23 February 2011

Glitz and Glamour in Scottsdale!

In the Arabian horse show business, every February brings our
kick-off show in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Show season begins in February and ends with the
U.S. Nationals in late October.
Isn't this stallion beautiful!

During November, December, and January,
 Arabian horse training barns around the
 U.S., Canada, Australia, South America, and the United Arab Emirates
and are gearing up for the show in Scottsdale, Arizona!
There are stallions being readied to promote; not only
in the show ring, but also for the Spring breeding season.

Yearlings born in the previous spring, that show great promise, will
make their debut.
Mares, stallions, and geldings who are not new on the show circuit
but are "old pros" are conditioned and readied just the same!

The Scottsdale Arabian horse show is one of a kind!

Opening night!

The show unites trainers, breeders, grooms, farm managers,
owners and their horses from across the world.
Anyone will have a great time
regardless of whether they have
 knowledge or experience in the horse industry.

People watching.. A fave past-time of horses!

Elaborately decorated barns, on the outskirts of the arena, indulge the visitors.
Each farm comes prepared to put on a show within the show!
Complete with lounges,stocked bars (with bartenders!) and
never-ending videos of stallions being promoted for their
high dollar breeding's.
Anywhere from $3,000 to $75,000.

Showing off after winning the roses!

And breeding managers, like myself, would be ready with
breeding contracts for the horse owner
excited about breeding their mare.
And I was always prepared.
With a pen readily available to help that client
sign a check for twenty-five grand to have semen
Fed-Ex'd overnight for their mare!
In hopes that they will be the proud owner
of a someday champion showing at

Farm crew hanging a sign to promote their stallion.

There are six arenas, continuously being used,
where beautiful Arabians can be seen competing in a variety of classes.
The evening classes have an exclusive and exciting, "Oscar night" feel!

Night time is all about glitz, glamour, and celebrity sightings!

Ah, I miss my Scottsdale days....
But, just a little!

Cooling a horse down after a workout.

But, I do not miss everything that goes into traveling
with twenty-plus show horses.
 It takes about 10 days to get everything packed into
trailers that will be needed.

Letting the fans meet and greet!

Everything you can imagine that is used in the barn for training must be transported to the show.
Horses must be acclimated to new climates and altitudes!
When traveling with my old show farm from Florida,
we always had to transport water.
Can you imagine?
The water system in the stables was primo city H2O.
At the show grounds~well water.
And horses can be very picky about water when they
are used to drinking city or vice versa.
We would slowly wean them off the transported water
by mixing it with well water.
Usually in a few days,
all the horses were used to it.

I love all the young riders.

Traveling from across the country to Arizona is quite an endeavor
when you are transporting twenty horses.
The trip takes several days in itself,
laying over at "Horse Hotel Farms"
along the way.
During the day while traveling we had to stop every four hours to let everyone drink!

We usually arrived three weeks before the actual show,
when traveling so far way from home.
It would take a week to just get the show stable organized for the horses,
and horse crew to be able to work.
We even have a sleeping stall.
Each night, usually two people will spend the night.
Night Watchmen.
To safeguard the horses. 
Because you never know what could happen to horses left unattended.
It is well know in the horsey biz that some will do anything to assure
 a champion cannot compete.
Sad but true.

 By the time the show was finished we had been away
for 5~6 weeks.
I don't miss that.
Not one bit!

But, look at the picture above.
It always did my heart good when children
got a thrill from petting one of our horses.

Or watching children compete in their first show.
And then they catch the bug.
The horse bug!

The tails, manes and forelocks of Arabians are never cut or trimmed.
This beauty is their heritage!

I have great memories of my show horse days.
Yet, I wouldn't go back in time for anything.
I cherish early mornings at the little barn in Tennessee.
Where Annie and her family are excited to see me eat breakfast each morning
and then go outside for the day to explore and graze.
While I muck stalls, I gaze out the windows to watch them, 
Just Be Horses!
And late in the afternoon when they all come back into the barn,
I groom them just like the show horses they are to me!


I hope you will watch the video below in full screen!
Just a quickie commercial playing in Arizona and surrounding states
to promote the
Scottsdale show!
And then, visit my friend, Lucy!
She attended the show today and blogged about it!


texwisgirl said...

Certainly the "Kentucky Derby" for the Arabian world. They truly are beautiful horses (I have 2 here!) But I could never handle the pressure to be perfect, of outstanding performance, of all the preparation and worries involved with living, breathing creatures and all that can go wrong. I don't know how you did it. I am so much more into letting them just be happy and healthy and 'free' and loved. :)

Julie Harward said...

I love all of this because I love the Arabian horse so much. Nothing compares with their heart or their beauty! Thanks for sharing...come say hi :D

The White Farmhouse said...

Arabians are such beautiful horses. I was really disappointed when I couldn't get my daughter into an Arabian stable for riding lessons. The one here is booked well in advance. One year I went to the Scottsdale event with a friend. It was just wonderful! I couldn't imagine traveling cross country with horses though. I have a hard enough time with kids in the car for an hour! Horses might be better though....

Karen said...

Arabians are truly the most beautiful of the breeds, I think. My preference has always been the Quarter Horse because of their general quiet nature and my lack of confidence on a horse that has a little "fire".

I love the costumes.. and I didn't know Arabian shows had reining classes!

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I think I missed the kids on them. I just love that part of it. Three year olds (and I mean the humans) being able to ride those 1100 pound animals. So Cute!! This weekend it's supposed to rain but still want to see the horse/cow arena.

Phyllis said...

Hi Misha,

One of my best friends used to breed and show arabians years ago. She was in the Nationals in full dress before I knew her.

They traveled a lot to compete. It takes a lot of time, energy and money - an expensive passion.

Snappy Di said...

LOVE Scottsdale, and the show really is a huge deal out there! I really miss living out there, but not the summer heat.


Jeanette said...

You know, I love horses and love your posts about your horses, yet I have only been on the back of one once in my life! I think I just love to admire from a distance! I would have loved to go to the Scottsdale Horse Show! Do you and J ever ride your horses?

Deb said...

It looks like a prestigious event and it must have been exciting to be a part of it. I can also see how you probably don't miss it at this point in your life. Scottsdale was quite a haul from FL, especially stopping every four hours. I think we become more content at home as we get older too. Walking out of the house to the barn to be with your horses sounds like a lot more fun to me.

Arabians certainly are beautiful animals. I've said it before but your horses are lucky animals!

Karen said...

We have friends in Scottsdale right now, and my daughter and I had the great honor to attend two years ago. Nothing compares to the beauty of the Arabian horse, and nothing is more stunning than to watch the stallions in the Liberty class. There is so much to take in, and I didn't want to miss anything! And don't forget the shopping! I'll bet we know some of the same people:). Our friends are sending us pictures of their ribbon displays, which are impressive on their own!

savethehorses said...

OH! I forgot to add, that my daughter and her horse, LL Serfer Dude (aka Tango), won a top ten the year we went (I think it was THREE years ago...not two) in Half-Arabian Sporthorse In Hand. I'd post a picture but I don't think this allows you to:) I have many gorgeous pictures from that show!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for coming to say hi...I wanted to tell you that this lady you referred us to here..I went there and said hi and she came back to say hi to me and mentioned that we had some things in common. So, I went back to her profile and guess what...we have the same g.great grandfather!!!
No wonder the love for the Arabian horse LOL And your picture here of the lady on the white horse doing deasage (sp?) looks just like my sis who has trained Arabs her whole life...very small world indeed! ;D

Flat Creek Farm said...

They are so beautiful. I always thought my choice in a horse would be an Arabian. I've since decided maybe a good, calm riding mule or donkey might suit me better since I'm a bit skittish. Thanks for sharing the wonderful world of glamorous horse shows. I'm sure you do miss it - well, maybe just a little? ;) But your babies (and J) love having you around the farm for them! ;) Give your crew some hugs from me and the donkey girls! -Tammy

ain't for city gals said...

Misha, I have never thought about how much work it would be to get all the horses there...it has been a long time since I have been there...might try to make it next year. We are about and 1 1/2 hours from Scottsdale...

Country Dreaming said...

Horses are absolute beautiful animals!!!! Hores show are very interesting to go to. It is fune to see how the horses and riders are "dressed."

Your Royal post was soooo cute!
Especially the invitation!
Loved it!


Donna said...

They are such gorgeous and majestic creatures! Ah, you can remember those days and cherish them, but NOW is the best time of all!

Amy said...

Hi Misha!!
I always feel like a young girl when I read your posts about your beautiful horses or the ones you've worked with before. Growing up, The Black Stallion series was my favourite reading material and I was GOING to have a Black Stallion just like the one in the book! Of course life had other plans for me and there hasn't been a horse in my life for so many years I can't recall how many! But through your blog I can re-live that passion I once had and it's a great feeling!! Who knows what the future holds, but until then I'll be back again and again for my horse fill here!!
Oh- and I've ordered your bag, just hope it will look right, couldn't get the photo big enough to fill the entire frame on the bag, so I'm not sure what it will look like when it comes. Cross your fingers, otherwise I'll find something else which will hopefully be nicer, can't send anything I don't feel good about!!
Big hugs from Norway :-)

Ann On and On... said...

Thanks for sharing... I would love to attend maybe some day.