16 March 2011

~Vintage Charm in Our Vintage Cottage~

I really love my kitchen.
The kitchen was the entire original house built in 1900.
And it is huge!
Which means I have lots of different,
cool spaces to decorate with vintage charm!

I adore all things vintage.
My favorite shopping day is one
where a mix of antique shops, thrift stores, and flea mkts
can be visited!
And good old fashioned yard sales, too!
The dropleaf table, in the pic above, was given to us by a dear friend.
The table and chairs were custom made for her parents around 1940.
Until last spring, it had been in storage since the 1960's!
J and I are having an ongoing discussion.
I want to sand it and paint it antique white.
J says to leave it be....

Tell me~
What do you think?
I would love, love your opinion!!!

~The Vintage Kitchen~

The curtain not only has all of our vintage colors in it,
it hides the ugly trash compacter and the dishwasher.
Both of which we do not use!

Wind chimes outside my kitchen window.
They make me happy, even on a grey bleak day!
You can see little touches of green sprouting up on the ridge behind our home!

The tray was easy to transform. I used sheet music from the 1920's.
And it is the real thing~not reproduction!
Great Aunt Charlotte had hoards of it and my Aunt Debbie passed on
a huge box of it to me!
We found the white cheese crocks at a thrift store.
In a dirty, dusty box with a lot of spiders!
I paid a buck for all three :)

We bought this neat gate with the flower box at a local
flea mkt.
I think it's fun to switch out the flowers for different seasons.

The croquet set was given to us by the same friend
who passed the kitchen table on to us!
Her dad made it in the 1950's.
All the colors are perfect for the kitchen.

The copper kettles all belonged to my grandmother :)
The kettle missing from the middle is on our wood stove.

We collect Fiesta Ware, Hull, McCoy, Red Wing, and vintage china.
I am getting ready to re-do this space in the kitchen.
Oh, how I love it when an idea finally comes together!

~The Living Room~

The wall in the living room above one of the sofa's.
Vintage mirrors and frames are another one of our collections  :)
My grandmother passed this desk onto me about 20 years ago.
She and my grandfather purchased it when my mom was a little girl.
The day it was delivered my mom decided to carve her initials on it!
My grandparents were not happy about this, as you can imagine.
I think it's pretty cool that my mom's
*little girl* handwriting is on my desk!

J has a thing for this Elk.
If I move it,
he notices right away!
So the elk....

~The Dining Room~

My grandmothers secretary.
Everything I keep in here means something to me.
I am very, very sentimental....
The vintage tin, on the lower shelf, holds things that remind me of
my Siamese cat, Maverick!
He died three years ago at age 22!
We were together a lot of years :)

Having a beautiful gas fireplace in the dining room
is very romantic!
But, good golly Miss Molly, with the price of gas
we used it very little this year!

~Our Bedroom~

Our bedroom is very sparse and simple.
I like that.
The old sewing machine, next to my side of the bed
was my great-grandmothers.
It is a "White" brand from 1921.
Everything that originally came with it is still intact.
Even the sales reciept!

The picture of the Siamese cat below the mirror
is Maverick!
Like I said,
I am very sentimental!

Bo watching the birds down by the creek
which runs below our bedroom window.
Last night, around 11pm, there were 8 deer
eating the mounds of clover that grows there and drinking the creek water!
J and I layed on the bed watching them.
Who needs TV?!

OK. Question #2!
We are really, really are toying with the idea
of painting our headboard and footboard (not shown)
in a Matte Black.
I think it would look incredible since there is so
 much detail in the headboard that will stand out!
Tell me your opinions!

I fell in love with this old dresser at a local
antique shop.
But, it was not in our budget at all  in our price range.
So J went through our storage stuff (because we are pack-rats!)
and did an even trade!
I couldn't believe it when J came home one day
with "my" dresser in the back of the truck!
What a true love will do for someone....

Last Fall I purchased this three-tier shelf at a Flea Market.
The woman who sold it to me was so sweet.
She suggested I sand and strip it.
And lose it's vintage charm?
No way!
I love the color and all it's chippy spots!
It hangs in our bedroom.

The Mason Jar holds old buttons.
 This is also a "number 13" jar!
Years and years ago when women were canning, they
would check the number on the bottom of the jar.
If it was a number 13 jar, they refused to use it for canning.
Because of the "bad luck" it could hold.
It was thought the food would spoil, which would be waste.
Or worse, someone would become ill from eating what had been canned in it!
Many people would break them and throw them away.
Some were buried or just left untouched.
So always hunt for "number 13" jars when you are thrifting  :)

I so wanted a an old shelf in our bedroom.
This is exactly what I had in mind!

The book, that the oil lamp and clock are sitting on,
is a guide to raising children.
"The Mother's Encyclopedia" from 1931.
I found this in a box of National Geographic magazines
at my fave thrift store in town.
There was no price on it, so the shop-keeper
just charged me one dollar.
I found one on Amazon for $65.00 :)

My desk.
From where I am typing this post!
It is one of my favorite things to decorate.
I am always changing out the
candle holders,
and silver trays.
Oh, and we collect silver, too.
J loves to clean silver.
And I am happy to let him do it!

How happy I was to draw my little,
"Happy, Spring" on the chalkboard.
{As you can see, I am no artist!}
It hangs next to our front door.
On my front porch!

Thanks for taking a tour of some special little
spaces in our vintage cottage!
Everyone has their own special unique way of decorating!
I appreciate so many blogs that let me browse the
special places in their home!

~And now, your lesson is to help me with the two questions I asked!~

1. Should we or shouldn't we paint the Maple drop-leaf table?
2. Should we or shouldn't we paint our headboard?
I really do appreciate input from all of you!
So many of you are DIY queens :)

And the bonus question!!!!
3. Have you ever purchased item(s) from Etsy?
If so, why? Or why not?
When looking for a certain item for your home, do you check around Etsy first?

I am seriously pondering opening an Esty shop.
I have so many wonderful decorative, vintage things
that need good homes :)
I could open my own flea market!
Last year J and I really considered renting space at a wonderful,
indoor flea mkt in Sweetwater.
But, physically I cannot do it.
The barn is my limit.
I am really thinking Etsy might be a little start.
But, since none of my things are *home-made*
would that perhaps be against me?
Etsy accepts all
Vintage items 20 years and older,
so my things would qualify.
I apprecite any input, you dear readers, might have!

You know how much
~I heart you~


The White Farmhouse said...

Your house is just stunning! I could spend a month here and would just love to hear all the stories. Love the number 13. I am going to be on the look out for these now. You should open an Etsy shop! Do it! I may be your best customer! Thank you so much for the tour! You are just too sweet! I did notice that me and you have lots of the same tastes!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you so much for the little tour of your beautiful home. It's so cozy and comfy....I felt so at peace. It makes me feel so good to know that you're giving such a good home to so many vintage items that many people just throw away. I saw so many 'familiar' items from my childhood in your pictures. Now for your questions: I think you should leave the table as is. Wood tones are just gorgeous and are so warm and inviting. Headboard would be lovely matte black and how about some matte gold etched here and there with a fine brush? I think you should open up an online shop. You could provide a service right from your own home. The only disadvantage would be having to package and mail things out. (start saving your old newspapers for shredding material for cushion packing) LOL.
Thank you again for letting us see this part of your lives. It sounds like you're feeling back to normal again and that makes me smile. Big hugs.
p.s. our farmhouse where I grew up had red counter-tops too.

Spreading the Love! said...

Loved this tour!!... I wouldn't paint the table, although I'm sure it would also look great as you described. But I'm with Jay on that one.

YES to the black on the headboard. Gorgeous! Our bed set is black, although painted wood. But I love the effect in the bedroom.

Etsy is a wonderful place, however I will tell you that in conversations with friends who have shops there, they don't have a lot of success. That's just a small group of people though, and I don't want to discourage you from trying.

Spreading the Love! said...

Um, that's me, Karen of this old house, up there. I keep forgetting to log out of other - sorry!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Misha! To start, THANK YOU for your kind comment on the loss of our boy Tanner, it always helps to hear from those like you who understand...

Second, I really, really love your house! I love the colors which really compliment your surroundings and the feel of your home! But I am terrible at to paint or not to paint...So I will just say that given the style of your home, I would paint the table and the headboard too.

Let us know what you decide! I hope your day is off to a good start--By the way, I was just in east Tennessee last week--Around Greeneville--Just beautiful!!

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Were we like *twins* separated a few years from birth or something? Because I love every single thing in those photos. And that box of music? I salivate just thinking of it! And if I were closer, I'd give you a treadle sewing machine I'd like to unload. I bought it at an estate sale once and have never done anything with it. So it vegetates out in the garage. It needs a good home. And the table? I don't know. I like things kept in their original shape but I have also seen some neat stuff done with old furniture. Whatever you do with it, it will be beautiful. And....I've never bought anything on Etsy. Yet!

Donna said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your cottage! I have so many of the same things as you. I love old tins and vintage papers. I collect Fiestaware, teapots, pitchers, teacups and love McCoy and Hull.
About painting the table ... I have that delimma myself about our kitchen table and china cabinet - paint or not to paint? We have had the table since 1983 and every meal was eaten at that table when the girls were here. I can't decide. Maybe your post will help me!
The bed I would paint black and maybe brush a little accent on the details with maybe an antique gold. Jennifer has one like it but it is new and she loves it.
I love J's cameras too (I have my Dad's that he used when he was stationed in England in WWII)
Love your desk too ...love that your Mom's initials are in it!
I shop Etsy sometimes and I would buy from you!
Let us know your decisions!

Deb said...

It was so much fun to get a tour of your house and your beautiful old things. Your house is cozy just as you are. I love that you have red counter tops, I be the fiesta does look good sitting on it. The story about J trading to get your dressing table is completely SWEET. You two are adorable.

I think the dining table is beautiful just as it is and probably wouldn't paint it if I were you. I do think that the iron bed would look great painted black though.

The Etsy shop is a great idea. What have you got to lose? I have looked for items on Etsy many times but I can't remember if I purchased or not but I would if they had something that I wanted. I've even toyed with the idea of opening one myself. If I don't find a job soon that may be what I do.

Have a great week Misha and give Cadence and the gang a hug from me.

P.S. Do you know that you have Prince Abert in a can? You better let him out! tee hee!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the tour of your house! You have lots of stuff with sentimental value, as do I! I would probably paint the table and I would definitely paint the headboard! That sounds like it would be awesome. Be sure to post pics when you are done!

Snappy Di said...

Love all the playful things you are doing with your photos, Misha. I can tell you are having a blast with it.


texwisgirl said...

Okay, I'm not a decorator or a re-doer so I'll leave answering your questions to the experts. But I have a question for you - do you actually COOK in that kitchen or just decorate it? I know you said it's huge, but you have so much vintage STUFF in it, I don't think I could move around in it! :)

Love that you love your collections - both you and J. And that you can share that love together. :)

Elizabeth said...

I loved the tour of your home! I too love things that are vintage and have sentimental meaning. I would also leave your table as it is,but maybe paint the headboard.

Catherine said...

Hi Misha!
What a beautiful home you have!I love it! Catherine

Rural Revival said...

Yes I do and I heart you too! : )

I'm going to start with question 3. Yes, I have but nothing vintage, but I do see wonderful things there and since I have started thrifting I have considered doing just the same thing someday. I have a few boxes in the basement already after less than a year. Not any where near what you have but when I see something vintage, I just can't leave it behind! I think an Etsy store would be the perfect way to get your feet wet!

Question 2, regarding the bed, I would paint it. Then it would be matte black like mine. : )

And question 1, I could never decide. I have furniture I want to paint too, which I think would look great, but I'm always afraid I would regret it. I have a lot of things I would like to paint white.

I love your pitchers! I love your kitchen, oh heck I love your house!! So cute and so inspirational. I am slowly turning every room into a vintage room. It will take forever, but it'll be fun!

And the china in the open shelving/cupboard with the fiesta ware, it reminds me of a plate my mom has called Indian Tree. So pretty.

I love silver, now does J clean the silver using the eco-friendly way I posted before Christmas? J you must try it. It's a little more upkeep but easier on your nostrils and fingers!

How do you know if your oil lamps are okay to use? The Artist told me that some are decorative and can't be used and there's no way of knowing. Was he pulling the wool over my eyes?

I'd like to sit there with Bo and watch the view too. It sounds beautiful!

Thank you for granting my wish, I was so hoping I would see the kitchen soon, and I got to see even more. Yippee!! Except, I didn't see the guest room, I take it you're still working on it for me? ; )


Donna said...

It's all so cheerful, comfy, and colorful! I love it! It's YOU!!! Yes, I would try some paint on the table and bed. We painted just to top of our breakfast table (distressed black) for a two-toned effect, so you might want to consider just painting the top!

And yes, I check etsy all the time. I'd rather buy there than ebay. You can put a little link on your blog's sidebar too! I've thought about opening an etsy shop sometime - maybe next year. I hope you jump into it because I might want to buy a few things!

Feral Female said...

You have such a lovely home!

ain't for city gals said...

Misha, Isn't funny how you can have someone pictured in a completely different way...from seeing your barns etc. I would have thought you were a minimilist (sp?)..guess not...lol..love all your stuff. I sell on e-bay and you might try that ....though lots of vintage things are not selling right now...shipping is getting so high.

Glacier Dreaming said...

Your kitchen is so pretty. And I envy that view from your kitchen window!

Amy said...

Hello my friend!!! First, I'm so happy that the package arrived and you liked it! :-) It wasn't much but yes, a little piece of Norway ;-) You and J are welcome anytime over here, just let me know when you're coming ok? ;-)
I love your home, it is a mixture of lots of different things which one might think doesn't work together but it does, beautifully and I love that you have stories with your furniture, what a treasured piece of furniture your mom's desk is and always will be!! I have the same cookbook as you, Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook but mine is paperback and in two now because I use it a lot!! I love it though, but someday I might have to break down and get a new one that is all together in one piece!! Hahahaha! I also loved the animal crackers box- one of my favourite treats as a child. My children have never had an animal cracker- weird to think about!
Thanks for inviting us into your home and sharing your wonderful life with us!
Big hugs from all of us in Norway :-)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha!
Now that was fun...THANK YOU for showing us your 'oh so sweet' farm house...I loved it! Your home is very 'welcoming' and warm and you can see your personality throughout each room. I think if you want to paint your table you should go for it. It's only paint and you can strip it off later if you don't like it. I have an old table that I'm thinking of painting too and some chairs so I say 'go for it'. Same with your beautiful headboard and foot board...you can always strip it later if you don't like it. I tried looking at my things and the reason I'm thinking of painting them. First...my reason isn't go to along with the trend right now of painting everything white...my reason is I want to brighten up the kitchen and I am going to paint my cupboards too. So what ever your reason is that you want to paint...go for it. Oh by the way...I used to have an Indian Tree platter like your plates ;) Have a wonderful day Misha and please give the critters a scritch for me...thanks. Maura :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Ok, ok, *now* I'm going back outside to play.. lol.. but I thoroughly enjoyed the tour! I have one thing that matches yours - and that is the white door knob hanger thingy. Love all of your decor. And I like the idea of paint on the table and the headboard, but this coming from someone who is too lazy to paint the things I want painted.. hehe! The most recent 'vintage' item I purchased on Etsy (and adore) is a little decorative plate with the cutest donkey face on it and it says "Nobody likes a smart @ss" :) Going up in my kitchen, as soon as get off my rear to paint first! :D Thanks for sharing your beautiful vintage-ness w/ us! -Tammy

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Totally loved this home tour but...I'm one of "those people" who adore decorating with textiles and fabric but really don't like painted furniture. It's not that it's not beautiful, Misha, but when I see wood, I see natural colors and white wood isn't natural.
I think ole timers, so to speak, used a lot of white because milk paint was so inexpensive and color was from plants but couldn't be used in paint, mostly.
I'd leave the little table natural and drape it with textiles exchanging them with the seasons or as whim dictated.
Is the bed metal? I'd paint that with car enamel paint, I think.
I've got that same Stovall painting in one of our bedrooms.
Love your rocking chair in the kitchen, that's where I'd spend a LOT of time -smile-.
etsy seems a good solution; go for it!

Angella Lister said...

what a wonderful tour of your beautiful vintage home! i am so glad you clicked the follow button on my blog os that i could come here and find you! lovely blog you have and i am looking forward to exploring more.

as for the esty question, i would buy something i fell in love with from there, even if it wasn't home made.

~Christine~ said...

Love your blog. Love your vintage cottage! I would definitely paint the table white and also the headboard! Good luck in whatever you decide! It also sounds like you have an awesome husband!

dave said...

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