26 October 2010

A few of my favorite things!

This week I am loving.....

This Autumn weather.

Over the past few days J and I snapped quite a few pics.
This Autumn, in east Tennessee, has been splendid!
Even though our days have been warmer than should be,
(yes, 75 degrees is too warm for me!)
The colors displayed in the trees and the wonderful cool nights
have been glorious!

Brisk mornings in the mid to low 40's.
And fog.
Lot's of fog!

When we first moved here to the mountains,
I remarked to a new friend
how much fog there is
each day.
Foggy mornings that sometimes hang around
'til afternoon.
Early evening  fog that settles back in for the night.

And my new friend quipped,
"That is why they call them the
Smokey Mountains,
J calls this,
"A Misha Moment"!

The horses are out there somewhere!

Don't the chestnut coats on the mares look
beautiful, with fall foliage in the background!

Annie kept chasing the leaves.
And eating them. Yum.
Every time the wind blew.... she was off!

The Cherohala Sky way,
in the Cherokee National Forest, 
is not far from our home!

Visitors come from all over the U.S. and abroad to
drive, fly fish, kayak, swim, camp, horseback ride,
and stare...at the breathtaking views
the Sky way provides!

We were at about 4,000 ft elevation.
The colors are incredible!

It is a trickle down effect.
In about a week, the colors on our property
will be in their brilliance!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~

Another favorite thing?

This adorable cabin!
It is right over the mountain from us...
For sale.
Only $129,000!
It is small, but hey, there are only two of us!
(although we are out-numbered by 4-leggers!)

Be still my heart.....

This a porch that needs to be loved.
A wreath on the door, flowering plants, vintage furniture...

A few wind chimes hanging from this pine tree would be perfect!
At night, all cozy in bed, you would be able to hear them.

In my mind, I have already decorated this room!
Simple pieces of lace, each different, for the windows.
During the day the lace could be pulled back,
with a simple hook, to let in the light!
Hmmm. Sounds familiar.
Oh, wait.
That is just like in our home :)

Quaint, isn't it?
Although we a have huge kitchen,
I could make this work!

Stephanie Nielson in her kitchen, around 2008! Before moving back to Utah.

 I love the
Nienie green on the cabinets!
(I love the Nienie Dialogues, too!)

Makes me want to curl up, with J and take a nap.
I have been contemplating painting our
vintage iron headboard black, like this one.
Yep, I'm gonna do it now!

Can't you just hear the
              of paws
                     going up
                                                                               the stairs?

Well, I am very happy living in my
farmhouse cottage.
But, a girl can dream!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Saturday I got my new
J Peterman catalog!
Just click on the link,
and you can order one!

If you have never had the pleasure of getting a
J. Peterman catalog in
your mailbox,
You are missing out!
The website is fun, too!
Each item has a little story.
Very Casablanca-ish!
Vintage inspired clothing, accessories,
 one-of-a kind furniture, nik-naks,
and other household items that the
J. Peterman team searches for...
all over the world.

So, give yourself a treat.
Go to J. Peterman and browse the website.
Sign up for the catalog.
It's fun to get something neato in the mailbox
other than
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Romantic Western Wear!
Marrika Nakk Cowgirls

I fell in love these designs long ago.
Fell hard!
Last night I checked in to catch up on her
new Fall designs.
I fell in love, again!
Ms. Nakk is Swedish with a flair for designing
American Prairie clothing!
And each piece is
Made in America, too!

I thought I should share with all of you that I


look like this when I work in the barn!
(You can hear me laughing....right?)

I think this is lovely.
Crushed velvet in sapphire.

I do believe Princess Allegra would consider this
worthy attire for me to wear.
At least when I am tending to all her
Princess needs!

My favorite.
Lace and jeans.
Just my style!

Check out her site! It is beautiful!

There is a list of boutiques on her site which carry her clothing.
I am not lucky enough to have one here in Tn.

(but, J thinks we are lucky to not have her designs
in any shop near us. ka-ching!)

Hopefully one of you may recognize a
boutique that carries her line!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a few of my fave things....this week!
Next week I am sure my list will be different.
It always is.
And I will share again.

Oh, just one more.

One of my very favorite things to reflect
on in the past few days.

Miss D.

This time last year, she was as big as the barn!

Miss D trying to read what the little pillow says!

As big as the barn!

I will be back mid-week.
Because someone is having a birthday!
And she hasn't let us forget about it once :)


photos courtesy of
Marikka Nakk
Stephanie Nielson
Grand Mountain Realty


Jeni said...

Misha your pictures of the fall colours makes me want to drive down and just loose myself in the mountains.

Sydney_bitless said...

WOW! What lovely colours you have I am seriously envious!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures - I would love to visit! And the catalogs and clothing style is very tempting! Great post Misha!

Julie Harward said...

WOW, what a post! I loved the pictures of where you live..so beautiful! And the autumn colors are the prettiest I have seen anywhere! Loved the beautiful western wear too! The small cabin with the big price..is very cute too..thanks for sharing all of that good stuff! :D

Prairiemaid said...

Love all the pictures! They are amazing!


Karen said...

This post is so much fun, Misha... LOVE that cabin!!.. and those clothes!!!... those MOUNTAINS!! You know, i didn't know they were called the Smokey Mountains because of the fog either. So.

Feral Female said...

You have such lovely colors, I`m jealous. In PA we seemed to just fade to brown then the leaves dropped.

Deb said...

I just love the fog! It's just a little mysterious and calming at the same time. The colors of the leaves in your parts are GORGEOUS!!! We don't get a lot of that here. I'm going to mail you a check so that you can go buy that cabin for me so be sure to check the mail!!!

I can see you cleaning the stalls in that crushed velvet number. Cute cowgirl clothes!!!

RH (aka Lucy) said...

Last October when I flew back here from DC the plane went over mountains like that with fog covering and dotting the grounds. It was in the early morning. The fog was usually following a river. I didn't have my camera and wished I had it because it was so pretty from the air.

Cheryl said...

I absolutely lllooovvveee your photos, they'd look great framed!
The cabin would be a dream come true, truly beautiful.
The country clothes are lovely, I like the lace top and jeans also.
Happy FAll!

Rural Revival said...

Oooh, um, oh, so that's why they call them the Smokey Mountains? Really? I never knew that. Never.

You are always teaching me something. This is good. : )

I loved your list of faves Misha! Those skirts are gorgeous and yes, I can certainly see you tending the herd in one of those. Each and every day! ; )

I think I should buy that cabin. Pronto. Seriously.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Loved the whole post, most of all, though, the pics of the Smokies is the best reason to make a point to come back to your part of the country, one of our favorite vacation spots, ever!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, look at all that eye candy!! Your Fall is gorgeous, and I'm SOooo moving into that cabin. Bonus! I can have Misha & Annie and crew for neighbors :) Thanks for introducing me to J Peterman, and I looooved the special fashion show. That could totally be my style. Happy Birthday to that special someone! -Tammy

Snappy Di said...

Oh MISHA! Your fall colors are much more vivid than ours this year. Great photos you are taking too!

Love the clothing you posted pics of too. Just my style, IF I had the money.....


Sandra said...

What a lovely Autumn you're having; I think I'm envious -smile-. We're not having red but a lot of yellow and orange; we're too dry to have red this year.
Peterman is one of my favorite catalogs and looks although Orvis looks much better on me. I just don't have that lovely, svelte Peterman kinda bod; built more for comfort than for speed -grin-.
I'd love to be napping in that cabin, just about NOW! We're exhausted and the battle has hardly begun over here.