25 April 2011

A gentle quiet day it was....

Easter Sunday was a quiet one.
Very, very quiet.
It was very warm.
And very windy!

The Mares, Annie, and Cadence grazed all day long.
Quietly moving from one end of their pastures to another.
Cadence never rolled in his mud pit.
How unusual for him!
Annie never streaked across the pasture,
doing her bucks and kicks, and *still babyish* whinnies.
She stayed close to Mama all day.

The Hawks circled above the pastures.
The Bluebirds and Cardinals drank from the water troughs.
Our resident Eagle flew over all day long.
Letting her piercing call echo along the farm.

The huge, old, magnificent Magnolia swayed back and forth in the windy day.
I still think she misses her
Cedar Tree friend! {just click to read about it}
They were together for years......

In the early evening everyone came back into the barn.
Tired form the sun and fighting the wind.
Each of them enjoyed a good grooming.
Allure actually pushed her head against me and began to snooze,
while I brushed her forelock and washed her face.

Annie munched on hay while I did the grooming routine on her.
Her eyes would flutter, open and close, and she would stop chewing.
With a long piece of hay hanging from her mouth,
she would sway back and forth almost into dreamland.
Yes, it was tiring day, Little Miss Annie!

With fans whirling through the barn, and the strong breeze blowing through,
all the good horses could barely stay awake.
An early evening nap was had by all.

On this beautiful day, I do believe we all were in quiet reflection.
Even animals feel the gentle sway of Mother Nature.
Of all things new, in bloom, and so very lovely.
I do believe Spring is here to stay!

I {heart} each and everyone of you.....


p.s. thank you so very much to all the
Front Porch Lurkers
for coming by to leave a comment!
it is not so much the comment i cherish,
but getting to meet those who come by to
see what Annie and family are up to!
i have already been visiting a few of you,
and will make may way to all!

p.s.s. j and i are working on something very exciting!
i hope to share this with all of you by the end of the week!
i am so darn excited i just can hardly stand it :)
and poor j has had to listen to me
chat, chat, chat about it!


texwisgirl said...

okay, so Easter Sunday was a quiet, quiet day for everyone - except for J that is! he was listening to you yammer! :)

Julie Harward said...

I feel so peaceful i can hardly type! These are the days I loved as a kid. You are so blessed to have such a place! ;D

Deb said...

A peaceful day sounds heavenly. It was anything but quiet at my house on Sunday. It's not quiet today either. Rae is banging on the piano, the baby is fussing and First Born is reciting something goofy from a movie. It did just start raining so it's all good:). Cant' wait to hear the big surprise that you are working on.

Sydney_bitless said...

Oh how I have missed reading your blog! Sounds like a peaceful day. I hope you are doing well and had a lovely Easter.

Laura said...

What a lovely, peaceful Easter...You took me right from my chilly and rainy Michigan day to your windy and warm Tennessee farm!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh Misha your day sounded wonderful. I can't get over how beautiful and green everything is over in your neck of the woods. We finally got a bit of rain during the night and then a bit this afternoon but we are so dry here that we need more. Our temperatures have been very cool too...it's been a very strange spring. Your horses have such a wonderful life with you and J and all the other critters. I'm excited to see what you and J are working on...I'll be keeping my eyes open for when you post about it! Have a wonderful Tuesday..

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Love the spring and the country! It screams peace. Unless that's an oxy-moron or something.

Rural Revival said...

Our day was quiet too, but it was gray and overcast, the sun was very shy but it was exactly what I needed.

And yes, it is still LYLAS...always will be! ; )


Flat Creek Farm said...

Can't wait to hear about your exciting 'something' :) What a beautiful post, as always, Misha! My favorite is the part about Allure snoozing while you are grooming her. Oh, the sweetness! hugs from our gang to yours... Tammy

Donna said...

We had a quiet Easter too! It was beautiful here as well.
Your posts always make me happy!
I wonder what you and J are up too?? LOL

Amy said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Misha..I love a field of buttercups!!! Do Magnolia trees really get THAT big? I have been wanting to get a magnolia tree but they are small at the local garden center...Stig told me they would get big but I didn´t think SO big!! Oh my, I guess it wouldn´t work to plant one in front of the apartment against the wall!!! I thought it would be a nice replacement for the roses which keep dying on us every winter...Hmmm, going to have to find another place for a Magnolia tree!!! What color flowers does your tree get and do they smell wonderful??
Spring is coming in leaps and bounds here to Norway so I no longer have to be jealous of your gorgeous spring time nature...but it is truly beautiful and I love that you share it with us!!
Have a wonderful day my friend...not even going to try and ask about your surprise...or I will go crazy wondering until you tell us!! hahahaha!!!
Big hugs from Norway!!
P.s thanks again for all your help with my giveaway!!

Jeanette said...

Your description of your quiet peaceful day makes me want to take a nap! Don't you sometimes wish Spring would stay forever?

Donna said...

Misha, Thank you for sharing the story of the peonies with me! Our loved ones do send us messages from Heaven :)

~Christine~ said...

Magnolia trees are beautiful and the smell is wonderful! You have an awesome peaceful place!

allhorsestuff said...

God Bless you and yours Misha dear!
Happy Easter in the LORD!

Thanks for your ever so tender thoughts at my place.It was scary indeed..but as you know- the Lord was with us and he always is! You are such a tender hearted god woman..I just love you!
I'm sending prayers for your friends continued healing...of her fear.

All looks so peaceful and warm there..gorgeous views and inviting times..it is like I walk through your farm with you, in a visit always.

OOOU...I am wondering what your surprise is going to be??!!

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter.
Can't wait to hear what you are up to!


Vijay said...

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Ironstone and Pine said...

Hi Misha, New here but enjoy reading your blog- Im a horse person too....and a dog lover....and a cat lover.....basically an all critter lover.......isn't life wonderful with a fur family?!!

Sheryl and Denny said...

Hi misha, our easter was wonderful, beautiful weather, family and new additions to the farm. Love the big magnolia tree, We have lots of those beauties here in the south as well. Thanks for visiting my blog, i would love it if you added as a follower to my site. anxiously wanting those numbers to climb. Thanks again, Sheryl