29 January 2011

~Cat Nap~ (and a hint about of a giveaway!)

Bo is my little buddy.
A tiny ~Garfield~ cat with a huge heart.
A meow that is nothing more than a little
mouse squeak
Each day he greets me at the door.
Follows me from room to room.
Each night he sleeps on my pillow, next to my head.
He came to live with us not quite three years ago.
On an a Sunday morning in October,
all one pound of him.
{his middle name is Buddy}

Bella is a *chatty cathy* who adores  J.
He is the light of her little kitty life.
When he eats peanuts in the shell, she steals them from him.
A game she loves to play!
On a very warm June night, not quite two years ago,
Bella bit J's thumb as he rescued her from up under the wheel well of our car.
She was very itty-bitty.
We had just finished watching
Hence, the name Bella.
{her middle name is Boo}

Bo just waking up from nap-time.

A good yawn gets the blood flowing.

"Should I keep napping or find something to get into play with?"

What important decisions they have to make each day.

~The look of love~

~Best friends~.

...and then Bo decides a snack is next on his list.

Bella Boo dreams away.
And keeps the napping spot warm for the return of Bo Buddy.

{Happy Weekend}

I cannot wait for our weekend weather.
Sunny, with a high of 58 degrees :)
62 on Sunday!
Wonderful weather for repairing "Annie" boards!
(sorry, J)

I hope you find time for a cat-nap.
I know Bo & Bella will......

Do you have a feline friend in your life?


Visit my friend, Amy!
She is having a giveaway to help beat the Winter Blahs!
You can visit Amy at Eventyrhus~which means ~Fairytale house!
(and boy, is it!)
eventyrhus (just click)
You will love her blog, too.
Amy lives beautiful Norway!
The pics she takes are incredible!
So go! Go now!!!!


Julie Harward said...

Your cats are so cute, I love it when mine nap and cuddle like that too. Sounds like our weather is about the same, we still don't have any snow! We will most likely get a SPRINTER instead. ;D

Lisa said...

Your cats are adorable! I am definitely a cat lover! We have 8 cats and 1 dog. I have pictures of our dog, Daisy, and one of our cats on my blog. Will have to post one day about the others. In fact, my daughter named one of ours, Garfield! He is a very fluffy yellow and white kitty. We, too, are supposed to have beautiful weather tomorrow, 65 degrees!! Yay! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Amy said...

I'm more of a dog person then a cat person but with that said, those are some super cute kitties you have there...love the blankets they are laying on also! Thanks for the sweet comments about my blog! Hope I don't disappoint anyone with such a great build up! ;-)) Have a wonderful Saturday my friend :-)Warm hugs from Norway

Tonya said...

They are so adorable. I have 2 cats and one looks just like your BO but older the other one is just all black. They really are awesome and they sure have the life:) Blessings.

Sherry@ Ties2ThePast said...

I have 2 cats, Noggin & Alex. They are such sweet boys! Always ready for a tummy scratch & a purr!

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Cats! They make my heart melt.

Karen said...

Bo and Bella are adorable! I'm a twilight fan, my next acquired pets are doomed to the names of Bella and Edward or Jacob. Can't make up my mind, nor could Bella!

Jeanette said...

Funny you should ask...I have five beautiful feline friends, Snudge, Zoe, Max, Toby and Coco and each one holds a special place in my heart! I love, love, LOVE seeing the pictues of your kitties!

texwisgirl said...

Those two are adorable! I love kitties. I have one sweet barn cat, Tuxedo. Due to my 5 indoor/outdoor dogs, no indoor kitties allowed, but he enjoys his fiefdom in the barn. :)

Donna said...

Love the kitties! They are living the life! I have two that live in the house and they remind me of yours ... so spoiled!
I will have to post about them soon and their stories!
It's warm here today!

Deb said...

They look so comfortable all cuddled up on the cozy quilt. I wish Gus could sleep with me but he isn't allowed in my bedroom because of the allergy thing. I don't want to take any chances.

It sounds like J will be doing his "honey do's" this weekend. We are going to escape this afternoon and go watch the kids ride 4-wheelers. It should be fun. Y'all enjoy the weather!

Deb said...

p.s. thanks for adding my button. I did the same with yours:)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

They are SO cute in their yin and yang circle of love. We have about ten days, Misha, and then go home. It's been a trial! When we get home and get settled, I'm looking for two new house kittens - a solid white and a black and white. Dave is all for the idea; he wants young blood around as much as do I. Kittens fill the bill right after "wretched puppies" -grin-.

Cheryl said...

I love your kitties! So very pretty.
We have 4 Uma, Autumn, Baby Sandy and Baby I.

jane augenstein said...

Misha, your kitties are so cute! Napping is always good! I have a kitty too but she is mean kitty at times, she has bit me several times, bad kitty!!!
But she is a very good mouser. She isn't a lovey cat and usually has nothing to do with us during the day. At night though she becomes lovey dovey when she wants you to pet her. She gets on our bed and comes up and will stick out one paw and touch my arm, then sit and look at me. She will keep doing this until I pet her! If touching the arm doesn't work she will touch my nose, then sit and stare until she is petted.
Cats, what funny creatures they are!
Oh, I envy you the warmer weather! How I wish this snow would melt and I could get a ride in on Gilly! I haven't gotten to ride since New Years Eve.
Happy Spring....whenever it comes!

Mary Ann said...

Thoe are the sweetest kitties... our two little ones are best of friends, too, and I hope they always will be!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha!
I love this post...your babies are so cute. They remind me of Olly and Lizzy all cuddled up like that. I love it when they start grooming each other...they're just so sweet. I will hop over to your friends and check out her blog...sounds interesting! I hope you have a wonderful warm Sunday. Maura :)

Snappy Di said...

No felines in our world. BUT, I love your kitty photos and how cats curl up and love one another.


Grave said...

Wow! your cat's are so cute :)
Thanks to your post. I enjoy reading it.

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Feral Female said...

Your cats are adorable!

Ann On and On... said...

You are so blessed with four legged friends. A weekend at your house would lift the lowest of spirits and maintain the highest.

ain't for city gals said...

No feline friends right now in our house...our little Butterball passed away a few years ago..maybe it is time though..

Amy said...

Hi sweetie :-)
First of all, my blog is in Norwegian- so I went to the editing part to try and find what would resemble what you told me to look for, but couldn't find anything which showed a way to make the posting automatic? I am not sure what I've done, but I'll keep reminding folks about my giveaway and worst case scenario- you'll have even better chances of winning with so few participants! ;-) And my friend, you now have 3 chances- not 2! One for leaving a comment, one for mentioning my blog, and one for having people mention to me that they came to my giveaway via your blog!! Keep your fingers crossed you have really good chances!!
Have a great evening my friend-
Hugs from Norway :-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your kitty pics.. so cozy and happy they are :) What a perfect day to have a 'cat agenda'.. just eat, nap.. would be fine with me! We're anticipating up to 2 feet of snow by Wednesday sometime. Not a good week for hubs' back surgery!! Y'all stay cozy and warm! -Tammy p.s. will check out the new-to-me blog too.. thank you!

Hartwood Roses said...

There is something so comforting and relaxing about watching sleeping cats. My sister kitties sleep curled up together like this, and I love it. You have captured the feeling of peacefully napping cats perfectly!!