23 March 2011

~ Isn't it Grand! ~

Love me some Zeke!
He is the best medicine!
Did you know my boy and I share the same B-day!
Best present ever.....

A better day for me.
Thank you for all the well wishes
and sweet B-day wishes for J!
You guys Rock!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The horses are out, but soon to come in.
We are preparing for a wicked storm!
And you know how Miss D is petrified of storms.
So, I will turn up the tunes and hope that calms her.

 Baby Girl is scared of thunderboomers.
So she will huddle close to her brother, Zeke.
That's what big brothers are for!

Look at those feet.
Adorable or what?!
Puppy love.
Isn't it grand!


{as my mom always says, Zeke is not modest!}


Deb said...

Puppy love is grand. I hope the storm isn't too bad. Y'all stay safe.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I accepted your advice about having Hank take over the blog but when I gave him his reins and sat him in front of the computer he got mad because he had no thumbs to apply on the space bar so he left. Poor sport! You can lead a cat to a computer, but you can't make him type.

texwisgirl said...

I love a dog that is big enough to hug (with effort!) SO handsome!

Glad you're feeling better. Hope the storms aren't too bad. My horses get jittery but usually stay in the barn okay. I have 2 1/2 dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms (1 joins in after it gets pretty bad) and the others join in because they wonder what all the excitement is about. It's always fun with 5 big dogs in the house milling around and huddling extra close to you.

Julie Harward said...

LOL You are so funny with the blocking shot there! It is your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY...may your day be a healthy one and you can get out and do something really fun! :D

Hartwood Roses said...

Dogs are the BEST medicine EVER!! (Shhh, don't let the cats find out that I said this.) Our Emma used to be terrified of thunderstorms when we first got her many years ago. At the urging of a dog trainer I know, we made thunderstorms the indoor playtime of the century, with toys and balls and smelly treats. It only took about 3 storms for her to realize that storms aren't scary, they're FUN. Perhaps, if your Ms. D's thunder-phobia isn't so bad that she won't respond to this, it may help you too.

Laura said...

Dogs are the best medicine!
Glad you're feeling a bit better and hope you all weather the storm okay...

Flat Creek Farm said...

*Heart* me some Puppy Love too! Your pups are so very sweet. Prayers that everyone rides the storm out ok. I wish for a baby pack thingy to pack my Banjo girl around in when it storms... it's so scary for my little chubby JRT.
Let us know you're okay! -Tammy

The White Farmhouse said...

Hope you weather the storm ok. I will be worried all night about you! Love Baby Girl! Is she part Corgi? I would love to get a Corgi. They are just so freaking cute with their stubby little legs! Big hugs and more well wishes to you!

Karen said...

It's snowing here...sigh.

Country Dreaming said...

Oh the love of an animal--it can make a bad day good.
Hope you are doing better today!
Happy belated b-day to J!
Annie leave the fences ALONE! :)


Snappy Di said...

I always love photos of the bottoms of dogs' feet. Rowdy's are pink when he's clean but when he comes inside after playing in the yard they are dirty and black... LOL That boy needs a bath big time!

Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

Donna said...

I am so glad you are feeling better and you look great! Some puppy love always helps when you feel bad.
I hope the storms were not bad. It has been beautiful here today but is now beginning to rain.
Belated b'day wishes to J!

Rural Revival said...

He's a handsome devil but modesty is most certainly not his strong suit!

So glad to hear today is a better day! : ) : ) : )


Shifan said...

Puppies are photo genic and looks like a innocent. (may be not) Some puppy love always helps when we feel bad.

http://wwwmysrilanka.blogspot.com if you have a time please follow my blog.

Amy said...

I hear ya girl, my doggies seem to know when I need that extra something...I've been home sick the last couple days and they rally around me...tons of kisses...just what the DOGtor ordered!!! hahahaha...

Hope you are feeling better my friend and hope the thunderstorms weren't too bad. We don't get thunderstorms here very often, it's so rare...so my dogs don't have to deal with that- thankfully!! Good that Baby Girl has such a caring big brother!!

Big hugs from Norway

Donna said...

I sure hope you made it through the storms OK! There was tornado damage a bit north of you!

Phyllis said...

Hi Donna,

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I can't imagine having that much pain and no control.

Life is good and life is bad. I am out of work again with no income, no unemployment, few choices. But I will muddle through somehow.

I enjoy visiting your blog.

Ann On and On... said...

Cheers to feeling better...cuddly dogs and storms that have pasted.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I'm so happy that this is a better day for you Misha...YEAY! I feel bad for the critters with the bad storm coming your way. We had them yesterday but they weren't too bad for us. Our big Shep and little Bubba DO NOT LIKE STORMS. If Shep could climb under a rock he would...poor fellow. I hope the storm misses you ..if not then hopefully your music will help out in the barn. LOL yep love that 'modest' photo of Zeke!! He's quite the boy. Hugs to you Misha....Maura :) XO

Sunnybec said...

I am a new follower came over from Le Mon de De Catherine. Love the dogs LOL.