01 April 2011

A Giveaway Winner, A Happy Birthday to Zeke and me! Two April Fools!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the

Second Annual Flea Market Style Mag Giveaway!

And the Winner is...........

Congrats, Linda!!!!!!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is April Fool's Day.
It is also Zeke's birthday!
And mine...
Yep, I am a April Fool Baby!
Eight years ago today, J came home
to tell me that Zeke,
our long, awaited pup had been born!
On April Fool's day!
On my birthday!!!!
Best. Gift. Ever.
And my gift this year?
From J and all the kids,
I finally have a stripper cat pole!
You know, an indoor "tree" for the kitties to climb!
J finally finished it this week for my BD!
We have it in the living room right now.
Just because it is so much fun to watch them
be the silly cats they are!
J made it so it can be moved anywhere in the house!
I love it :)
The kitties think it is awesome.
The dogs had a big yawn over this one....

Look at those kitty toes!
All curled up!
And you can see me in the mirror, in my PJ's, taking the pics!

I cannot wait to fix up the back porch!
Get the umbrella up, the cushions out of storage
for the vintage furniture....
And get some beautiful potted flowers to add all around the deck!
And look at that green grass! Would the horses love to munch on that!
Today it is getting cut!
Ah, the smell of freshly cut grass.
Just lovely.....
I recieved the most beautiful cards this year!
They each had a pink/peach theme going on!
They all look so pretty tucked in the bucket of sunflowers...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Funny, how we all moan about our birthdays.
One year older.
I do know I wouldn't go back to my twenties for anything.
I appreciate the things I have learned over the years.
Knowledge and exprience are one of the best gifts!
But, they only come with birthdays!
And so many do not get the gift of birthdays....
So the next birthday you celebrate~
Look in the mirror and exclaim,
"I have been graced with yet another year!"

~The Gift of a Birthday~

Yes. I am that much taller than my Mom!!

Thanks, Mom and Daddy!

{The day I was born, no one my Dad worked with would
believe him! Because it was
April Fool's Day!}
~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Congrats to Linda!
Make sure you visit Linda
She has a lovely place filled with awesome
decorating ideas and thrifty finds!

Thanks again for making today, my birthday,
a fun one for me.
I was able to gift someone on my special day...
Oh, and if you leave a little
happy birthday for our boy, Zeke,
I will be sure to read to him
his messages of good wishes.
He hates it when Annie gets all the attention!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
**a little clarification**
the random.org was done using
 a list i compiled of all the entries, writing them down on paper,
since so many people had more than 1 entry!
J double checked me!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Misha and Zeke! How very cool!!....

Love that stamp at the bottom of your post.. did you make it? It's beautiful.

Julie Harward said...

Well, Happy Birthday to all of you! What a fun day to have a birthday...does that make you the prankster kid? I hope you are having an awesome day. Love the cat pole, how fun! Congrats to your winner too :D

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! And congratulations to the lucky winner!

texwisgirl said...

Congrats, Linda - take care of that little birdie!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Happy birthday, Ms. Misha and Zeke baby!!! Happy birthday to yous!!!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to you and Zeke! Zeke and the kitties are adorable :) Love that pole. My kitties need one!
Misha you are just beautiful even in your PJ's! LOL
Congrats to Linda ... I am jealous she won :)

Laura said...

Happy birthday to you, Misha and Zeke! I hope that you've had a wonderful day.
Congratulations to Linda!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Happy Birthday...what a fun day to be born:) Thanks so much for the giveaway and I will be sure to give Mr. Birdie a great home here at COASTAL CHARM!


from my front porch... said...

Karen, Yes, I made the little stamp. I found the horse and fence on a clipart site and then used for Picnik to do the rest!
Di, The Blue Ridge Gal really encouraged me to begin learning more. And I am doing it! Now, I love making headers :)

from my front porch... said...

Hi Julie!
I was never the prankster kid, but everyone pranked me! When you are little and have April Fools as your BD, everyone thinks THEY have the best prank for you :)

from my front porch... said...

You are so welcome, Linda! That little birdie will be flying to Alabama next week!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Zeke! You too Misha! The kitties look like they are enjoying your birthday present. That's a great picture of J and I love your view out the kitchen window.

Y'all stay out of trouble this weekend and enjoy it! ttyl


Golden To Silver Val said...

Happy Birthday Misha....and you too, Zeke! I wish you many many happy birthdays to come. God Bless.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Misha and Zeke!!! I hope you both had a wonderful day.
And congratulations to Linda! I'll hop on over and visit her this weekend...tonight I'm just too tired as we finished our bathroom renovation...other than some baseboard caulking and painting. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one.
Maura :)

Amy said...

Oh my goodness Misha, I didn't visit any blogs yesterday and only read on facebook that Zeke had a birthday or I would have wished you also a Happy Birthday!!! Now I feel like a heal...uff...sounds like you had a wonderful day and I'm so happy about that! You're so gorgeous and look just like your mom!! Beautiful women all around!
Looooove the cat pole J made! Been asking the Captain to make one for our cats also but he's not gotten around to it, I'll show him yours when he gets home and maybe he'll be inspired!
Congratulations to the winner, Linda!! Lucky girl!!
Once again, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your sweet Zeke! Hugs from Norway :-)

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to you and Zeke, too! Hope your day was as special as you are!!

The White Farmhouse said...

Well Happy Birthday to you and Zeke! My oldest was supposed to be born on April 1st, but couldn't wait. She is still like that! It looks like the two of you had a wonderful day. Love the pics of you! Just gorgeous! I see where you get your good looks from! Love Brutus! He reminds me of a cat I had years ago. He used to help himself to people food the minute I stepped out the door. Funny guy! Congrats to Linda! I'm so jealous!

Country Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday to you! I believe in extending the celebration!
Happy Birthday to Zeke--looks like he is quite the "party animal." :)

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

And how is it I missed knowing your birthday is April 1? HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Misha! I always tell people I'm a double fool because my birthday is April 11 -smile-.
so glad you had a good birthday and hope Zeke did as well.

Snappy Di said...

Now that the kitties have a stripper pole, when will you be getting one for yourself? LOL

Happy Birthday my dear friend.