07 December 2010

Spirit of Christmas....sugar cubes, smooches, & love.

It snowed!
Just enough to make me want more....

Just enough to make the farm
look a little like a
Winter Wonderland.

The next week is going to be bitter cold.
With morning temps around 18 degrees.
the white stuff and the chill outside,
make it seem more like

I did a little barn decorating.
Stockings have been hung!

And just like last year,
Annie is very curious about what is
hanging on her stall door!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This past month Annie has really
 been trying
my patience.

She is

She has so much spirit.
She is very strong willed.
She is an *in your face* girl,
with lot's of sniffs, smooches, and nibbles!

She has even been trying to push in front
of her mother at the gate when it is time to come inside.
Miss D slowly lowers her head, pins back her ears,
 and lets Little Miss Annie

It ain't happening!
And then Annie clacks at her!!

There is a Hierarchy among horses.

**Horses are highly social herd animals that prefer to live in a group. Like all creatures, equine social behavior developed to help the species survive.
There also is a  dominance hierarchy in any herd. They will establish a "pecking order" for the purpose of determining which herd member directs the behavior of others, eats and drinks first, and so on. This behavior pattern also applies to their with humans. A horse that respects the human as a "herd member" who is higher in the social order will behave in a more appropriate manner towards all humans than a horse that has been allowed to engage in dominant behavior over humans.
Horses are able to form companionship attachments not only to their own species, but with other animals, including humans.

Contrary to traditional portrayals of the herd stallion as the "ruler" of a "harem" of females, the actual leader of a wild  herd is the dominant mare, commonly known as the "boss mare" or "lead mare." She is usually one of the more mature animals, responsible for the overall safety of the herd, familiar with the terrain and resources available. She takes the lead when the herd travels, determines the best route, when to move from one place to another, and claims the right to drink first from watering holes and stake out the best location for grazing.**
(there will be an exam at the end of this post.
not really.)

When Annie and Miss D are in their pasture together,
Miss D is not only Annie's Mom,
she is also the "Boss Mare".
When Allure and Allegra are out together,
Allure is the "Boss Mare".
If all the girls, including Annie, were pastured together,
Allure would remain Boss Mare.
She has held this status for a long time.
None of the girls would even dare come close
to the gate, when lining up to come in.
Allure would be first.
The others would hang back until she is led out!
As soon as I come into the pasture,
then I am
Boss Mare!
And they respect me.
So even though Annie has been trying the patience
of both Miss D and myself,
she will learn.
I do love her spirit!
She is amazing to just watch when she is in the pasture!
And I enjoy my time grooming and fussing over her so much!
She grooms me, sniffs, and loves to love on me.
I am so lucky to be able to witness
Annie growing up!
And, like Miss D said,
Santa Claus is coming!
So Miss Annie better mind her P's and Q's!

Annie's stocking!

Look at those "bug eyes" when I showed it to her!
I know she is thinking,
"Ooooh, I would love to chew that up!"
or maybe
"I wonder if Santa will bring me a five dollar bill!"

Look how little Annie was last Christmas!
She was just tall enough to see over the door.
And she was still with her Mom, of course!

December 2009

She has the same bug eyes trying to figure
out what I just put on the door!

Miss D and Annie. December 2009

I love this picture.
It looks as if Annie is asking Miss D
about Christmas.
And Miss D is looking at me;
trying to figure out how to explain
the Christmas Story to
Little Annie!


Mr Handsome has a new snack!
This big guy is a
very picky eater!

Cadence's stocking!

See the Roddenberry's Molasses?
This is the only molasses that he will eat on his
alfalfa cubes!
Do not even try to pass another brand off
on the Man!
One sniff~
And his nose is in the air!

He is a very picky diner!
He orders regularly from

But, he has lowered his standards just a bit.
Together in the afternoon we enjoy a snack

That is the look I love!
He sees the bag.
He knows.
He knows it our grooming time.
'Cause hair brushes, hoof picks, and Combos
just go together!

Going in for the kill!

I put a bunch of them in the pocket of my sweatshirt,
and while I groom away~
He helps himself to my fave snack!
~So I now have the menu for the
Christmas Barn Party~

Sugar Cubes~Miss Annie's fave!
Apple slices
And a big bottle of
Roddenberry's Molasses

'Cause you know what wild and crazy
parties we throw down here at the
old farm!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Yep, December is rolling along.
Rolling fast towards that
Big Day!

In all the hustle and bustle,
we all need to remember
The Reason for the Season.

Try not to stress yourself out~
The house does not have to be perfectly decorated.
The gifts do not have to expensive and store bought.
Christmas dinner does not have to be perfect.

This should a simple time of year.
Filled with Love.
Love for our Families.

Our Christmas menu may have
sugar cubes,
slices of apple,
and Combos
on it.

But, when we sit around the table
to enjoy all those goodies together,
it won't be the meal we remember in times to come.

It will be who we shared it with.....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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p.s. Cadence does NOT order from
I took the American Express card away from him.


Jeanette said...

I wish I could be at the "Christmas Barn Party" I love cheddar cheese Combos, sugar cubes, carrots and apples too!! Your posts always make my day brighter!

Sydney_bitless said...

Ahah Cadence with the molasses. Thats funny. I guess my guys are the equine equivalents of garbage disposals that's all.

Julie Harward said...

I always enjoy your posts Misha...I know about the dominance thing. We had two horses and the one was the boss, when he passed away then the other one became the boss as we got a new horse. Your barn is so clean, love that! You guys have a great Christmas month, enjoy every day! I love the new look on her too..very beautiful :D

Donna said...

I am jealous you had snow! I love hearing about the horses ... you always bring a smile to my face. I love the way you have decorated the barn. I like apples, sugar cubes and carrots too!
Love your new blog look!

Rural Revival said...

Combos! Now that's my kind of guy. When I was a kid, they were a special treat when we went to the states because you couldn't get them in Canada. They're still not that popular here, or maybe I just stopped looking!

Interesting info about the boss mare. The male twin's love, Frosty, is the new boss mare at Ride with the Wind. Their social etiquette amazes me.

Please tell Miss Annie, only 19 more sleeps until Christmas!

hugs ~Andrea~ xoxo

Donna said...

That show looks beautiful! I wonder if it snowed in Knoxville. We were in Burlington, NC, when it started to come down. Got 3 inches and it was magical! Now at Williamsburg and it is c-c-c-cold!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Such a nice visit with you Misha. I really enjoyed learning about your horses. I takes me back to a time when I had horses. It was a very special time in my life. Thanks.

Betsy B. said...

You have a very pretty place...we got some snow Saturday too and I loved it. Your horses have so much personality. I would love to meet them. :)

Karen said...

Love the new look! and Di does a great job, doesn't she?....

Cadence just gets more adorable with every story.

Feral Female said...

Love the new look! Your barn looks wonderful. I would decorate mine but the goats wouldn`t leave the stockings alone! =)

♥ Laíse Carla ♥ said...

Here in Brazil we don't have snow, but with your blog I realy could feel like "Walking in the winter wonderlaaand~~ hehehehe

Hugs from Brazil (:


jane augenstein said...

I do love your new header!!! Nice!
Wow, your barn is soooo pretty, ours is an old, old barn but the boys don't care. They are never in it much, they would rather stay outside in the weather.

I looked out this morning to see Gilly way up on the hill with snow on his back. It's cold here, 17 degrees this morning; freezing to me but apparently not to them! Both of them have very thick winter coats.

That little Annie sure has grown, what a beautiful girl she is! I love horses with BIG personalities! Gilly is like that, nosey, in your pockets always looking for something to get into.

Combos, I have never given any to Gilly but I am sure he would eat them. He will eat just about anything! He doesn't like molasses though, he likes honey.


Snappy Di said...

It's cold around these here parts too! Snow flurries today with a high of 26 degrees. I'm not going ANYWHERE!


Beatnheart said...

What a beautiful life you have. I love that the horses get stockings. Come by and visit...I’m having a GIVEAWAY.

Country Dreaming said...

So much fun as always.
Annie is soo funny.
Happy Hoilday to you and the crew.


Kerrie said...

Wow! What a wonderful Blog! Thank you for following mine and your comments. Have a most wonderful holiday! We used to raise Morgan Horses when we were very young. I broke only one, but what a thrill. When a colt was born, hubby was more excited than when we had a baby I think! Hugs, Kerrie

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful blog look, Misha... Love your background, your snow and header... EXCELLENT!!!! Merry Christmas to you.

We got a tiny bit of snow also --just enough to want MORE. They say we may get more this coming weekend. it has been a very cold December so far. This morning's low was about 13... Probably the same for you....

Love seeing your Annie--and the other horses. Annie is definitely not a baby anymore...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Misha.

La Michelle said...

you are so lucky :D i loooove horses
haven't been riding in ages really miss it



The snow photos of your farm look like they should be on a Christmas card :-)


Karen said...

LOL.. the snowphotos on your farm ARE a christmas card. Thank you Misha... lovely gifts came yesterday... see todays post!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh I'd LOVE to attend your Christmas barn party Misha! What a difference in the size of Miss Annie between last Christmas and now...my how she's grown. Your barn is so clean...looks like a great dance floor don't you think? ;) I hope you're having a fun weekend...enjoy your Sunday!
Maura :)

Sandra said...

loved this post and love the Big Hunk gets to order from D&D...what a guy with super taste!
wonder if he'd like fresh pressed as well?