26 July 2010

Dear Summer...We are skipping August!

Another hot, steamy morning.
Heat index by noon; 106 degrees.

Dear Summer,

Has it really been one whole year since I
last wrote to you?
Thank you so very much for stopping by the
mountains of east Tennessee.

We had a lovely time when you first arrived!
But, somehow, your visit has lingered a little too long...

Next week, we will turn our calenders to the
month of August.
In all honesty, the welcome mat is a little worn out!
You came in blazing this year.
Not even giving Spring a chance to stay
her entire season!

Would it not be easier to gracefully make your exit?
Perhaps admitting the harsh toll you have placed....

The Dog Days of Summer
have swooped in and taken hold.

Baby Girl claims a spot under the ceiling fan!

Heck, Summer, even our beloved four-legged creatures
do not want to leave the cool air of their home!

"It happened again! The sun came back!"

No lingering in the back yard to bark at
rabbits, turkey, or the deer.
No games of tackle with one another.
The three of them march out, take care of business,
and return inside.
Napping in the cool air, while ceiling fans give an extra bonus!

"Me and my bunny ain't moving at all today!"

Even the horses are ready to bid you farewell!
When Spring came to visit she brought
beautiful, lush, green grass for them.

J grooming Little Miss Annie! They are standing under the stall fan :)

Annie hanging her down because she was falling asleep
while J groomed her under the fan!
One very, tired little filly from all that hot sun!

But, Summer, your intense stay,
your thoughtless actions of
never-ending heat,
have made these five Arabians all agree
on one thing....

A "very cranky", hot,Princess Allegra getting her feet trimmed.
Oy, she had attitude!
They are flipping the calender to September.
They are skipping August!

"You betcha we are skipping August!"
(Hi Otis!!)

I do believe we will all be happier!
And October will be right around the corner.

With brisk, morning breezes.
Leaves in every color...

Heck, Summer, we will even
welcome, the tourists that flock
to the mountains each Fall to
ooh and aah
over the Autumn colors....
(and don't know how to drive on one-lane mountain roads!  :)

I, must be honest.
I would be perfectly happy living in 
a world with just three seasons.

Autumn, Winter,and Spring... 

Happy Mare on a breezy Spring day!

Thank you again for your visit, Summer!

~And remember~

If you cannot make it next year,
to the mountains of east Tennessee,
I most certainly will understand!




Karen said...

LOL.... it's been brutal here too.

I LOVE that fall photo on the porch... how beautiful the rich autumn colors

Mountain Woman said...

I have to agree with you summer is most welcome to disappear. Here, in Vermont, we have had such a string of unpleasant, hot, humid weather and it's been impossible to work with the horses. I've never seen a summer like this.

Your photos were lovely.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Such a lovely post and I feel the same way, and so ready for fall.

Rural Revival said...

While summer is fleeting, it still leaves an indelible mark; best of all, it makes us appreciate that grand lady affectionately known as Autumn. I think everyone is looking forward to her arrival this year!

Hope all is well ~Andrea~

Deb said...

I think y'all are hotter than we are. If you happen to talk Summer into leaving please put in a good word for us too. I'm very ready for Fall and in total agreement that I could live with only 3 seasons as well.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Ain't that the truth! Good Morning Misha...we're with you on wishing summer would leave early as we've had enough of these 'dog days'. I feel like your dogs...I just want to lay around and do nothing in this heat but unfortunately the garden needs work and the grass needs mowing. you'd think with all the heat the grass would quit but just when you enjoy lower humidity...the storms come again! Oh well we'll soon be heading up to Canada and hopefully they're not getting the usual bout of 90's to 100 degree temps they get for a couple of weeks in the summer. If that's the case we'll just go climb a mountain or two or jump in one of the lakes which are sure to be a LOT cooler than here in Kansas right now. I hope the weather eases up for you and J and the animals soon...enjoy the cooler mornings when you can. Take care...Maura :)

RicoLisi0802志竹 said...
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Sydney_bitless said...

I personally love summer despite the heat. I can do without winter and although I love the beauty and coolness of fall it means rain, snow, ice and cold weather are on it's way :C

Lucy said...

You should get them mist-ers. They'd never get out of the stall and I'd be right in there with them. I feel that way here and firmly believe that August should be cut from the schedule of years. Course here we still have it in September and October. THAT's what I hate. Booooo!

Snappy Di said...

I'm with you, Misha. I know hate is a strong word but I HATE summer. Bugs, heat, snakes, heat, mosqitoes, heat, gnats, heat, flies, heat, humidity, heat. Oh, and did I mention THE HEAT??


Donna said...

I sm so ready for fall too! It has been so hot here too ... miserable!!! I look forward to the cool, crisp days of fall ... hopefully soon.

Jeanette said...

I am not ready for fall yet! Tell Summer she can come and stay with me for a good long time! :)

Julie Harward said...

106...WOWZA! I would hate that. Otis does look mad about it too! We didn't get a spring either but it hasn't been too hot this summer and we have had a lot of rain which is good for this dry place. Good to hear from you Misha..hang in there..wish i could come see your beautiful Fall...I promise I would stay on my side of the road! :D

Elle Bee said...

Misha, I couldn't agree more--all I need is autumn, winter and spring! So I'm with you--let's skip August. In fact, I'm all for jumping right to October. :o)

Feral Female said...

Misha I am So with you on this! Come on Fall!! It`s been ghastly here as well this summer.

Ann On and On... said...

Thank goodness for fans! A bit of summer is good for me too especially with your heat.

Otis is a cutie! :D

Stay cool!

**You got me on your last comment on my blog. We have similar interests past and present.

Cheryl said...

Come to the coast!! We have a very short summer season...send us some more summer if you are finished with it.. I do love Fall, but it leads to yucky winter.