21 June 2011

~Intersections of Life~

So here I am.
At the start of my third week in a Flare.
I have not left the house since May 29Th.
What a doozy it has been.
I sometimes feel like the witch in the
Wizard of Oz.
Just kind of melting away....
The last Flare I had that lasted this long
was two years ago.
That was when I found Angie Smith's blog,
I read from the inception of it,
and cried for days as I read post after post
about her
Audrey Caroline.
I have been *following* Angie ever since.
What a sweetie she is....

Good-friend Jane is in the barn this summer
tending to Annie and her family.
I. just. cannot. do. it.
I can give kisses and hugs.
But, I cannot clean stalls,
swing hay and straw bales.
all the while in 97 degree heat.
J takes over in the afternoons when he returns from the big city.
And weekends find him alone in the barn now.
Without me.....
I worry that they think I have abandoned them.
Forsaken them.
My sweet Annie and her family.

Annie kept J busy Saturday.
She kicked out 3 boards during her romps
around the pasture.
He acted a little annoyed but secretly I know
he didn't give a hoot that he had to fix those fence boards.
A month ago, Annie almost left us.
I do believe pounding those boards back in place
was a sweet reminder to J how fleeting life is.
And can change in a minute.
Might just seem like a silly horsey story to some,
but in my mind I keep telling Annie~
"You go Girl"!
Have your little self some buck-a-roo kickin' time!
You deserve it, Annie Banana!

My sweet friend Cheryl came by yesterday.
I was not in the mood or dressed for company.
But her mission was not a social visit.
She did dishes.
Took care of kitty needs.
And Zeke followed her everywhere.
Because she kept a pocket full of treats and gave him for one
just for being *him* about every five minutes.
Over and over she spoiled our spoiled dog!
And she spoiled me, for when she left, our home
looked so much happier!

Next week J's family was to arrive.
His Dad, Step-Mom, and Grandmother.
I love them to pieces!
Over the weekend J let them know it just wasn't going to work right now.
So we will plan for Fall when the temps are cooler and hopefully
my body will cooperate then!

So sad to hear of the passing of
Clarence Clemons

What a musician.
What God given talent he possessed.
I am lucky enough to have seen
Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band
more times than I can count.
The first time I saw them I was 15 and drove with friends
to Detroit, Michigan to see the band at
Cobo Arena.
{I cannot. believe. my. Mom. let. me. go.!}

I will say this~
The Angels in Heaven are jamming with Clarence today!
~Rest In Peace, Big Man~

I know have not been leaving a lot comments on your blogs.
But, please know I have been there :)
I am keeping up with all your day to day lives.
Actually, I am living vicariously through all of you. Ha!
I am on Face Book.
Are you?
My FB page only corresponds with my blog, meaning
I don't have old high school friends on there etc.
It is a Bloggy FB page for moi.
I would love it if you would
*FRIEND* me!
{My FB thingy is down there, on my side bar.
Keep going, you will find it!}
You know, please please be my friend!
And then after you do,
I can give a speech just like Sally Field at the Oscars~
"You like me! You really, really like me!"

As my body permits I will be flitting around Blog-land visiting.
 How lucky I am to have this little 'ol blog!
And to have met all of you!
Being home-bound at times, this is my neighborhood!
And I can skip down the sidewalk without ever leaving my sofa.
Which is good.
Because lately, I ain't been doing much skipping!


p.s. Thank you so very much for all the kind words for Yancey.
I am still returning your emails and will try to finish responding
by the end of the week!


Elle Bee said...

Misha, you poor thing! Your horses can sense that your body is in turmoil and they know you need to rest! They know you would NEVER forsake them! I hope the flare subsides soon and you can get back to all the things you love doing very soon! Hugs, Elle

Jeanette said...

Oh no Misha! I'm sorry you are having another flare! Just when things were going so well (Annie doing good, Nana and your parents moving closer to you). I hope you recover and get hopping agina real soon. I will be thinking of you!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, I hope and pray this flare is about over with. I can't imagine 3 weeks. I had two days stolen last week with a migraine. I could still somewhat function, but there was a lot I couldn't do. It is so awful.. feeling so helpless. But I'll tell you what, I appreciate feeling good today. Bless you dear friend. Sending lotsa xoxo from me and the long ear gals!! -T

Amy said...

Hello honey,

So sorry to read you are having a flare up. I wish more then anything that I could give you a magic pill and it would all go away but since I can´t, I´ll give you my sympathy over what you are going through physically and mentally. My shoulder to cry on (had we only been closer), and my prayers for a speedy recovery and a brighter tomorrow.

I want you to be with your beloved Annie and her beautiful family ASAP!! So get well soon honey :-)))

A big big warm hug from me :-)

texwisgirl said...

oh, you have friends there that are angels - one for the barn and one for the house. sweet dears!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

So very sorry to hear your going through a bad spell ( no pun intended ), I've been having a few of those days after my knee surgery, and just can't seem to get over it.
Glad to hear that Annie is full of herself once again, she's such a love.
It's good that you have friends close by to help you get through, they surely make a difference.
Here's to better days for the pair of us !

Lori said...

So sorry to hear you're not up to par but it sounds like you have wonderful family and friends surrounding and supporting you.

Samantha said...

This post was a good wake up call.
I've been whining about being tired and sore from all the work we're doing.
It's time to stop whining. Appreciate what I can do.

So sweet of your friend to lend a hand..
sending good thoughts to you and yours

Rural Revival said...

While I am so, so glad to know that you're getting help during this yucky flare, I sure do wish I could help too. Just know I'm thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes to the mountains.

And three cheers for broken fence boards! Music to my ears!! Sorry J!

: )

Donna said...

Bless you ... hopefully the flare-up will pass soon. You have a dear friend to take care of your "babies" and your precious J. This heat is killing me with my pulmonary fibrosis. I can't breathe in the heat and humidity and I feel for you. I have been so depressed :( We should live close to each other and keep each other company while sitting around!
I love Angie's blog myself and little Audrey's story broke my heart :( "Bring the Rain" song was played at Amber's funeral. It will always be a special song in my heart as will be "I Can Only Imagine". I can't believe my sweet girl went to Heaven nearly two years ... next month ...
Gosh I hope I didn't make you sadder (is that a word?)
Love you!

Country Dreaming said...

So sorry to hear that you are having a nasty flare!
Prayers that you will soon feel like yourself. Glad that you have buds that are coming by and helping!
Also Glad tha you have J .

Take Care.


Ironstone and Pine said...

So glad to hear Annie is well on the mend.....i too was so upset to hear about Clarence Clemons, I grew up loving the "Boss" and he was such a HUGE part of that group and it's sound.......have seen them multiple times, including on their home turf at the Meadowlands when i was a teenager back in the late 70's. Just not going to be the same thinking about them without the "Big Man"!! ~devon :(

Laura said...

Wish I could lend a helping hand, but then I've been stuck close to home with my own health problems. I can't even imagine what you must be going through.
As always (((hugs))) and lost of them!

Deb said...

How great that you have a friend to help with the chores! I'm sending Fibro butt kicking thoughts to TN. If that doesn't work I'm going to come down there and kick it in the butt myself!!! I hope it eases up soon and your back out at the barn with the gang.

That Cadence is such a boy. I'm glad to hear Annie is back to her mischevious self. Y'all take care.

Snappy Di said...

Sure hope this flare up leaves you alone soon. Enough is enough for heaven sakes. So lucky you have people to help you around your house and with the barn work while you mend yourself...

Thinking of you my dear friend.


Shelia and Mister Bean said...

Hi Misha,

I found your blog a couple of months ago and I've enjoyed getting to know you. I'm a Tennessee girl too! I sure hope you get better soon. In the meantime, I thought you'd enjoy my blog. Stop by and visit, and again, feel better soon!

Kristeen said...

my goodness -- we are a pair -- I am having a huge flare-up too and haven't had such intenses pain body pain and inflammation since 2008 .. it was all year long and into part of 2009 - talk about not going anywhere -- sad feeling of life passing bye -- so I understand fully.. soft hugs to you..

Donna said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling so bad! I will be praying for you now, since my prayers for Miz Annie got heard, LOL. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Such a shame that Clarence passed away. I always did like him.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ah Misha, you've been in my thoughts; today was SO hot and it was difficult to do much more than just get through the day. The animals understand; I know they do. When I go to the barn, my horses still show they loved me...or maybe it's the hay...ya think?!
I'd love to love on the sheep but don't want them excited because of the heat. Yes, they have been shorn but it's still hot for the poor dears.