23 November 2010

Wrapped in Love...

The view from the barn this morning. 8:22 a.m.

Today is November 22, 2010.

And I am back in the
land of the living.

What a terrible, terrible Fibro Flare
I was in.
When I finally started feeling better
I realized
just how awful I had felt this time.
Such wasted days and nights.
And so very, very depressing...

Zeke is the best snuggle buddy when I am in a Flare :)

Thank you, thank you~
for all the kind comments
sweet emails
you sent!
I hope you all know just how much
your kind words really mean.


J made this wonderful pumpkin bread one evening for us! I love Trader Joe's!!

And my sweet J.
When I am feeling so very, very bad
he has to take on so very, very much.
Between home, school, farm,
horses, dogs, and cats~
he takes care of everything.
It is these bittersweet times
when I realize how
I am to have him in my life!

He wraps me in love.....

And speaking of being wrapped in love,
a dear friend,
met through the world of blogging two years ago,
 sent me the most wonderful gift
last week!

Me. In my usual Fibro Flare position.

A lovely polar fleece blankie with wild horses on it!
I  cuddle on the sofa with it every night now.
Wrapped in the love of friendship....
From my sweet friend, Sandra!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This past weekend our Farrier made the trek
from Illinois
to do the every-six-week-trim
for all the kids feet!

The Hoof Trimming Grade Card!

1. Cadence was perfect as usual.
He stood like such a gentleman, while his feet
were trimmed, and then his shoes were reset!

Um. You need something?

The farrier dude loves me the best!
Yep, I may be a Stallion, but I am always a Gentleman!

2. Miss D just tolerates the process.
Handfuls of carrots help!

3. Allure....
For the first time in this mare's life,
she is now wearing shoes!
It is a form of
corrective shoeing.
Her old feet are now at a point of needing much help.

*Did you know that a horse carries 75%
of their body weight on the front feet?
That is why leg and foot care is so
very important!

**There are many reasons why horses wear shoes. Some horses have a thicker sole than others and will be sore when ridden on hard surfaces such as gravel, blacktop, and even hard, dry, compacted soil.

Even for the horse, like Allure who is no longer ridden, she now needs protection for her feet because of age!She needs to wear shoes now  because it lifts the sole off the ground. Some horses wear away their hoof wall faster than the rate of growth resulting in hoof soreness and lameness.
Others may need to have shoes because of age and wearing down the natural foot that just does not grow the way it did when the horse was young!
Horseshoes offer many great benefits when applied precisely and correctly. They provide a horse with traction and protection which equals confidence and soundness!

So now our old gal, Allure, has her own
Jimmy Choo shoes!
She was quite unsure after they were first put on.
Walking her out the barn, we took baby steps!

The concrete made her feet feel as if she were ice skating
But, by Sunday afternoon
she was used to her new footing and did fabulous!

4. Little Miss Annie.
Over the past 10 months, Annie has been a gem
whenever the farrier trims her little feet.

"Has been a gem" being the key words!
So I guess it was time to throw a
Complete Toddler Filly Tantrum!

Annie deciding which board to chew on!

I felt like an embarrassed Mom in the grocery store
whose little one was screaming at the top
of her lungs.
And- nothing- would- make- it- better

Not hugs, a good neck scratch, or even a handful of sugar cubes!

"I'm gonna chew this board to bits and show 'em who is boss!"
Annie was having
nothing to do with her feet being trimmed!

It was a beautiful, sunny day out and
Andalucia let us all know she wanted
to be a part of it!
At 500lbs now, Annie isn't so little!
(Her Mom, Miss D, tips the scales at 1,000lbs!)
But, J and the Farrier made it through.
With gentle coaxing, and a firm voice from J.
Annie is now sporting
four freshly trimmed, perfect feet!
Much to her dismay :)

5. Princess Allegra.
'nuf said....

Me with my gal-pal Allure!

 Allure and Allegra.
Mother and Daughter.
Best Friends!

At the end of the day,
Annie's little universe was all better.
Eating hay out of the cart always makes her world
a little bit sweeter!

And of course,
hugs, a good neck scratch,
and a few handfuls of sugar cubes!

The old livestock barn on our property.

And at the end of my day?
What makes it sweeter?

~Simple things~
My fave guy, J.
All of our "kids".
Our family.
And friends.
(That means all of you!)

~All of the things that make me feel
wrapped in Love~

On Thursday J and I will be doing our usual.
Spending it with the horses in this
 glorious Autumn season.
Just the two of us.

Giving thanks for all the things that make us
Feel wrapped in Love...



Sydney_bitless said...

Lovely post. Silly Annie and her filly fits.

Julie Harward said...

I am so glad you are on your feet and feeling better! That sweet dog that laid by your side..aren't they so amazing the way they come to comfort us?! Love the horse talk here...have a great Thanksgiving :D

RH (aka Lucy) said...

SOOO glad you are feeling better. I'd been wondering about you. And Little Annie...gotta love her. And I just like her attitude. Reminds me of me. :(

Karen said...

So glad you're feeling better... I've been down and out with Sciatica after unloading a truck fill of shavings and falling down the stairs. Nothing broken, just aggravated the heck out of my already aggravated back. *sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours..a big hug to that handsome boy Cadence for me.

Misha I was wondering, to you trailride your horses? You live in such beautiful country, I can only imagine the trails and country roads you must have to ride on.

Peggy Arteberry said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Do you take any meds for your fibro? A friend of mine takes a pain med and also a muscle relaxer.. but on those really rough flare days it still wipes her out. I know it can be really rough, when your skin feels so tender and sensitive and your muscles just ache.... Take care of yourself. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband!

I love, love, love horses... thanks for sharing your shoeing day!

Snappy Di said...

Thank goodness for J and for Zeke to be there with you at all times. Love is grand whether it be for a human or an animal. Both make their love evident.

Glad to hear you are feeling better and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

We had that same fog this morning and it was so nice!


Flat Creek Farm said...

So glad you are back among the living, but also very sorry you have to go through these bad fibro flares. Bless Zeke! My JRT girl Banjo is my cuddle buddy when I'm sick. Aren't they just the best? Love the beautiful horse pictures, as always! Hugs, Tammy

Country Dreaming said...

SOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear that you are doing better. There is nothing worse than being down and out.
Glad to hear the "kids" are fluffed and buffed especially since the holidays ARE around the corner.
Have a wonderful Thanksgivivng!


allhorsestuff said...

Oh what a totally lovely post my dear.
Your Friends all are siging a collective one in, relief for you!
S is special..sending that warm fuzzie gift for you!
Gald the ponies are well and it looks gorgeous there...sunny!
We got the smattering of cold blast and snow. It's pretty though.

You have a wonderful family time for this Thanksgiving and I pray God Richly Bless You always!

Donna said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! Whew knew that feet trimming was so important for horses!? Ah, now they are ready for the holidays, LOL. Best wishes to you and J. (and all the critters, of course) for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sandra said...

SO glad you're feeling better and happy you're enjoying the blankie; it's doing its job.
Funny comment about Miss A throwing a fit like a child in the grocery store; I can just see it happening now. I've got an old mare who hates for her back feet to be picked up toward her stomach. We just figure she's got old bones and work with her; that's what I want folks to do with me -smile-.

Ann On and On... said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It sounds like all is well on the farm...so glad to hear it. Hugs to the horses.
Have a splendid Thanksgiving my friend.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Another wonderful post Misha. We used to have a farrier come around regularly to do our horses hooves too...thank heaven's they all had great feet. Our Farrier was awesome and ended up moving to England to work on the race tracks. He never left until shortly before I sold my last horse..I know he was greatly missed. As you know...a good farrier is hard to find. That Little Miss Annie...what a stinker! I hope she'll be better next time. Have a great day! Maura ;)