. All my kids are home today, as they get older these moments are few so I'm making the most of them.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Patricia~you have had a full day already!! News? annoying, yes!

Laura~I will be looking for a pic of that cute typewriter :)

TexWisgirl~Our pups are doing the same!!

Freda~Glad your hubby is coming home! D'ont work too hard!!

Jeni~Have a great family day :)

Samantha said...

Nothing so wonderful as hanging with family!

I'm going to mow and then weed the garden.
Exciting, no?

Snappy Di said...

I spent the majority of the afternoon thus far going through my photos and selecting only 3 to print, frame and hang on my home office wall. It was quite a task and now I just need to persuade Hubby to hang them for me. I've been wanting to do this for at least a year. Yep, big time procrastinator I am.

Hope you and Nana had a blast today!

Karen said...

I am so happy things are working out so well for your Nana in her new home.

I rode Opie this morning around the farm and did some ground work out in the field... WAY TOO BUGGY!!! We lasted about 20 minutes. And that was slathered in SWAT even.

Linda said...

Your Nana is a very pretty woman, and looks to be quite sweet also. That is so cool that you are doing a special page for her.
I'm still biding time, waiting for the opportunity to move to where I grew up. I should be out counting grasshoppers--they are everywhere today!

Lynne said...

Nana looks like a sweet lady!

Now we know part of the reason "you are you!"

I hope you have enjoyed your day . . .

Country Dreaming said...

Hope you and Nana great visit.
We have had a socially busy weekend. Today we went to visit
a blog buddie. She lives about 35 minutes for here.
We had a great time and enjoyed seeing her chickens and Llamas.

For dinner we had a meal made mostly of goodies from our garden and friend's garden.


Donna said...

You are so lucky to have a Nana! And I am so glad that she is settling in well at her TN home!

Deb said...

The Nana Chronicles is a great idea. Hope y'all had a great visit.

Sunday was spent painting some vintage bamboo furniture that I purchased at a garage sale for 28 dollars. Also, recovered a couple of the cushions but still have 6 pillows and 2 cushions to go before I'm finished sewing. Maybe I'll post the after pictures when I finish. I can't believe I forgot to take the before pics.


Jeanette said...

How sweet your Nana looks! Hope you thoroughly enjoyed spending those hours with her!

Rural Revival said...

I love it! The title, that cute little header and everything about Nana! Can't wait to hear how she keeps busy.

And we visited friends and I documented another Rural Roams segment. : )