22 March 2011

~It Can Wait Until Tomorrow~

It was a gorgeous weekend here in the mountains of east Tennessee.
But, I didn't partake in one iota of it.

Not one streak of sunshine touched my face.
Not one sweet spring breeze fluttered through my hair.
No one nickered in my ear.
Annie didn't sniff me all over.....

For the most part I have spent the last three days between the sofa and my bed.
Because Fibromyalgia, my unwanted friend who never leaves,
 decided to move in my brain and body full time.
My brain became one ball of fog.
In fact I really don't recall much of Sunday.
And my body?
I am a contorted mess.

I cannot grasp things.
I bump into walls.
My words come out in a language all their own at times.
It is painstaking slow for me to be able to type this.
So pardon my mistakes!
I am doing the two fingered typist thingy!

J spent a beautiful weekend with the horses.
He took care of them.
He took care of me.
He made a trip to the feed store.
He made a trip to the Co-Op for farm supplies.
He did the grocery shopping.
And brought home, for me, the only thing I can eat during a time like this.
Fruit bars in my fave flavors.

~We are a lucky bunch, those four-Legger's and me~

But, the man never gets a break.
He leaves our home by 6am each morning to travel
into the big city, and attend school.
Five days a week.
Weekends are spent doing farm chores, house chores,
and building new fences a la Annie!

Then this morning, in the darkness, I heard his big heavy boots come into the bedroom.
He kissed me goodbye.
He said he would call at lunch-time.
As he does everyday  to check on me.
I fell back asleep.
With Bo sleeping on my pillow, next to my head.

Around 8am I sat straight up in bed.
I grabbed the phone and dialed his cell.
He answered.
"Happy Birthday", I croaked.
"Oh, yeah", he said.
He had forgotten.

So this one is for you J.
I hope you know just how much I love you.
I hope you know just how much I appreciate the way you take care of me.
I hope you know how much it melts my heart when I when I watch you
with Annie and her family!
Or play with the dogs and kitties.
You never meet a stranger.
You never speak unkind words of others.
I adore the way you call your Grandmother each week!

 Happy, Happy, Birthday J!
When you return home from the big city,
I will give you the birthday smooch you didn't get this morning!

And you won't even have to fix the board Annie already took out today.
Because I Duct taped it!
It can wait until tomorrow.....

Happy Birthday, baby!



Snappy Di said...

Nothing better than a sweet, loving husband that adores his wife and vice versa. Happy birthday to your sweetheart, Misha.

Hope you are feeling better today.


Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Wish I could help you. Hope you're feeling better VERY SOON. You are blessed to have such a husband. And all those animals that help. :)

Jeanette said...

Aww what a sweet hubby you have! Happy Birthday, J!! Misha, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling 100% better and can enjoy your beautiful Spring weather!

whitey said...

I am new to your blog sorry for your daily pain, my mother-in -law battles the same disease and I know how it can move in and ruin your days. You have so much beauty around you your husband, property and those horses! Hope you will be up and out enjoying it all soon.

Deb said...

Good Morning Misha. I am sorry you missed being outside on the gorgeous weekend. It sucks and it makes me mad you must indure the fibro. I want to kick fibros butt. I wish I could help somehow. Thank goodness for J and happy birthday to him!

Those are some great pictures of the horses. Beautiful!

I hope you feel better very soon.

Lori said...

Sorry to hear you're down and out. Hopefully this flare-up won't last much longer.

The White Farmhouse said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful man! They are so hard to find! I hope his day is as wonderful as he sounds.

So sorry to hear that you are down. Sending lots of well wishes and hugs your way. You deserve such a wonderful and understanding man like J.

texwisgirl said...

God bless your sweet hubby!!! And God bless you, too!

Rural Revival said...

Oh Sweetie you done good with this post! He does take good care of you, and the gang but its all for love. : )

Happy Birthday J from all of us here at the old farmhouse! Thanks for doing all you do and sharing Misha with us!

Misha, as for the fibro flare, I wish I could just kick it in the you know what for you. I really do. : (


Julie Harward said...

I hope you two can have a good time celebrating his birthday...my heart and hugs go out to you..and hugs for the horses too! ;D

pilgrimscottage said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. He sounds like a real sweetie. Love the photos of the horses. Have you been checked for celiac disease? It is a cause of fibromyalgia. I had the problem until I changed my diet to gluten-free. Hope you feel better soon.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday J!!... and

Misha... too soon between flairups :-( Hope you're feeling alittle better already -

Lottie said...

Hope the very best for you! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Mrs.B said...

SO sweet!!! I hope you're feeling better!

allhorsestuff said...

OH~ this place looks so mavelous!
NOTHGING stoips your creativity dear one! I love that about you, all give and talent..though this drated stuff trys to hinder you..your God given spirit is dampend not. I know it's tough, you are doing what's best for yourself, Mish. Your J is such a dream and God has blessed you, in so many ways.

I also know that language you spoke of..it does keep me from wanting to be around others and try to talk the English I know.

Loved all the hoeses and the horse-speak too, they had in the post!

Love your heart always dear one...believe it or not..I still have my "DRAFT" of the post I said I was writing, as a guest blogger on my hoprsey love Washashe. I feel that my waiting has a good reason too...I can tell you more after I get my saddle from ANSUR in mid May and after my ride to the mountains I have planned for the end of May.

Hang in...sending healing prayers from Jehovah Rafa!(no-I'm not a wittness..it's a name I learned from June Hunt, Bible teacher- it means from the old testiment"The LORD that HEALS") "~'

allhorsestuff said...

Marvelous!! it does look that!

Aunt D said...

Thank God for you both. Happy Birthday to you J - my very favorite nephew in the whole world. love, Aunt D

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, my heart just aches that you must go through these fibromyalgia flare-ups :( But what a sweet post.. love the pics.. and belated Happy B-day to J. You both are very lucky! Hugs... Feel better, Friend! -Tammy

Ann On and On... said...

Loving words that stretch for miles, priceless!

Happy Birthday J!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Aww Misha I'm sorry I didn't read this post until now and I'm sorry you're feeling bad again. This FM sure has been rough on your this winter...I hope it lets up soon so you can enjoy some spring weather...if it gets here and stays! After beautiful warm temperatures of +80 a week or so ago we are now looking at rain mixed with snow for this weekend into Monday. I hope you have a better weekend. Please tell J we here wish him a Happy Birthday! You get well soon Misha. Your friend
Maura :)XO

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Belated Birthday Wishes, Mr. J. You're a good man and my gift to you is to pray for you. God bless you, J.

Oz Girl said...

I'm so sorry that you have to fight this battle daily Misha, but oh how lucky you are to have such a wonderful hubby (I do too!) I love your tribute to him, why you almost got a tear to sneak its way down my face!! A very happy belated birthday to your sweet J... and kudos to you for fixing that fence for him. ;-)