28 August 2010

Autumn day dreams...

It has been quite a Summer.
Intense heat and humidity,
that just will not end.

Like so many of you, I have been waiting.
Waiting for that one day,
when I see a sign that let's me know,
is on her way!

And then, yesterday, it happened.

I stepped out onto our front porch
and it hit me.
No humidity!
No *feeling like I had just walked into a hot oven*!

And the cherry on top of this?

A beautiful breeze!

I know for so many of us it has been a rough Summer.
Intense heat for weeks and months on end...
It makes for crabby people, pups, kitties, and even horses!

Our kitties have not even wanted to spend any time
on the beloved front porch this Summer.
They wait until evening, after the sun has set, and then ask
to be let out the front door!
But, I don't blame them!
With all that fluff on their little bodies,
I wouldn't want to be outside in 100 degree weather, either!
But they keep themselves busy....

Hmmmm. I'm bored. Think I'll wrestle my bro, Brutus.

Squeaks, meows, and growls!
Fur flyin' everywhere!
Our kitties provide us with great, "family friendly", tail-swishin' entertainment!

Okay, I'll let him go now. But, for the record, I kicked his bony little bum!

They don't call me Brutus for no reason! I always win the wrestling match!

And the pups?
Sadie Louise is our "nature girl"!
And Baby Girl is her tag along :)
They both love to be in the great outdoors.
Ruff at birds, bark at squirrels.
 Growl a low Ggrrrrrr
when the breeze blows in something that only a dog
can appreciate!

But the past few months?

My name is Sadie Louise and I miss cool, lazy days watching for Deer!
Sometimes, my stuffed bunny just doesn't cut it!

They would rather be inside our little farm cottage,
where the air-conditioner whirls,
 cool breezes float through the house from ceiling fans,
and pups can dream of  crisp, Autumn days!

My name is Baby Girl, and I love to chase squirrels!

Of course, Zeke always wants to be in the
little farm cottage.
He is dog who truly appreciates a really good snooze!
In true comfort.

Can you hear him snoring? Because he is. Snoring really, really loud.

And us?
The only two humans in this
equine, canine, feline

We are waiting also.....
for cooler, breeze filled days.

I want to spend time lounging on this wonderful
Vintage lawn furniture,
that a dear friend gave to us last Spring!

Maybe if it would ever cool down, J could finish the deck!

I adore it :)
She had it in storage for 30 years!
Her parents purchased the entire set,
in the 1950's.
~a sofa, chair, rocker & table(not pictured), chaise lounge~

Her mother had custom cushions made for the entire set.
Vinyl on one side, for the outdoors.
Cloth on the other, so in Winter it could be moved
inside to their sun porch!

I love the "leaf" detail on all the furniture!

After a little research, I have found similar sets
on Ebay and a few other vintage sites.

Oh, my.
They are pricey!

In the movie

The exact set of lawn furniture
can be seen in the movie!

This Fall, this will be my spot!
To sit in the chaise and read a favorite book.

Or plop down on the sofa with J and watch the
Deer walk along the ridge from the deck!

And eat dinner, Al Fresco,
at our lovely glass table for four,
but, with candles lit,
it makes a nice table for


On a chilly night, wrapped in a quilt, I will be on my front porch!

 Spending wonderful evenings reading,
and just being quiet.
And as the Earth prepares herself
for Winter, I will gladly watch.

From my favorite rocking chair.

Look through the living room window.
You can see Brutus, our "jelly-belly klepto cat" laying on the back of the sofa!

But, for now, I am enticing Autumn to hurry.
I began making my annual Fall wreaths.
In hopes, that she will see them and decide to make
her grand entrance a little sooner!

The cats love to be involved in wreath making!
Of course, all that help they give me just wears
them out, beyond belief!
Brutus couldn't wait to climb inside the
Dollar Tree and nap on the
Fall foliage!

And I am just sure he was dreaming of Fall leaves,
crisp, Autumn air, and the first fire in the
wood stove!

I know that is what I am dreaming of!

Oh, and this! A drive on the
Cherohala Skyway.

To take in those awe-inspiring Mountains filled with Brilliance!

I hope you all have a wonderful day,
filled with thoughts of
past Autumns and day dreams of what is to come!

For your laugh of the day!


Laura said...

Wonderful pictures!
We, in Michigan, have also suffered with a hot and humid summer and can't wait for autumn. We're seeing the signs though! It's coming! :)

Donna said...

Misha, Everything looks so cozy! I love the front porch and I know you will be glad to spend Fall days there soon! Love the furniture!
Our cats do the same thing ... rolling and playing with fur flying! I could make another cat with all the fur left on the floors! Brutus looks just like one of mine and we have a long haired one hence all the hair! Why is it that cats love bags? I bring one in they are in it :) Once I get my wreaths made they lay in the middle of it helping until I get ready to hang! Gotta love them!
Missed you ... glad you are back!

Lucy said...

Ohhhhhh mannnnnnnn.... you're getting autumn already? We never get it but the closest it comes is about November 1st. Yes...I am whining. I love the pic of cat's face. I've been trying to get a close of up beautiful Hank ever since I got him but he will not let me. Party pooper.

Sydney_bitless said...

Waaah I want it to be summer forever! I hate winter it's cold and icy and muddy and cold and icy and muddy. I can deal with heat, cold gets to me. Fall is beautiful.

Elle Bee said...

I love to see pictures of your munchkins! They're all so full of personality and sweetness.

This morning was the first morning there was a cool breeze floating through the windows. It chilled us so much we actually had to close the sliding glass door! Now I'm sure we'll still see some 100 degree days, as summer never leaves without a fight, but this morning was so beautiful.

Love to see your gorgeous home. I can picture myself snuggled up on your porch. You have created such warm, inviting places.

The last photo is breathtaking. It makes my heart swell! God's creation is just that beautiful.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

We must all be feeling the need for Autumn !
Isn't the cooler weather so inviting, albeit just for a few days.
I could sit on your cozy front porch all day long, and just let the world float by, so sweet.
Love the photo of your kitties and dogs, you are truly in your own little piece of heaven up there in the mountains.

Red Gate Farm said...

Just beautiful...everything that is. I LOVE the vintage lawn furniture, lucky you to have acquired such a wonderful set! I too can't wait for fall...


Kathy in KY said...

Hey Misha - wonderful photos of your babies, and they all look so comfy - in the house, during the hot weather. And I love your front porch - very cozy looking,and your lawn furniture, very inviting to say the least. I wanted to thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog post about moving to the country. I have been in touch with Ang at Maple Valley Off-grid farms in emails to help me answer some questions about such things as bathing and doing laundry. I've not heard from Mr and Mrs W, but will give them a call next Saturday if they don't contact me before then to see if I've been "chosen" as their renter. Wish me luck. You have a lovely home. Have a great rest of the weekend. Much love, coming from central KY. Take care.

Jeanette said...

It sure HAS been a hot humid summer, and as much as I hate to see summer end, I am looking forward to fall, too! My hubby and I have discovered lots of trails to hike and I can't wait! Love your pics as usual, Misha!

Donna said...

Love all the pictures of the critters! I think that Zeke and I would get along great and compete in the snoring department!

The humidity level has dropped the last couple of days here too. What a miserable summer it has been in east TN! We're heading up to British Columbia for a couple of weeks and hope that the weather will be decidedly be better when we return!

Karen said...

OK, besides Cadence, I'm also contemplating stealing babygirl. Could she BE any cuter.

Ann On and On... said...

Another peek into your life... (insert smile) Thanks! You're living out my dream perfectly.

Great photos. I love the lawn chair set. Looking forward to hearing more about your Autumn moments... and Annie.

Country Dreaming said...

I'm with you--bring it on!
Today was the first day in several that the air was on though and we wer both outside without much humidity.
One sure can get more accomplished when the humidity isn't soo rough.
Love Zeke!!

Have a wonderful sunday1


Deb said...

Hi Misha! It all looks beautiful and inviting. I love the vintage chaise lounge and the view from that spot. Gus and I would love to lounge there and wait for fall to blow in. We got a strong cool front last Wednesday and it was completely wonderful. It seems to be heating back up but another couple of weeks should take care of the heat here. I'll be looking forward to your fall pictures as your fall is much more beautiful than ours.

Take care of yourself and I'll talk to you soon.


Cheryl said...

I love all of your photos of your fur babies! Your wreath making looks like fun. Your Fall photo is beautiful! Happy Autumn!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, You have made me just sit here and YEARN for Fall....The only thing I am not yearning for is all of the leaves that I have to rake soon (since we have tons of shade trees in our yard)... BUT--even with that, I LOVE Fall... I hope we get back across the Cherohala Skyway again this year!!!!! WOW--that picture is fabulous..

Love seeing all of your babies.. It has been a long, hot and dry summer here in TN ---and we have been horribly dry also. Not FUN!!!!!

Did you take that skunk picture? Funny!!!! We had a skunk on our deck not long ago... I posted a picture of him on my blog.


Rural Revival said...

My, oh my, what a beautiful view on the skyway! Absolutely breathtaking!

I'm ready to stack wood, which I guess means I'm ready for stoking fires in the wood stoves. : )

We're having another, and hopefully final, heatwave this week after fall like weather last week. I do believe Mother Nature can be a bit of a tease!

I hope those sweeties of yours who've been bogged down by the heat are happy to be able to breath again. Callie had a very tough day today, it was a hot one, she passed out in the shade while I painted some muskoka chairs, I felt sick from the heat, I should have laid in the shade of the magnolia with her instead! And speaking of furniture, I love the vintage set your friend gave you, what a feast for the eyes. Very sweet!

Please send the cutie in the bag with the leaves northwards please. I'd like to pamper him. Thanks very much! : )


PS. I'm having a giveaway. See post titled Celebrating.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Lovely post and pictures - we are also awaiting fall in Minnesota. My favorite time of the year...

Flat Creek Farm said...

I've missed you, my friend! I'll be right over to sit on that beautiful porch, enjoy the breeze and a chat, and of course enjoy watching and spoiling your equine, canine and feline family. How fun! Your neck of the woods is absolutely wonderful. Here's to Autumn! -Tammy

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha! Thanks for the 'welcome back'...that sure makes a person's day. Oh how I love fall and we could sure use it here in Kansas as it's 91 again here today. The humidity isn't to bad but we've got a chance of storms over the next 3 days so I'm sure that will change. When we arrived in Canada on the 13th we thought we'd be finally hitting cool weather but it was in the 90's there too! It cooled down to the comfortable lower 80's though so we were soaking in every minute of the cooler temperatures we could get. Thanks for the sweet post about what you and your critters have been doing in the hot weather...I hope it was a much cooler one for you today. Now I'm off to see what I missed while we were away! Have a wonderful Evening my friend...take care. Maura :)

Sandra said...

We've been having evenings and mornings of 50 degree weather; simply delightful! The sun has lost his scornful heat and the residue warmth will, all too soon, give way to cold weather.
Lovely post, Misha, glad you're back and I do need to send you a PM; life is gangbusters right now.

Renata said...

Hi I've just stumbled across your blog. What beautiful pictures you have there!
Over here we're welcoming spring - so glad to finally be getting some slightly warmer days!
Have a lovely day

Phyllis said...

I am with you 100%!! August is my least favorite month of my least favorite season. Autumn is by far my favorite season and I can feel a slight difference in the air here as well. The holly berries are turning and a few leaves too.

Snappy Di said...

I've been visiting my favorite bloggers tonite making apologies for not visiting. For some reason I have simply felt over-whelmed with blogging lately, the puppy, making movies, editing photos, leaving comments. It's just been too much for me lately for some reason. I think autumn weather will help, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Anyhoo.... nice to see you and I love this post!

Love your green polka dots too!