08 October 2010

The Awe of Autumn...

Welcome, October!
We are so very happy to finally have you here...

Even if the leaves are yet to show any colors,
I know they will soon.
Because October is here.
And bringing brilliant color to all our trees
is what October is famous for!

I finally finished the Autumn wreaths.
October had to be welcomed in the proper way!
Nothing welcomes a new season like
a beautiful wreath
wrapped in Love and Hope.

 Wreaths adorn each stall door, too.
I know these five horses are ready for
crisp, cool, Autumn days!
Just like me....

Each wreath is little different.
Cadence has turkey feathers in his.
Kind of manly!

The mares each have flowers of different colors
in their wreaths.

Since our Annie is the Social Butterfly of the clan,
her wreath is filled jewel colored butterflies!

The scatches on the door are from the cats climbing into the stall to snuggle with Annie at night!

The first day the wreath was hung on her door
she wiggled it (with her mouth!) through the bars.
I found her tossing it in up in the air,
having a grand time.

I kicked myself for not lowering it to begin with.
Eating the wreath would have been castrophe!

And still, Annie trys with all her might
to get to it.
She stomps her feet.
She kicks the door.
She whinnies her little whinny.
And I smile and tell her,
"It ain't happening, Annie!"

But, Saturday morning she got me back.
She pooped in her automatic waterer.
Now, was that special or what?!

It was so sunny and cool Saturday morning!
And the horses were ready to go after breakfast.
The crisp Fall air really gets them moving!

J loves his "Annie Girl".
And I always love him just a little bit more,
(if that could possible!) when I watch him
with Annie and her family :)

J telling Annie to be a good girl!

No kicking out the fence boards,
No chewing on the fence,
No leaning through the fence to
eat the grass on the other side.

And the "Annie be a good girl" list goes on and on...

 Annie has been learning "gate manners".
She has to stand still while the gate is opened,
walk in, and then stand quietly while the gate is closed.
Not easy for Miss Annie who just wants to take off
Important lessons of horse etiquette.

"Hurry up, J! I gots stuff to do!"

Annie walks off and always looks back.
Before she blasts off in one of her
"baby bursts of energy"
See ya, J!

The wind was blowing my hair and makes it look like I have a big red poof in the back of my head!!  :)

My favorite thing to do in the morning right
after everyone has been turned out.

Gaze in Awe of these beautiful creatures.
I wonder..
Do they know how much I love them?
I hope so.

I sit right next to Annie on the soft grass.
I can hear her chomping and chewing.
Happiness for this filly.

Happiness for this girl who gets to witness it all.

The mares, Allegra and Allure, are (im)patiently
waiting for the grass to stop growing.
Seems odd for a horse to want this!
 The rains we keep having make for lush, rich grass.
So until we have a frost or dry spell,
Boss Mare (Allure) and the Princess (Allegra)
will continue wearing their grazing muzzles.

When the leaves change, all the colors are a beautiful backdrop
when Allure and Allegra are in their pasture grazing!

Don't they look beautiful grazing in their field?
Tails swishing in the wind.
Autumn breezes blowing through their manes...
After spending time "just being" with the horses,
it was time to get to work!
J spent the day repairing much of
Annie's "handiwork"!

Bowed boards from Annie leaning through them.
Chewed boards from Annie tasting them!
Cracked boards from Annie "kicking out" too close to the fence.

Ahhh. The life of living with a "Toddler" horse!

As soon as Annie saw J by the fence she stopped grazing.
She stood and watched for a minute.
And then decided grazing could wait.

And the Social Butterfly made a beeline to
be a helper to J.

I know in her little filly brain she is saying,
"Whatcha doin, J?"
Whats that for, J?"
Can I sniff that, J?"
"Ooh, can I chew on that, J?"

Totally intrigued by the tape measure, Annie was!
J would push the button and
ZZzzzzzzzp, it would disappear.

Miss D eventually trotted to the fence to see what
her daughter was getting into!

Everything has to be sniffed and slobbered on by Annie!

Miss D, "Annie quit bothering J.
He is trying to mend the fence."

Annie, " I am helping!"

Miss D, "I do believe you are in the way.
And by the way, Little Miss Annie, he wouldn't
be mending all these fences today if it were not for you!"

Annie smirked and let out a little giggle!

(and, yes, this is how I *see* the horses. They talk. I know it!)

 Cadence has been doing just fine since
 his Colic episode
last month.
He will be 30 years old soon!
He is such a joy.
A beautiful, calm nature for a Stallion.
And so goofy and silly at times!
And he has the biggest heart :)

Last week a Deer made it's way into his pasture.
The Deer seemed quite scared to have ended up
in the same grassy area as this Big Creature!
They stared at one another for a while.
And then Cadence went back to grazing,
and so did the Deer.
I guess the Deer was able to sense that Cadence
didn't mind sharing.

After taking a few pics of this handsome guy,
he finally gave me the "look".
The "I just want to graze in peace" look!

So I gave him a huge hug.
 And then he ran his head from my toes
to my hair and then he nuzzles me.
This is a "Cadence Hug"!
So sweet is he...

J finished up his afternoon by checking all the fence lines.

It was such a lovely, cool, sunny, Fall day.
Nothing seemed like work.
I finished my work in the barn, so I could groom everyone outside.

While they grazed, I played "beauty shop!"
I curried their coats, brushed manes and tails, and spritzed
a horsey potion on them to keep their coats shiny!

Soon, as the weather continues to change,
their sleek Summer coats
will become thick with Winter in mind!

Isn't it amazing how their bodies protect themselves?

This time last year Annie was still in Miss D's tummy.
All warm and safe.
And very much loved even though we had yet to meet her.

This time last year we were on "Foal Watch".
Those were such stressful days and nights!
Waiting, waiting, waiting....
And finally the Little One made her grand entrance to the World!

Such a gorgeous filly she has become.
And almost half her Mother's size now!

In just a few weeks, our Annie will turn one!

She is such a comical girl at times.
Sweet and loving.
Ever curious.
Loves her family,
and us!
Loves to throw a good temper tantrum.
Has to be a part of everything.
A Social Butterfly.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.
Since I was a little girl.
Last year we welcomed Autumn and Annie!

This Autumn is going to be wonderful.
A changing season with beautiful Fall colors,
and a First Birthday to Celebrate!

It is the end of our day.
Early evening is approaching..
Time to close the gate!

Thank you for coming by and making my day special!

Oh, and don't forget to mark your calendar for October 28.
I would love to have you come by and wish
Little Miss Annie a Happy Birthday!



Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Beautiful post - of course a wonderful subject "horses". I love the fall wreaths I just may have to make one for the piece of machinery at the end of the drive...

Julie Harward said...

Oh my, I feel so peaceful now! I love the wreaths on the stall doors! And I love the shot of Annie looking back..stunningly beautiful! Your hair is beautiful..oh my yeas. And for her birthday..I'll be there! Come say hi :D

Feral Female said...

What a lovely post Misha!

Snappy Di said...

Such a pretty post today, Misha. The wreaths all look wonderful. I like the one on your gate post at the end of the driveway. What a lovely welcome to all who enter.


Sandra said...

Autumn is most welcome around here as well, Misha. Although, like y'all, we're not seeing color change yet. We've still to have a frost at Thistle Cove Farm; looking forward to it mightily! Glad to hear the colic episode is over and no ill effects; that can be frightening to all. We're headed to Richmond, needle biopsy next; please pray.

Deb said...

This crisp Fall air really gets me moving too! The wreaths look great and they are very welcoming. I am always in awe of your beautiful piece of property! Gosh, I need wide open spaces!

Do you think J could come to my house and train Gus to wait patiently when I open the door?

What a sweetie Cadence is to share his pasture with the deer. Thanks for sharing the photos and allowing me to be in the country this morning!

Jeanette said...

Such a wonderful post as usual! I can't wait to see the fall colors in your photos! Little Annie is a stinker, isn't she! Thanks Misha!

Rural Revival said...

What a wonderful day! Thanks so much for bringing us along, I've been missing my horses..it feel like eons since I've seen them.

And tell me, where does the time go? Almost one year old? I don't know how that happens but it happens too quickly!

Hugs to all of you and a special one for Senorita Andalucia. : )


PS. That view you have of the mountains...absolutely breathtaking. So gorgeous.

Rachel said...

Your Annie looks so much like my little Arabian mare, Rosie! I laughed out loud about the poop in the waterer. Up here in VA we're getting cool Autumn weather and it sure has put a little extra PEP in my horses steps... here's wishing yours come soon!

Donna said...

I remember being on "Annie" watch! I would read your blog everyday to see when she arrived. I was so excited and I have loved watching Annie grow. I remember the carrot incident! She is such a sweet baby :) So curious!
I adore the wreaths on the fence and the barn doors! And your hair is beautiful!.
I missed your last post (blogger hasn't liked me). I have marked my calendar for Annie's birthday!

Donna said...

I love the tour and the visit! Miss Annie sure is a character! Love how you decorated each stall with a wreath. Made me giggle.

Our east TN days have been glorious lately!

Country Dreaming said...

Loved the post!
Annie sure has grown--it seems like years since last year, while we all waited for Annie to come into the world.
Still loving the horse stories!!


RH (aka Lucy) said...

You don't happen to have a little squared footage apartment on the side of your house with an outhouse nearby just in case, do you? I'll be your MIL. What a neat post. Love it. I go into withdrawal when I don't get to see updates every single day. No pressure. :))

Cheryl said...

What a fabulous visit!! Your view is breathtaking, can't wait to see the view as the leaves change color. Beautiful photos!

Elle Bee said...

Seems impossible that little Annie will be one already?

Enjoyed all your fall photos and the beauty you capture. I love that you put wreaths on each stall--such a good mommy you are!

Karen said...

Your baby girl and my daughter share the same birthday!...

CADENCE IS ALMOST 30?? He looks amazing.. such a handsome boy, and I'm sorry you had a colic episode with him, how did I miss that post? .. it seems the change of seasons bring on colic in horses.

Heart2Heart said...


It's so hard to believe that Annie is turning one so soon. I remember you're posts on her birth watch in anticipation and now she is so big. Thank you once again for the wonderful breath of fresh air I get when I stop by your place to spend the day with you, J, and your family. Always a pleasure and you remain in my thoughts always.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ann On and On... said...

Annie! You sweet...naughty girl making J do all that extra work. One might think you did it to have more time with him. :D

It was great spending the day with you...as always.

lmlynch42 said...

Hi Misha,
Came across your blog by accident. I am adding you to my list of followers. Hope you don't mind. I live in East Tennessee also. I actually live outside of Knoxville in a area called Powell, TN. Love your blog and the pictures.
Hope we can be friends. I love animals also. Especially dogs.