22 February 2011

~Royal Daydreams~

 It is late afternoon and I am sitting at my desk.
Daydreaming a little Spring.
My desk overlooks my front porch.
All the kitties are enjoying a very breezy, sometimes sunny, day.
They are lounging on the wicker love-seat, and the corner perches that J built for them!

I put the wicker cat bed on the porch, so our two old lady felines,
Lucy and Presley, can enjoy some fresh air, too!

The pups are sleeping in their fenced yard.
Occasionally they wake long enough to bark at a squirrel or the deer
that have been roaming our property in droves this past week!

The horses have enjoyed days and days of wonderful

I have been filled with the need to
Daydream while I flip through spring issues of magazines
 and beautiful sites on the web
for inspiration of spring-filled dreams!

Each changing season I seem to always have a list of new loves I daydream about.
Things I need want to make for our home.
Places we will visit as the season changes.
And then there are those out~of reach ($$$) things I need just plain daydream about!

I always daydream about this little girl.
She fills my dreams at night, too.
She is so very worthy of all dreams....

I made new wreaths for the stall doors!
Loving these petite, colorful pansies!
They make me smile while I muck stalls!
And as I daydream about the arrival of the
~real deal~
I have a little happiness all around me.

We had new straw delivered.
Sometimes we get a delivery of dark, icky, not-so-fresh stall.
This stuff is heaven!
Golden, soft, and just darn pretty!
Maybe only a horsey person can appreciate it!

Are these wonderful or what?!
I am a vintage girl at heart and
things like this make my heart want to sing!
I told J this is what I would like for my upcoming birthday.
I do believe he will be making a few for me!
No dreaming on this one!

I don't believe J will be making one of these for me.
But, if one of these children's washstands was left on
my front porch,
I would like it to be old, chippy and painted red!

Daydreams are wonderful things.
Our minds can carry us off for a few minutes
to a place of wonder,
a place of

But, you never know......

Queen of England
has issued the invitations for the wedding of
Kate Middleton
Prince William.

I so need want one!

I have a feeling that any day now
I will tromp down to our mailbox
and find an invite!
If I do,
I will be ready.

I have picked a lovely frock to wear
to the
Event of the Decade!
 and a hat :)

Because as I sit here at my desk,
and dream a little about
~beautiful vintage lights~
~fresh straw~
colorful pansies,
~an adorable children's washstand~
~pretty frocks and hats worthy of a Royal Wedding~

I can almost envision myself walking to our mailbox
and finding this.....

Even if I have to muck the stalls of the
Royal Horses!
Heck, if their stalls are filled with fresh straw like ours~
I will sleep in the Royal Barn!

And then my little
daydream at my desk would come true.

Or would it?
Even though the Queen would be so nice to also invite
'our whole gang'
I don't think it would be possible.
So J and I would be flying off to England
and leaving everyone behind....

And there I would be~
At Westminster Abbey.
In my lovely frock and hat.
{and I be would barefoot because I never bought any shoes!}
With my handsome J.
Watching the
Event of the Decade,
in person.
Sitting on the pew, J would nudge me,
and lean over and whisper,
"Pay attention! You are in la la land!"

And I would whisper back~
I am daydreaming about Home....

Sometimes daydreams are best just being that!


What do you daydream about?


The White Farmhouse said...

This is such a cute post! I think you would look too fabulous in that frock and hat and steal all the attention away from Kate. I know what you mean about the straw. I hadn't thought about that in years! I remember when I was younger and my grandpa would get a load of straw like that he called it spring straw. Said it was his first sign of spring. Mmmm.... memories....

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Well, I'm waiting for the expected invitation for Kate and Will's wedding with baited breath.

Hey. I deserve one! I've had to listen to every news update since he was born. Elizabeth doesn't do that.

Jeanette said...

Ha ha! Cute post! Do you think if we print those invitations out it would work? We could all fly to England together!! Right about now I'm dreaming about flying anywhere that's not covered with snow and the temperature is about 70 degrees!

Hartwood Roses said...

I remember gathering around the TV at work in the wee hours of the morning when Prince William's parents got married. I intend to do that again this time.

It was great to get a couple of days of t-shirt weather this past weekend. We got a dusting of snow over a coat of ice overnight, to remind us that winter still has a bit left for us. Daydreaming is about all we can do when it's like this ... or sketch and scribble plans for warm-weather projects. :)

texwisgirl said...

That was lovely. I love being home here at Run*A*Round too - my daydreams are all about things here. :)

Deb said...

You know what I daydream about... A place in the country with a gravel road and a pasture of wildflowers. It will have strong fences to keep my herd safe. My donkey's will keep the coyotes away and I will sit on my porch on the porch swing and breath in the sweet scent of spring and wildflowers as they gently blow in the breeze. Fresh laundry is hung on the clothesline to dry and it smells of sunshine when I take it down. Gus is napping in the sun as a butterfly lands on his big brown nose....It's picture perfect isn't it? That was fun but I'll stop now, LOL!

I think you should wear the yellow and white dress with the fancy hat. It's fit for a queen! I'll be watching that wedding on TV just as I did his parents. I'll be sure to loof for you!

Thanks for allowing me to daydream with you for a few minutes. Y'all enjoy your week there in TN.


Julie Harward said...

I would pick the same dress..lovely! I enjoyed your day dreams today...it's fun to do that once in awhile isn't it. I am hoping for spring but an invitation would be nice too LOL Come say hi, I miss you!

Amy said...

Hello my friend, I love to daydream also but I must admit I did more daydreaming when I was younger and didn't have such a busy schedule- maybe I'll return to daydreaming someday when life slows down?? And I think if it came to the royal wedding, I'd rather be in the barns then in the church at that event..it's going to be a circus!!
I'm working on your bag, every time I load up the photo it seems too small, I've tried making it bigger but it still seems too small, so I'm working on it and going to get it ordered soon- I'm going to fill it with a little something also, so I hope you'll like it!! I'm so glad you won!
Have a great day my friend...
big hugs from Norway :-)

Karen said...

Fun post, Misha.. love those lights!! ...and Jay with Cadence pic.. awesome.

Happy Almost Spring to you! ...

Jeni said...

Very beautiful post Misha. I daydream... about looking out a window in my house and seeing my horses grazing in their paddock.

I love the mason jar light. Can you show a picture of the type of light fixture they used please. Have a feeling they can be fairly easily made. I'm assuming a track light at the mounting to the ceiling end?

Snappy Di said...

oooh, I like your typewriter a whole bunch!


Donna said...

What a creative post! I am looking for my invite too! When I get mine can I wear a dress similar to yours ... I love it!
I have the perfect shoes I could wear :)
I daydream all the time too about things I would love to have one day. But I am really content with what I do have even if it's not much to some people.
When I am away from home I always miss my animals and can't wait to get home to them.
You have the best piece of "royalty" in Annie ... she is just adorable as is all you critters!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha!
Oh yes...I'm doing some daydreaming too. LOL I have to laugh at your 'invitation'...that's so cute! My sister who lives just out of London has asked me several times if I'm coming over for the wedding...they're planning on standing out somewhere along the long line of 'well-wishers- to watch the young couple drive by. Can you imagine how many people will be out there! I LOVE that dress you like AND the light J is making for you...what a neat idea. I'll be watching for pictures of yours ;) I'm day dreaming of seeing flowers here on the farm since we really don't have any to speak of other than lilacs a couple of rose bushes and some day lilies. That will change this year though as I have my work cut out for me putting in flower beds in the fenced area around the house. I'm so excited and can't wait to start. Enjoy your daydreams and some good weather when it comes your way...spring isn't far off!
Maura :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Misha, I'll let you and J and the gang have my invite; I'd just as soon not be caught up in that particular madness. It's enough for me to watch on t.v. -smile-. Love your new font; it's fabulous.
My word verification: lampoll

Linda said...

My brother has a solid black cat named "Shelby"....sometimes she is a real stinker. You have a great blog and I enjoyed reading about the horses, they are beautiful. Come visit me anytime in West Tennessee at Nothin But Country Living or my photo blog at Lindas Photo Farm!