24 May 2011

A Lazy, Hazy Day in the Month of May....

A very, hazy, humid day
in the mountains
of east Tennessee.
And we they are all being lazy!

I do believe summer is here to stay...
Our spoiled gang is hanging out in the
air-conditioned house!
{With the exception of Sadie Louise!
She just has to make sure that
no squirrels
cross into her yard!
She is on
Squirrel Patrol !}
What are your pups and kitties doing to
stay cool?

Wonderful day to you all...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute pictures of your 'house babies' Misha.... We need Sadie Louise here--to chase away the squirrels from our bird feeders... ha

We went to the Smokies yesterday and had a wonderful day... Not too hot in the mountains, thank goodness.

Don't miss my blog today.

The White Farmhouse said...

I just love that Brutus! He sure is cute! Love his little feet! How sweet. Is he as sweet as he looks. Our Dane is right now laying on her bed watching Sesame Street. I know Elmo is her favorite cause she is glued to the tv when he comes on. She tries not to excert too much energy at all times.

Jeni said...

Dogs are camped out in front of a fan, the ponies are under the trees.

Love the pictures of your fur babies!

Flat Creek Farm said...

We are up to 80 today, so not too bad yet. I shall see what the gang is up to after while. I can guess: the chickens are dust-bathing in the sun, donks are grazing on their grass pen a little, geese are soaking up the shade near their little watering hole. Barn kitties are lounging on the cool ground in the barn, and inside "kids" are probably doing just what yours are doing ;) Stay cool! -Tammy

Jeanette said...

Great pictures and post! All your little family is so cute!! Our cats have a tube like that but only one uses it. He likes to run back and fourth in it! Our kitties lay all over the wood floor when it's hot to help keep them cool! Or they go into the basement!

Deb said...

We have a humid 87 degrees today. Gus prefers to stay inside and lay on the cold tile. He never stays outside if we aren't out with him. He likes to be right under my feet at all times. If he's not under my feet he's hunting for flip flops, hair accessories or the kids toys. He's a naught boy.

Samantha said...

That first photo made me laugh out loud...what a clear expression :D

Great photos!

texwisgirl said...

i have 5 big dogs (as i type this) splayed out in various places all across the tile floor. while the a/c runs. hot and humid here in texas too - windy. threats of some storms later.

Rural Revival said...

Not so bad here today but when Callie gets overheated, she 'wades' in the pond. She doesn't like putting her head under. Good thing because that's the only part of her I will kiss because she stinks something terrible!

As you can see, or read, I'm alive. : )

And those are not fat feet! They're just extra furry stealth paws!

keep cool!