22 April 2011

~ I am having Baby Lust~

The *baby Annie* kind of baby lust!
It is Spring.
And in the horsey world that means one thing~
Newborn foals on the ground!
Oh, those tiny hooves,
Those dark eyes,
That little muzzle
and that sweet, sweet smell
Newborn Foal....

For years I could always count on getting my *baby-lust* fulfilled.
Of all the different jobs I did in the professional horse world,
the breeding work I did was by far my favorite.

I did do quite a few breeding's naturally.
You know, where the mare and stallion actually *meet* in person.
They greet one another, share a spot of tea, a munch of hay....
And then around 11 months later,
the mare and the stallion are the proud parents
of a filly or colt!
This, my friends, is how
Our Annie
was conceived!
But, most of the breeding work I did was done by Artificial Insemination.
It is quite costly.
But what's a mare to do when her *new husband* lives in Seattle
and she resides in Miami!
Why she orders what she needs!

The Cost Aspects of Breeding
Breeding a horse can be an expensive endeavor, whether breeding a backyard competition horse or the next Olympic medalist. Costs may include:
The stud and booking fee
Fees for collecting, handling, and transporting semen (if AI is used and semen is shipped)
Mare exams: to determine if she is healthy enough to breed, to determine when she ovulates, and (if Artificial Insemination is used) to inseminate her
Mare transport, care, and board: if the mare is bred live cover at the stallion's residence
Veterinary bills to keep the pregnant mare healthy while in foal
Possible veterinary bills during pregnancy or foaling should something go wrong
Veterinary bills for the foal for his first exam a few days following foaling
*Artificial Insemination is a safer method of breeding for all involved;
including mare, stallion, and handler.

Understanding when the Time is Right!
{The Estrous Cycle controls when a mare is sexually receptive toward a stallion, and helps to physically prepare the mare for conception. It generally occurs during the spring and summer months, although some mares may be receptive into the late fall, and is controlled by the photo period (length of the day), the cycle first triggered when the days begin to lengthen. The estrous cycle lasts about 19–22 days, with the average being 21 days. As the days shorten, the mare returns to a period when she is not sexually receptive, known as an-estrus. An-estrus - occurring in the majority of, but not all, mares - prevents the mare from conceiving in the winter months, as that would result in her foaling during the harshest part of the year}

Obviously Miss D's body was receptive to being bred
in the colder months!
Annie was the first foal I ever tended to that was
not born in the Spring!
Annie was born on October 29.
Yep, Annie was almost a
Halloween Babe!
Ah, Little Miss Annie!
So special in so, so many ways!
see the white dot on the shoulder on Miss D? That is a small birthmark!

Having a field full of babes is a wonderful, exciting thing!
Watching them with their Mama's, and learning something new each day from them
is amazing.
Watching them interact with other foals can be sweet and hilarious!

But, Annie only had Miss D in her pasture.
Her equine family nearby.
And us.
That little huge personality had us at day one!
She was born curious.
She was born with a beautiful, healthy, loving heart.
And God gave her the most happy, spirit-filled, joyous little mind and body!
And does she ever use it!!

She is rarely rattled by anything.
This simple thought has me seeing flash forwards of the day
she meets up with a skunk.
You know, *the whole Bambi meets Flower*thing!
Annie has a fondness for power tools.
Being out in the pasture while J repairs
her handiwork, is a day at
Disney World
for Annie!

As far as Annie is concerned, her horse family, myself, J,
and the other people she knows at the barn
her whole world.
The occasional deer, raccoon, wild turkey,
and Jam the resident barn cat~
We make up what Annie knows as her whole world!
She probably thinks she is the only
filly in the
entire world.

So, yeah. I am been having major
Baby Lust this Spring.
But, don't think for one moment that Miss D will be announcing a due date.
As much as I bat my eyes at J and show him sweet pics of
*Just born* Annie...
it ain't happening!

The Fate of
little Annie
is sealed.
She will always be the baby.....
{Just don't tell Allegra, the Royal Princess!}

~I do hope your day is wonderful~

*p.s. here is a video if you
would like to see how AI is performed.

*p.s.s. I worried all through Miss D's pregnancy.
Just like with human babes, some foals are born
with complications.
In the spring/summer of 1997 I experienced
a season of loss that has never been equaled in all my
horsey years.
I will write about this soon.
And what I learned.....

*p.s.s.s. Hey, Lurkers!
I know you are there :)
~Lots of you are hanging out on my front porch~
Several weeks ago a post I wrote had over
800 views, but only twenty-something comments!
I love that you come by to read about life in the mountains,
Annie and her family,
and Brutus~the-jelly-belly-klepto-cat!
Would you please say hi today!
We would adore meeting each and every one of you!
You don't have to have a blog to comment
and intro yourself!!!
~Give us the pleasure of your company~
!Thank you in advance!
now please return to your regularly scheduled commenting
and make my day!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Good Morning Misha!! As you know, I've been around awhile but I guess I am one of those lurkers, so today I'll leave a comment! :-))) I so enjoy stopping by and hanging out--Especially since we visited your neck of the woods in March--You live in such a beautiful place and anytime there are pictures of your precious Annie, I always leave your blog smiling!! Happy Friday!!! :-)))

Jeni said...

I want a foal sooooo bad, but boarding is not a good place for foals so I wait...

Love all the pictures of Annie and Miss D =)

Deb said...

But Annie IS the only filly in the entire world:) As always, a wonderful informative post. Have a great day Misha.

P.S. when I first saw the title of your post I thought it said I'm having a baby! It was shocking. That's what I get for reading before coffee.

Hartwood Roses said...

I love hearing your Annie stories. Your love for her shows in each of your words. I have Maggie, my miracle cat, and she is MY 'Annie' There's just something about her, and I am thankful every day that she chose me. If you believe such things, I believe that Annie chose YOU.

Jeanette said...

Another wonderful post, Misha! Annie was (still is!) so cute!!! I watched that video of the insemination. Very interesting! Have a wonderful weekend.

Samantha said...

Annie would give anyone baby lust!

texwisgirl said...

I'm no lurker. I'm a full-out, in your face, kinda follower. :) Always love to see Annie (and her beautiful mom) no matter what the size or age. She is a special baby for you for sure.

I dated a dairy farmer a lifetime ago that did AI on his cows. I was able to watch first-hand how he did it (glad he wore a long plastic glove/sleeve thing because he wore my class ring on his pinkie when he performed the procedures...) :)

Freda said...

I guess I am a lurker Misha but I sure do love you pix of all your horses. Hope your fibro is at rest today.

~Christine~ said...

I love looking at your awesome horses! My #1 most fav smell in the world is....."a horses neck"! No kidding. When I see your posts I crave that smell! Wish we had a horse! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Harward said...

Love it here always and a baby is a plus! Have a wonderful weekend! :D

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, Misha, how I love Annie (and the rest of your gang!). I adore all the pictures, but the last one of you and Annie.. priceless!! I'm having baby lust too, but can't allow my "babies" (Ruby & Gracie of course!) to have babies. I would just worry waaaay too much. Also - Gracie has some occasional patella locking, and I don't think the hefty preggers weight would help that out ;) So, I will enjoy everyone else's babies! Hugs, Tammy

dustbunny8 said...

Hello Misha and family!I am a guilty lurker,one day I always tell myself I will tell every blog I read how much I enjoy them.So that day is today for you and yours.
I have always loved animals of all kinds and horses especially.Though my adult life has not included them I still love enjoying others horses.
Thank you for sharing your family(two and four footed) and your life.
Blogs help us realize how people out there are just like us-and so very different than us-at the same time-and that both things are just great!

Karen said...

You know I'm rarely quiet :-)

Love these pics - oh, how they grow so quickly.

Willow Creek Crossing said...

How beautiful! Love reading your blog and looking at all your photos! My daughter who lives in Hawaii just met a wonderful lady who is teaching her to ride and she is loving it!

Have a wonderful Easter!

''THE RAMPANT COLT'' said...

I have been waiting for that personal word, a calender, a book, a childrens short story book all about the little people in your life---the dogs, cats and horses. You have a gift---tell it. Everyday you tell us about all the wonderful things that happen in your life. Now, put in all in print. With all my affection----The Rampant Colt

Cindy Caudle said...

I love spring time too because of all the babies. They make me smile and laugh. Have a good weekend.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I was out at Tyler Arabian Farms a few years ago and watched a "collection" in progress. It's quite a process. And it was then that I found out just how much artificial insemination costs. Wow!

Country Dreaming said...

Love the pic of Annie flying across the pasture. She looks like she is having THE best time!!

Happy Easter to you and yours!


Amy said...

Hi Misha!! I don´t have any horses but seeing sweet baby Annie makes me want one....heck, seeing any of your gorgeous horses makes me want one, but there is something about the babies!! I can´t believe J isn´t asking YOU if there can be more babies!!! How can men be so strong against such adorable sweet babies??? I would melt completely (like you).....

I can hardly look at my puppy photos from my two litters or I want to have more puppies...but the Captain has set his foot down here...so no puppies....at least until next year...hehehehe...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter my dear friend!!!
Lots of hugs from Norway

Bluebird49 said...

You have a beautiful life--and I love looking at it. I'm sorry I don't comment all the time--and I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet encouraging comments when I was thinking of Mama's last days.

Rural Revival said...

I love you how continue to educate me about horses. I wish I knew that baby smell, maybe someday I will. : )

For now, I love to see Senorita Andalucia grow and grow and I love to see how much is loved from near and afar!

And her human Mom is very beautiful, on the inside and out. : )


Donna said...

Wow, 800 views and only 20 some comments?! What are people thinking? I usually comment when I stop by for a visit, and was certainly going to do it today - without any prodding, LOL.

Young animals are such a worry and such a blessing, all at the same time! Thank goodness Miss Annie came through her first year with flying colors!

Beth said...

I have been reading your posts for a long time now and really enjoy reading. I have trouble commenting because I am not a blogger per say and I don't have typepad,etc. I will try & respond. I guess I could be called a lurker! LOL!

Beth said...

Ok---I did sign up with a google account so now I can officially comment!! Yea! I love reading about all your animals, esp the horses! I had horses while growing up but none now. My daughter had an Arabian mare and she was the sweetest horse. Her name was Geena and she had the most beautiful gait. Like she was prancing!! She showed her through the 4-H clubs and at the State Fair. She came home with many, many ribbons! I miss those days!

Gigi's Garage said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, in another life raised foals. We had 13 brood mares and two stallions. We bred "naturally" which was always interesting and exciting. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a newborn foal (I loved sitting and holding my foals and smelling their noses). I am certain only you will understand that comment. I miss it terribly and thank you so much for sharing. Happy Spring.

Kelly said...

I stopped by the other day, but forgot to comment. Sorry bout that. So, I am doing it now! I really enjoyed seeing Annie's baby pics! I certainly do love horses (and almost every other animal, lol!)

Mitzi said...

The photos of your little Annie are just beautiful. How I envy you getting to snuggle up with such a sweet little colt.

Grandma B said...

My father was a horse trainer so when I was growing up we had lots of horses- including the occasional foal. I am now in my mid70s but I have never forgotten the aroma of horses and horse barns or the feel of the skin around a horse's eye or the jaw bone or the muzzle... Thanks for taking my me back.