22 October 2010

Shhh! Don't tell Annie...

*Remember to click on the far right icon to show video full-screen!

This cute video shows what great fun a horse
can have with a toy.
(this is not Annie in the video)

What do you get a filly for her first birthday?
A Jolly Ball!

I just know our Annie is gonna love it!

She is such a
little girl!

But, which one?
I am thinking Bubble Gum scented.
Or maybe green apple?
 Peppermint would be perfect!
Maybe one of each!
Little Miss Annie will not be spoiled.
Oh, wait.
She already is :)

I cannot believe in less than one week,
our Annie will turn one....
My, my.
How time flies!

J getting some "Annie Love"!
So, which one?
Which one do you think
Little Miss Annie
will adore?
video courtesy of youtube


Julie Harward said...

Why, the bright pink of for sure! Every girl loves her pink! I have seen horses play with these, especially Arabians, they are so smart! My sis had one hanging in a stall and her horse loved to hug it with his neck! ;D

Sherry@ Ties2ThePast said...

Pink! Pink! Pink!....or Green!!! Loved the video! What a joy to see a horse play like that!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ohhhhh I think the apple-scented green! Can't wait to see her play with it. They all make my heart sing.

Laura said...

I vote for pink!
My dog has a blue jolly ball. They sold them in our pet store. My husband didn't like throwing a slobbery ball for fetch all the time. Duke can catch it by the handle and carry it back and my husband will kick it instead of throw it. It's Duke's favorite. If you ask him where blue ball is he gets super excited!

Feral Female said...

I go with pink too! Those Jolly Balls are fun for dogs also, although the one we bought for ours got chewed into a thousand pieces, but while it was whole they enjoyed it! =)

Snappy Di said...

Green apple for sure. Go with the green apple.

The video today was perfect and what a happy horsie! Made ME want to go for a romp outside today.


RH (aka Lucy) said...

Awww...pink! For a one year old girl!!

Sydney_bitless said...

my pony had a jolly ball and he destroyed it with the help of his buddy in short order. He liked the bouncy inflatable one though.
Hey I have a snak a ball on e-bay I am selling if you want it I'll give it to ya for a real good price :P you put treats in that one.

Kim Arnold said...


I just dropped by to say how much I appreciate that your blog is such a happy, joyful place.

In a world full of negativity, you are a breath of fresh country air. Thank you for reminding us to stop and smell the roses... or the horse poop! And to gratefully acknowledge the Creator of it all.

Thank you, too, for your words of encouragement. They really meant a lot to me.

Love, Kim

p.s. I vote for the peppermint, since Christmas is coming!

Rachel said...

I vote peppermint!

Mountain Woman said...

I have the bubblegum one and everyone enjoys it but they all look like fun.

Donna said...

When Annie receives one will you video her playing with hers?
I say pink or green.

from my front porch... said...

Of course, Donna! We will vid her for sure!!

Thanks for all the input so far on which one to get her. Now, I am really dizzy on which one to get!

Jeanette said...

Pink for the pretty girl! Can't wait to see the video!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH Misha you have to ask????....PINK BUBBLE GUM for sure!!! LOL! I know she'll love what ever you buy her. I'm sure we'll all be waiting patiently (then again maybe not) to see her video ;)...I'm excited! Have a wonderful weekend...Maura :)

Country Dreaming said...

Wow! One year already.
I bet she'll like any one of the balls, they look like alot of fun!


cottage farm villa said...

What a fun video ~ cracked me up! I think your Annie would maybe like the green apple~ afterall, don't horses love apples? Anyone you get her will make her happy and we can't wait to see her play with it!

Cheryl said...

Great video!
Oh my I think that every young princess would like a pink one!
My has the year gone fast!

Rural Revival said...

I am terrible at making decisions. Did you know that? What did you decide?

And horses have favourite scents? See there you are again, teaching me something new. There's hope for me yet. : )


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oops, I missed this one somehow. My donkey girls have the apple green jolly ball. Know what? They could care less about it :( I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten them something smaller than the regular size - what do you think? I'm going to give their JB to the young neighbor girls who have horses. I'd go with the pink for Annie. I'll bet she will LOVE whichever one you choose!! Can't wait to see her playing!! -Tammy