11 May 2011

~While you are sleeping~

Ah, the life of Brutus.
He is always busy.

~In and out of cupboards.
~Checking out the closets.
~Stalking the dogs.(who roll their eyes at him!)
~Hiding behind objects to slap the other cats as they zoom by him.
~Stealing Walmart bags, from my stash,
to carry in his mouth like it's his Kill!
~Walking into the living room, while friends were over,
with my Bra hanging from his mouth.
Then dropping it and running off.

Ah, Brutus.

When you sleep, you are just so darn precious!
Those fat feet and all....

But knowing you are resting up that busy little mind~

Well, sometimes...
it's just dang scary!

Do you have a Brutus in your life?

I am off to the barn.
And leaving Zeke in charge!
Oh, my....



Kelly said...

We do! But he's a Gingersnap instead of a Brutus and instead of hiding behind objects to attack other cats, he likes to attack people's feet! Ouch! He loves to get into the Walmart bags or our bags of mixed paper. Just crawls in and makes himself at home. :) Be careful with letting Brutus and the other kitties play with Walmart bags. One of our cats got tangled up in the handles and couldn't get out. We had to chase him all over the house to get it off of him. We let Gingersnap play with the bags, but only under close supervision, because he too has almost gotten caught in the handles. Just want to make sure everyone in your furry family stays safe! Talk to you later, Kelly.

texwisgirl said...

oh, he's just precious! give the big furball a squeeze from me. the bra story was perfect! :)

Vickie said...

I think his name fits him well. I am cat-less right now, but I remember well my huge Siamese as a kid. He liked to pop my daddy on the rear end while we were eating at the dining table. There was a little space between the back rest and the seat that just fascinated our Bandit. He'd reach up and smack dad right in the middle of a meal, and Dad would come jumping out of that chair throwing our whole table and meal into utter chaos!! We had to make sure Bandit was elsewhere while we ate!

Brutus is a beautiful cat - they look so innocent when they're asleep!

Deb said...

I wish I could cat-sit Brutus. He's my kinda cat. I already love him.
Great photos of a great cat.
Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Samantha said...

We have a Brutus-in-dog-form. Our cats are too busy disdaining us to do cute things ;)

Rural Revival said...

A few weeks ago I would have said no. But now...well, I have a feeling I do. A certain 10 week old kitten already knows her name AND knows darn well she shouldn't be on the kitchen table...but she goes up there when we're not looking. I'm afraid to see what she has figured out at 20 weeks. Yikes!

And surely those beautiful paws de Brutus are NOT fat. They just have extra fur for quietly or should I stealthily getting his work done. : )


Donna said...

So adorable! I love the bra story too! We have two kitties inside - one is half-blind and is normally good. She can't see well enough to get into anything. Our other one doesn't meow ... she whines like a little kid. She plays with pipe cleaners and pushes them under the closet doors and whines until I get them out! I love my little furbabies. They can make you smile when nothing else can!
Give Brutus a hug for me!

from my front porch... said...

I hope no one thinks I am a bad mommy!
I would never let Brutus or any of the other kids play with anything dangerous. I always cut off the handles and cut open the Wally World bag.
And when we let them target practice, with J's Ak-47~Baby Girl always supervises. Don't worry-they all wear ear-plugs! It's a must for our kids when playing with guns :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I tought I saw a "purdy cat"!!!!!! That Brutus is such a cutie...Love your pictures, Misha.... I had a Duchess (cocker spaniel) in my life for 15 yrs. I thought I would die when she died....Don't have any pets now since we travel so much...


Kelly said...

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding, I certainly don't think you're a bad mommy! I know we didn't realize the dangers of plastic bags in our house, and now we take lots of precautions. Just wanted to make sure you knew about all that. We've had some close calls at our house! I never thought of cutting the bag up, that's good idea. (although, our cats seem to be addicted to licking plastic, so maybe they shouldn't really be around it...) You're a real good Mommy to all your furbabies! :)

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Hi Misha,
Brutus is so cute!! You have awesome fur babies!!
Hope all is well with you and J.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Country Dreaming said...

Way too funny.

Love the Bra part.

You do not have a dull life, I tell ya!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Too cute, Misha! He is so irresistibly ornery!! Oh my.. the bra story.. sounds like something that would happen around here :-o These critters are out to get us.. lol! Hugs, Tammy & crew

Julie Harward said...

LOL I love Brutus..and his personality..the best! ;D