23 May 2011

{ I Heart the Whole Wide World }

I adore Mindy Gledhill.
With her funky glasses and {too cute} tennis shoes!
When you watch the video, pretend she is me,
and I am singing to all of you!
(note: i can't sing a tune to save my life! )

I do hold all of you in my heart!
This world of blogging is so much more
than most people could ever understand!
The post about my grandmother
just makes me realize even more
how much we all have in common.
And how, in this huge, vast world we connect in so many ways!

Thank you from the bottom
of my heart.
You left so many wonderful,
kind, and loving
comments and emails (29 emails at last count!!)
 on the post about
my grandmother.
And thank you for sharing your own stories
of heartbreak and learning to live
with this horrid, mind-robbing disease
within your own families.

We were both living in south Florida at the time this was taken.
I was doing private horse care for the *crazy man* on the beach, and living on-site with the 3 horses.
{but, i didn't live in the barn. Ha!}
Yes, I was really, really tan!

 And my family asked that I pass on their
words of
*thanks* also!
They were overwhelmed with all the
goodness in your sweet comments....

Today, I am loving the
Whole Wide World!
And that means
all of you!

Enjoy your day and tell someone
you love them!
I {heart) you!

{{a note about Mindy Gledhill's video~

the two little girls on either side of her
during the running sequences
are the daughter's of
Stephanie Nielson, from
**nienie dialogues**
Nie and her family are also featured in a scene
during the video!
how cool is that !}}


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How Neat, Misha... Your post today made me smile... All of us 'heart' you also!!!!! I have so many many wonderful blog friends... It's amazing how this blogging grew and grew... Love it...

Thanks again for a great post.

Karen said...

I was just going to comment that those are Nienie's daugher, but you already know!

The White Farmhouse said...

Isn't blogging the best?! I just love all the people that I have met here. Everyone is so supportive. I am glad that you found comfort in words from your friends.

BTW-We will probably be going to TN this summer to visit family. My daughter is just dying to meet you! She always says you are her hero! Smart girl picking you for a role model!

Samantha said...

*Hearting* you and yours right back, girl :)

I always loved the quote that says "look for angels in strangers"..or something close to that..
So many bloggers have been exactly that!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What a wonderful video and song! Blogging certainly makes the world a smaller place and it's certainly brought us all some wonderful friends. We all 'heart' you too Misha...I'm very glad to have 'met' you and your wonderful family (including your critters!)
Hugs...Maura :)

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I'm always amazed at how we, as bloggers, get so involved in those we correspond with. We laugh with them, hurt with them, rejoice with them . . . . and none of us have ever met each other. It's such an interesting phenomenon. And it just may yet teach me to type that word without looking it up someday. :)

Rural Revival said...

Oh my goodness! There was, and there is and how in the world (no pun intended!) did I miss that??!! Did I mention I'm kinda slow at times?? Now you know! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and a fantastic visit with your family. Are they still there?! I wish I was too...sigh..

LYLAS!!! : )

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