06 June 2011

10 Things I Loved About Today!

1. Nana told me about the garden she and her mother
had when she was a child in Oklahoma.

2. She solved a couple gardening issues for me!

3.We read the new issue of "Birds and Blooms".
Three times!

4. I brought the Sunday paper
and we clipped coupons together!

5. We were both giddy over the new fan
on the screened-in porch!

6. Between the fan and the frozen Mocha Coffees~
well, we were loving the porch today!

7. How pretty Nana looked in her *pink*!

8. I wore pink also!

9. Nana introduced me to everyone as her
favorite granddaughter!
{i am her only grandchild!}

10. How *present*
she was in her life today.....

I left shortly before 5pm.
Dinner was about to be served.
Nana asked me to come back to her
apartment with her.
She fixed her hair, lipstick, and blush.

We gave one another big hugs and mucho kisses!
I stepped into the elevator which is across
from the dining room.
As I waved goodbye,
Nana waved back.
She was helping to set all the tables for their meal!
And she was smiling.....

Today was a good one......


Samantha said...

Oh Misha! This made my heart happy... :) :) :)

Laura said...

There's nothing better than a good visit!
I know from experience...a good visit just made the rest of my day sooo much better. ♥

The White Farmhouse said...

This is so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy these good days. I am sure she is looking forward to the next visit with her favorite granddaughter!

texwisgirl said...

i loved that first photo of her huge smile and lit up eyes. may you have many more really good days with her...

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Again, she is so beautiful! What a neat post. I hope you have many years with her yet.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a special day--- for you both. She is such a lovely lady and her delight really showed in that picture of her on the phone.
Keep up the wonderful visits.

Deb said...

Beautiful day, beautiful Nana. Looks like she is settling into the new place nicely.

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful and memorable day. I am so happy for you and Nana. It made me miss my Grandma very much!!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Please tell her that her internet fans think she is beautiful!!
I got tears in my eyes missing my mother though!


Aunt D said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you???? I know it may have just been a good day, but it was a beautiful day to hear about. Really, just so very comforting to KNOW she enjoyed herself and that she was putting on her makeup and setting the table! I haven't allowed myself to cry about Mom is so long but today I wept. Thank you for loving Mom so much. I love you, kiddo. Aunt Debbie

from my front porch... said...

I love you, Too!

Snappy Di said...

What a FAB time the two of you had! This is such a happy, happy post!


Rural Revival said...

It was a great day!! Yay!

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day together and that you both enjoyed yourselves so much! I just love how she introduced you as her favourite granddaughter. Too cute!


Kris said...

O my goodness -- I am happy you know you took the time to be with your nana -I have no more grand parents --and my mother Inlaw was placed in a beautiful home for Alzheimers and it was difficult each visit - she passed on last Dec 2010 .. her husband died in 2006 - and my mother died in Nov 2006 at 69 yr, and my Dad has een fighting cancer snice 2008-- so happy you take time so very sweet - life is short really,, love the smile on your nana's face..

cschneider said...

I am so happy for you! God Bless!

Elle Bee said...

That is so wonderful! I'm loving the pink. :o)

Donna said...

Your Nana is so lucky to have you! She is gorgeous in her pink. I am glad she is happy living in her new home.
In the last couple of weeks we have noticed changes in my mother-in-law and we think she is in the beginning stages of this horrible disease. She wanted us to plant flowers for her outside her windows. We went and bought flowers and potting soil, went to her apt. and there was no room to plant flowers it was full of flowers. Another strange thing happened today :(
I missed your last post ... I am so glad Annie is back to her normal self! She is a lucky girl!

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like you two could get into alot of mischief together.
Sounds like you had a fun day!



Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Lovely post Misha and great idea - I am posting my "10" tomorrow - have a wonderful day! I may even send some bloggers your way!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Nana is adorable, and I love this post! Made me hapPy too!! :) Hugs, Tammy p.s. I always got my Grandma a subscription to Birds & Blooms every year... she loved it! (and so did I!)

Joycee said...

So sweet! Your Grandmother is beautiful and I know just how special the day was for her having you there. My Mom is in a facility now and it makes my heart happy to see her happy again. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are working hard using the Eden Alternative to improve the lives of senior citizens.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank you, God, for this wonderful gift of 'today' you gave Nana and Misha. Let it be a warm memory against the frosty times; let it warm both their hearts and bless them again and again.

whitneymillermc said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I loved your pictures of your Nana. They remind me of my great-grandmother, my inspiration for Southern hospitality. Also, I read about your chronic disease. My dad has mystenia gravis, an autoimmune disease. He was just diagnosed in Jan. I am cooking some gluten free dishes for him, etc. to try and help him through diet, but he struggles in different ways day to day. Thank you for sharing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful day! It made my heart glad to read about it, too! ♥

Tracy said...

Loved reading of your visit with your grandmother! How I cherished the time spent with my own.

Karen said...

Misha - I don't have an e-mail for you, when you comment, I can't reply to the comment because your e-mail is blocked... just wondering how you're doing, drop me an e-mail and let me know -

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Misha I'm so happy for you. It's the small things that make us really happy isn't it although at this time in your Nana's life these are the big things. You'll always have these happy days to look back on. LOVE the photo's..she looks so happy and 'pretty in pink'! I hope you have many many more good days with your Nana. Have a wonderful day.
Maura :)