11 January 2011

Could someone deliver a pizza?

We are still snowed in.
It is beautiful, though!

Of course, we cannot get a pizza delivered.
We have not even had mail for two days!
 J has made sure the birds have not gone hungry!

A five foot drift at the base of the Box Elder tree in our front yard.

 We fly our flag all year.
We are Patriotic even in snow storms!

The old livestock and tobacco barns.

Um. Yeah. Whatever.
I finally sent J outside to play.
I have had to endure watching many episodes of
"The Three Stooges"
not for me!
So he took the pups outside to play!

When he came back in to warm up,
he ate sardines.
The cats were all smiles!

 The open pasture next to our home!

Annie and her family are fine!
The entire barn is surrounded by ice that we cannot keep up with!
The pastures are full of 4 foot drifts!
We need to make sure all of them are safe outside,
especially our aged kids~
Cadence, age 30 and Allure, age 27!
So they have been in the barn the last 2 days.
But, they have all been munching on yummy hay.
Having mucho treats.
Listening to good tunes on the radio.
And getting lots of hugs and kisses :)

Tomorrow will be turn-out day.
Because now the weather is calling for a little more snow and ice.

I am looking forward to seeing their reactions to all this snow!
My Annie Girl!

Wherever you are stay warm, stay safe!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~In 1993 I was working for a large private Arabian Horse farm
in north Georgia.
And then a day after a beautiful spring March 11th day,
we had the
1993 Storm of the Century
(just click above!)
That no one expected!
Caring for 120 horses in
blizzard conditions,
including 14 foals!
Now that was an adventure!~


Snappy Di said...

And what pray tell would you like on that super duper pizza. I'll deliver it but it's gonna cost you BIG TIME.. HA Ha


Lottie said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow! Stay warm!

Julie Harward said...

Well, it is really beautiful! Stay warm and happy, I am sure it soon will pass...then call the pizza guy for sure! ;D

Jeanette said...

Ooo lots of snow and very pretty,too!! I can't wait to hear about Annies reaction to the snow, too!

Donna said...

I know how you feel! We are snowed in too! I can't wait for the snow to melt and get out of the house! I am afraid it will be here several more days.
If I could I would bring you a pizza and get me one too.
I can't wait for pics of the horses in the snow.

Country Dreaming said...

We have snow too but now we are going to have dangerous frigid temps.
Stay warm !



But it looks so nice!!
Carla in Sweden

Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Oh phooey! I'll get a pizza to you. Large, medium or small?

Snow is so beautiful when it has just fallen and nobody's walked in it yet.

Shoveling it is another subject.

Sydney_bitless said...

We got snow, but not that much. My life consists of chopping ice, and chopping ice and chopping more ice.

Deb said...

Now that is a lot of snow!!! That picture with the blue mountain in the background is GORGEOUS! We don't have snow here but it was 12 degrees when I woke up. Brrrrrr.

Karen said...

We've got crazy snow too...love that photo of the mountain range!!..stay warm, Misha and crew-

Cheryl said...

Lovely snowy photos....hope you dig out soon!

Donna said...

The snow is beautiful! Hahaha, sardines and 3 Stooges! I bet you are ready to bop him! We still have snow on the ground here, but we didn't get nearly as much as you. Perhaps 4 inches with the last batch. I remember that storm of 1993 because we just moved into our 1st Grey Havens (with 360' driveway) and we were snowed in for 4 days because of 2' of snow and HUGE drifts!

Amy said...

On my way to work I pass two thorougbreds who are dressed in purple blankets and they are always running around their pen in the snow...of course they've tracked down the snow but they look like they are having a blast, I'm sure your gang will too!!
I'm totally sure J was a hit with the kitties when he was eating sardines...yuck!! hahaha! I love the snow shots...it's gorgeous! Snow is perfect this time of year...in a couple of months we can complain about it, but not now..it's just wonderful now!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha! If we lived closer and had a snow mobile Keith and I would deliver pizza for sure! It does look pretty thought doesn't it. I hate the mess the snow makes as it melts though...we have so much dirt here on the farm as we're landscaping and tearing down buildings...you can imagine what the dogs look like. Keep warm and stay safe and give your critters a hug from me.
Maura :)

Elle Bee said...

Hi Misha! I'm sending cheesey pepperoni thoughts your way! What gorgeous photos. I love the landscape photo with the tiny peek of blue sky--a glimpse of God's grandeur!!

ain't for city gals said...

Girl...that is a lot of snow! Brrr...this Arizona girl would never make it! Read the post on your mom and dad...your mom looks so young!! ...you can't deny the DNA there ...gorgeous are both of you!

Oz Girl said...

A few sardines on that pizza maybe?! Ugh! Your pics are GORGEOUS Misha. And it sounds like the crew is living large in that warm and cozy barn with the music and the treats. :-)

So nice to hear from you ~ thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Rachel said...

Just wanted to let you know that I linked to you from a little blog award thing. No pressure to participate... just wanted everyone to know that I think you are swell.

Rural Revival said...

How did I miss this?

Three stooges huh? Well, now we know what we can keep J and the Artist busy with while we sit and chat! : )

It's absolutely beautiful Misha. If I didn't love you so, I'd be jealous, but I do have some of my own now, just not that much!

Hope those sweet equines have had some pasture time now.

Love you!

Sandra said...

I'm loving seeing these photos and wish I were home so I could share same. Love the photo of J and I'm with him...going outside to play in the snow is a Very Good Thing! So is snow ice cream,,,yum!

Tonya said...

Your pictures take my breath away such beauty there, and you have a lovely place. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

sweet european dreams said...

Fabulous photos! We're in CO, but we've barely had any snow at all this winter - crazy! Glad I found your page today!