29 June 2011

Because True Love Knows.....

Early this morning
J headed to to the barn.

Zeke has been in his glory the past few days.
Because J has been home.
On summer break from school!

Although Zeke and I love each other,
to the moon and back again,
J is Zeke's *person*.

J is the one who visited Zeke each day,
when Zeke was just a pup
and still with his Mom, brothers and sisters.
J is the one who brought Zeke home,
when he was finally old enough to leave his Mom.

J is the one who took Zeke everywhere with him.
Taught him how to play rough-just like boy's do!
And play gentle with the girls.
You know.
Me, Sadie Louise, and Baby Girl!

Taught him how sit and speak.
Taught him good pup manners.
Took him to the beach, fishing, and boating.
{when we lived in south Florida}
And even though our Zeke hates water with a passion,
he was always at J's side.

Because True Love takes part in things
that are important to the other person!

Every day at 5 p.m.
Zeke makes sure to sit on our
Front Porch
and wait and wait and wait.
For his buddy to be returning from the Big City.

Because True Love is Loyal.

As I made my way into the living room
this morning,
I saw this~

True Love also knows
that you don't like to be cold.
That you want your paws and nose tucked
inside a blanket.
And J made sure his buddy would be comfy-cozy
while he drifted off to
And my heart melted a little when I saw Zeke
all tucked in....
I adore how my guy loves all our *kids*.

True Love knows just what you need to have
Sweet Pup Dreams~

 True Love comes in many, many different forms
Human, pup, kitty, horse....
and sometimes knows just what you need!

Now go give your True Love a little sugar!
{That's Southern for a little lovin'}

Sending all of you a little sugar today!

{Tomorrow~The Nana Post!}


Jeanette said...

How sweet is that? I love how he's all tucked in! It warms my heart when I see my husband talking sweet to our kitties, too!

Freda said...

Our Min Pin Jazzlynn, loves her nose tucked in too. Enjoy your day.

Deb said...

Good Morning! That is just the sweetest thing! The new header photo rocks!

Have a beautiful day, I'm off to give Gus some sugar!

texwisgirl said...

i love this...

i, too, love the way my Husband takes care of our 4-legged kids. like sending a box of mammoth bones from N Dakota because he was thinking of our pups. or ordering toys off the internet and sending them home when he's away. he knows it warms my heart so...

The White Farmhouse said...

Aw, what a sweet post! Zeke is lucky to have the both of you. He looks so sweet tucked in all comfy in his blankie. I hope that Annie is doing much better!

Snappy Di said...

Great new look to your blog, Misha and your header is so gorgeous!

Rowdy is the same way with David. He was mine when very young, during the house training stage, but he.is.rowdy... hence the name, because David plays rowdy with him and the two are just in love with eachother.. I swear he says hello to the dog when he walks in the house after work before saying hello to me. LOL Seriously.... he is sick in love with his dog!


Lynne said...

Now that was pretty darn special. So much so it made me tear up. Loved, loved it, You have a good man in your life

Seek says, " ditto!

Lynne said...

How do you correct a misspelled word, ZEKE, when it is already posted? SORRY!

Blame it on the iPad. If it doesn't recognize a word it substitutes and I didn't catch it in time.

rharper said...

Funny how animals pick out a person and their one and only. I think that's a human trait also.

Karen said...

awww... love these shots... how adorable! My dachshund always burrows completely under his blanket.

Jeni said...

Thank you for sharing this special Zeke and J moment!

Kristeen said...

words such as these sure can capture those special moments of ones daily lives -- lucky pup - indeed.. hugs

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

How sweet is he!!! I love the special relationships are husbands have with our fur babies. Holly is the same way with her Daddy. The sun, the moon and the stars rise and set with him. I love how she is different with both of us, but, loves us the same.

Have a great weekend with J and the babies!! Happy 4th of July!!

xo, Alisha

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, So glad to get home and back to blogging. We did have a fabulous trip--but home is pretty nice also!!!!!

I checked your blog a few times to make sure that Annie is okay... Thanks be to God.

Love reading about the love between a man and his dog.... That Zeke is one spoiled baby!!!! What a cutie pie.


Rural Revival said...

It does not get any sweeter than that. Ever.

: )


Thistle Cove Farm said...

"Give me some sugar" is something I've heard all my life; it's SO Southern! Hoping and praying you're feeling better; I'm spending the afternoon's inside, out of the heat. We're getting down into the 40's at night and that's so wonderful.

Madge said...

The faithful love of a dog.. nothing compares.. and they bask in the love we give back... sweet post.

Gail said...

Adorable. The dogs love me but grandsons are extra special to them.