24 January 2011

~Some Kind of Wonderful~

Do you remember one of the special gifts
Annie received for her
one year birthday in October?

Annie with her *birthday bow* in her forelock!

My parents sent Annie a cutsie card
(lucky filly, huh!)

I decorated her stall door for her birthday party
and hung the five dollar bill up!

With the $5.00 bill!

No $5.00 dollar bill!

The one and only suspect~
Our resident barn cat thief!
Yes. Like the Christmas decor that goes missing each season,
so had the 5 bucks that belonged to Annie.
She cried for days and days.....
(Not really, as she has no concept of money yet)

It Takes a Thief.

We still have not found the five dollars.
And Jam?
Well, she ain't fessing up!

~Along came Christmas~

Annie got her own Christmas card in the mail!

Along with a Brand New $5.00 bill!
A Canadian five dollar bill

It was from

Annie sniffed and licked the card.

She ooohed and ahhhed over the shiny-ness of it
and squealed with glee when she saw
the metallic stripe on the side!
(Dear Canada, You have really pretty money!)

Annie is so very happy to have a five dollar bill again!
Even if it isn't spendable in this country :)
It gives Annie and me an excuse to travel to Ontario!

And why not?
We have already saved five bucks toward our trip!

Now that,
would be some kind of wonderful!

Look at the grin on the face of
Little Miss Annie!

Andrea, have no fear!
Jam will not get her grimy little paws on this cuurency!

Annie sends all her love.....
Me, too :)

You, Andrea,
are some kind of wonderful!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today was one for the record books!

Can you see Annie "clacking"?
What young horses do when they are nervous or afraid.
"Clacking" means they open and shut their mouths at a rapid speed!
Annie was clacking so furiously, she let her tounge hang out!

It was very, very cold.
But sunny.
And everyone
"had their frisky on"!

As soon as J and I turned out Miss D and Annie,
Annie bit her Mama on the bum!
In a playful way~
But, Miss D was having no part of
her child being being rude to her Mama!
So she nipped her back!

J scolded Annie.
And soothed Miss D's nerves.

Miss D began loving on J!
Thanking him.
He is holding on as Miss D rubs her head up
and down his whole being!
Annie, of course, is trying to untie his boot!
A fave game of hers.

J had already broke out all the ice in the water troughs with an ax.
I plopped the hose in and went back into the barn to muck stalls.
When I peeked out the window to check on
all the horses Annie,
I saw she was playing with the water hose.
The new water hose.
She chewed the old one up.
J thought it was hilarious didn't find it funny.

You can see how cold it was.
That is steam coming out of Annie's nostrils!

I scolded Annie, told her a good water hose ain't cheap.
And she replied,
"I've got five bucks"

And then I felt like Miss D.
I wanted to nip her!

I took the hose away from her.
And then she drank from the trough
like a filly with good manners.

I wasn't back in the barn for five minutes and heard
a HUGE thud.
I didn't even want to peer out the window.
When I got my courage up,

This is what I saw.

Annie loves to lean over the middle board on the fence.
J is happily constantly replacing boards.
Usually they snap in the middle.
But, today?
Annie snapped the fence post at the base.

"Oh, Annie!
You have to stop doing this!"

"I sorry."

"J is not gonna be happy."

"I got five bucks to contribute."

Annie checking out the new boards.

I called J.
He was busy loading a weeks worth of straw and hay.
I asked him to bring up a few boards and an 8ft. 4x4 post.

He told me we didn't have any posts left.
Then he asked why.

"Annie, why do you keep doing this?"
"I dunno J!"

"Can I play with that hammer, J?"

J made a brace for the fence.
Otherwise it was likely to fall over!
On his way home tomorrow, after school,
he will be picking up feed.
And then one more stop.
The lumber company.
To buy several posts and a few lot of "Annie boards."

Annie refused to follow J to the board repair!
As if it would have been admitting guilt!

While we were figuring out the post and board situation,
Annie and Miss D had wondered off to graze.
As J and I stood by the barn chatting,
we heard a loud

Funny how things seem so much louder when it is only 25 degrees
and the ground is crunchy!

Yep. Little Miss Annie broke another board.
This time it was behind the run-in shed.

I do believe miss D was so embarrassed by the actions
of her daughter, she refused to come out of the shed!
Annie stood with her.
And they watched J repair the fence through the cracks in the wall!
He didn't have enough nails, so back to the barn for supplies.
 In the meantime, he duct-taped the broken board!

"Hey, wait up for me, Misha!"
(Can you see the board that is Duct taped?)

I decided to take a walk down the pasture.
And Annie came along.
Such a good walking companion she is.
A sweet filly with a huge personality!
Who makes us laugh each day.
I cannot imagine horsey life without her!
(broken fence boards and all!)
She loves us so very much.
Just like we do her!

As we walked, I kept putting my hand on her.
She was so warm and soft.
She would stop to sniff me all over.
Just like she did the day she was born.
An awesome day.
A wonderful day!

"Annie, you are some kind of wonderful!"

And I am sure I heard her say,
"Yep. And I've got five bucks!"

~ Wishing all of you ~
some kind of wonderful!


p.s make sure to visit Andrea at Rural Revival.
Annie highly recommends it :)


Rural Revival said...

I have the biggest grin on my face right now! Everyone thinks the sun just came up early for a change but alas no, it's just my pearly whites! I will treasure that photo of Annie and her 5 bucks forever and this entire post!

Now Senorita Andalucia ~ no more board breaking, please! J has enough work on his hands, thank you very much! Oy!

And the sight of Miss D and Annie watching J work through the cracks in the wall...well that will have me cracking up all day!

I heart you all of you very much!


Karen said...
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Karen said...

Misha, I keep looking around your farm and thinking what a wonderful world it is over there - how very beautiful your setting is - even your horses are beautiful -

And yes, I know Annie is too young for a bit - by about two years.. but I couldn't figure out the shiney part so I figured she got one early because of a sale or something...

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

She's a mischievious little imp, isn't she. I just love the curiousity of horses. And she probably knows this already, but she's the luckiest little pony in America. Well, amid others that I know. But she's first!

Deb said...

Hillbilly and I both enjoyed reading this post so much. I love the mischief going on in the pasture. I would have never guessed the Canadian five dollar bill as the Christmas present you were talking about in the last post. It sounds like it is burning a whole in Annie's pocket, snicker.

We loved on a few horses yesterday at the stock show but none were as beautiful as your bunch.

Y'all have a nice week there in Tennessee and we'll talk to you soon.


Snappy Di said...

Wonderful post and had me laughing all the way through to the end. Her $5 bucks is going to have to stretch a VEEERRRY long way me thinks... :-)


Jeanette said...

Great post! Annie must be good with her money to make five dollars go so far!!

Tonya said...

This is so funny. I love reading your blog it really does make me smile:) Blessings.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

So, I had a fence called the "Cool Fence" that I had to build because I had a colt named Cool Runnings who jumped every single fence on my place until I built one high enough..

Five bucks is a lot of money to a horse, maybe you should try and convince her to open a savings account for her old age..

Cheryl said...

Misha your posts are priceless!!!
Lovely photos.
Annie keep an eye on your new 5 bucks!!! The Kittie is.....

Country Dreaming said...

Way too funny--as usual.
Annie and her $5 just cracked me up.
I hope she enjoys somethign fun with it!


Ann On and On... said...

Miss Annie makes me laugh...that naughty little girl.

Love the post!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Misha!
What a wonderful post. Isn't Canadian money beautiful...I had a hard time with American money when I first moved here...had to look REALLY close to make sure if I had a $1 bill or a $10 bill. I'll tell you a story about that one day. Anyway that was awful nice of Andrea to send Little Miss Annie another $5 bill. I loved seeing the pictures of you walking with little Annie and the broken fence post and boards..reminds me of my little Arabian Keefer. He was always getting into mischief. Hope you and the gang are having a wonderful day. Maura :)

Amy said...

Such a kid! They get money and spend it fifty million ways in their head!! Glad she has such understanding parents like you and J when she causes all her mischief.
I was thinking Misha when I looked at your pictures- do you ride your horses or just enjoy watching them? The area around your home looks like it would provide some of the most beautiful trail rides...
Oh, loved seeing J with Annie...something about men and animals cuddling that warms my heart!
Give Annie a huge hug from her fan club in Norway...if we had a 5 bill of any sort I'd sent it, but we only have coins...maybe she'd find that interesting???

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, I always love your posts--especially the ones showing your love for Annie --and the other horses... She's a mess, isn't she???? I think she has you and hubby wrapped around your little finger!!!!!!! I truly never knew that horses could have that much personality. How NEAT!!!!

Congrats on the new $5 from Canada.. What a nice gift. I'm sure that Annie will spend it wisely---and not on boards!!!! ha

We have a winter storm warning now for snow tonight and tomorrow... So what else is new????? ha

Donna said...

What a funny story! LOL!

texwisgirl said...

Hi Misha! I found you from Andrea's place. She talked about her niece so I had to come over to check her out. Little did I know she was SO beautiful!!! I have 2 Arabians here in NE Texas. And my gelding is a board leaner, post snapper, plank kicker too. :) My hubby has to buy lots of "Annie boards" thanks to our Zim.

Perused your tabs - love your menagerie. I adore all animals too. We have 5 big dogs, 2 horses and 1 barn cat. Feed hordes of birds, squirrels and any other varmint that dares come by. Currently I'm feeding 2 neglected pit bulls that live 3 mi. from us. (I hope I can somehow get them spayed and work them into our home without starting a canine war.)

The surgeries you've endured and the fibro flares are terrible. God bless you for your sunny attitude and love of life (and animals). I will enjoy following you and getting to know Andrea's niece a bit more!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderfully fun post! I loved all the pictures, and the story about the missing five bucks, and Andrea coming to the rescue.. Annie's antics.. all of it. My donks (especially Gracie) will use me as their scratching post once in awhile. I adore it - it makes me feel loved & appreciated :) Miss Annie gets more bee-you-tiful by the day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us! ~Picasa~ is what I use for mosaics btw. I love it because it's easy and quick, and I'm basically...
lazy at heart ;)
Have a wonderful remainder of the week! -Tammy

allhorsestuff said...

Oh look at that filly! She is so adorable..but even though you have five bucks...you spend more in broken boards! Too cute Misha!

Hope you are well, warm and cozy. I love seeing where you write to us from...delightful!

Maggie May said...

what a gorgeous blog! your horse is beautiful :) I LOVE horses...grew up with a 'horse fund' and imaginary horse friend based on the Black Stallion :)

Mary Ann said...

Misha, your stories are great, and the pictures so good... Annie is a beauty, and looks like she will be very nice mare one day.