28 December 2010

A Polar Bear, I am Not!

Standing by the frozen

Where the Polar Bear Club
meets each
year on
New Years Day.

I am
not a member of the club.
And never will be.

How about you?
Would you take a dip in the frigid water
of the
Maumee River?

Me either!

I am Misha.
And I am blogging
Live from Ohio!

And I prefer to spend
my *Family Time*
around a warm fire.....

My parents home. Where we are spending the holiday!


p.s. *Good-friend Jane* reports several times
a day about the antics of Annie and her family!
Annie has been a very busy girl!
J has several boards to repair on our return home.
And  Jam the Feline has hidden a few
Christmas decorations!
(maybe with the $5.00 bill?)

I miss them all so very much......


Donna said...

I would never take a dip in the frigid water! I love being warm in the house with a fire burning :)
I know you are having a wonderful time with your family.
I wonder what Annie has been up to?

Karen said...

I would never EVER EVER be a polar bear swimfreak. I think they are NUTZ.

Glad you got away from your farm, I do believe it's good to get away from the many chores of farm life even if just for a few days a year. Enjoy!


Hi from me Carla living in Sweden. Just happened to see your blog here on Internet and thought I would write something. Oh I like your blog very much.

And by the way, the stove, can I use it on my blog?

Happy New Year from Carla

Snappy Di said...

Polar Bear? NO, not me. I think my heart would stop. Guess a person has to be just a bit touched in the head to try that. HA


Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Any water I jump in has to be 98.6! Here's hoping you're having lots of fun in Ohio. Sorta wish I was there also. What're you doing in February? Remember...Arabian horse days then. :))

Rural Revival said...

I would never with a bear, I would never on a dare, ever, ever, jump in that icy cold water!

Laura said...

There's a group here that takes a dip in the St. Clair River every year. I will never be a part of that group!
Happy New Year!!

Jeanette said...

I also would NEVER jump in a icy cold river...I'm with Lucy.. the water has to be 98.g degrees! Sounds like you are having a good time there in Ohio!

Cheryl said...

No frozen dip for me...when I was a teenager I came home one New Years Eve to find my parents and their friends talking about it, next thing I knew I was driving them to the waterfront and they were breaking the ice with their bodies, lots of cuts and scrapes, they never did it again, and I learned a lesson!

Deb said...

Not me, I'll stick with the hot tub! Enjoy your time away and NO worrying about the kids at home!

Aunt D said...

Oh I miss you all so much. Enjoy your OH families and be safe in your travels. Love, Aunt D

Donna said...

No dipping for me either! Glad you are having a good time!

Peggy Arteberry said...

No, no, no on the dipping! I just couldn't. I too love being inside by a warm cozy fire... with a blanket... and a book... and some coffee... :-) Hugs

Flat Creek Farm said...

No way, no how... no frigid dips for me, thankyaverymuch :) Lovely photos though, and your parents' fireplace and tree are SO very pretty. Tell them hi from me and the girls!! :) I know you miss your babies, and will be home soon to them! Safe travels, and Happy New Year!! -Tammy

Sandra said...

I've had a partial, very partial, dip in the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, Alaska. I didn't get nekkid though; didn't want the natives to cut bait and run plus there was a polar bear wandering the village. I can barely dog paddle and can't run very fast, even for a fat girl so kept my clothes on and took my chances.
So glad you and J are having a grand time; it's good for the soul to miss home...every now and again.
BTW, why is my word verification "mulecest"? -grin-

Country Dreaming said...

No, you wouldn't catch me jumping in there!
Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday.
It will be intersting to seewhat and where the cat is hiding
Have fun.
Happy New Year!


Uncle Tractor said...

I'd jump in. Makes you appreciate the warmth even more!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Nope not a polar bear and here in Northern MN that hole would be cut out of ice! Brrrrr.....