25 June 2010

Welcome, Jane!

Please welcome Jane Augenstein
as a guest blogger!

Hi I’m Jane and Misha asked me to be a guest here on her blog to talk about how horses have affected my life, the good the bad and the ugly!

I have always loved horses, my first horse love was a neighbors big sorrel work horse named Prince. He was old when I was very small and lived to be in his 30’s, he died when I was a Junior in high school. What a big beautiful boy he was, I think that is why to this day I love BIG horses…..my current horse is a BIG boy!!

I got my first horse Trigger in May of 1960 when I was 9 years old. My mother had died in January of that year and my father got me a horse, I had begged for one for years and finally I had one. Trigger was two years old when I got him, a blue eyed paint. He wasn’t broke to ride and I didn’t know how…..what a pair we were! I just climbed on and rode, well, I guess that’s what you would call it, I stayed on his back.

Trigger and I grew up together, he was my best friend. Those red velvety ears heard all my secrets and that long white mane dried many tears. My dad died almost two years after my mother so this horse was everything to me. I went to live with my older sister and he came with me.
     Trigger and me in 1963, hey look, we got a trophy from our hometown parade at the Homecoming!
Going to a parade in 1968!!

Two years after this picture was taken I moved away and I couldn’t take my him with me. He lived on my cousins farm. I later sold him to some people who had a daughter who was 10 at the time and Trigger lived with them until he died at age 18.
Last picture I have of Trigger at 17, he loved his farm life with the cows and sheep. I still miss that beautiful boy.

My second horse was a little mare I named Copper. I got her when I was 23 years old, married and had a little girl. She was also 2 when I got her, unbroken horse. Copper was very sweet and gentle, again we learned as we went, I never had riding lessons, just rode….the woods and trails around the farm we rented. After two years we moved to our first home and I had to find a place for Copper to live. The woman who lived across the street from our new home told me I could probably keep her at her dad’s farm just a half mile from our home. That worked out fine, he had two horses so I had someone to ride with. Copper was a special little horse, we decided to hitch her to a sleigh once and I kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t tear the sleigh up!! She didn’t, she was a real trooper and pulled that sleigh like she had done if all her life. Later on we used her to plow the garden too. What a great little horse. I had her for 10 years, things happened and I had to sell her. Both Copper and Trigger were very easy horses to work with, pretty laid back and fit with my personality very well.
Then there is Gilly! Trigger was 14.2 hh, Copper was 14hh and Gilly about 16hh plus he is BIG all over and has BIG ideas of how things should be….we have some problems, he doesn’t think so though. Gilly was a rescue horse I got him when he was 11 months old a poor little scruffy little guy and I felt sorry for him and babied him, bad choice on my part. With the other two this would have been fine, with Gilly he takes that as a sign of weakness and he thinks he has to be in charge and running the show.

Here is Gilly when I first got him in April 2004 at 12hh and 397 pounds….

I loved those big soft eyes. Even though he wants to be the guy in charge he is a kind gentle horse.

This horse has made me really work hard to learn more about horses and horse training. I have read more books than I can count, watched countless DVD’s on training, gone to clinics and wore my poor brain out trying to keep up with him. Gilly is definitely a challenge. He wants a very strong leader and that’s not in my nature but because I love this horse I have to learn to be the leader he needs. Our relationship will grow better and stronger with lots of work……we are a work in progress!
Gilly last summer 2009, he now weighs about 1200 lbs and 16hh. (my riding instructor and her granddaughter riding Gilly)

I think he has turned into quite a horse from what he started out, it amazes me that what was such a sorry looking little guy has turned out to be such a magnificent creature!

Thank you Misha for asking me to be a guest on your blog!!!

Hugs to you…


Thank you so much, Jane!
I really love hearing stories about women
and their faithful companions, the horse!
I so admire your years of staying faithful
to the Equine breed.
I have a feeling you have more horsey
experience in your pinkie,
than I do in my whole body!

Please visit Jane
And get to know Gilly and the gang !



jane augenstein said...

Thank you Misha, it's an honor to be here!

Snappy Di said...

I love Jane's story and how she received her first horse so many years ago. I'll go pay her a quick visit.

Have a beautiful week-end, Misha!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat, Misha... I think you 'horse' people need to stick together and learn from each other. Gilly is a gorgeous horse---but I also loved seeing Trigger.

I hope you'll get to show off Annie and the others on Jane's blog.... Neat idea!!!1

Thanks to Jane.

Donna said...

I've read before about the story of Gilly and I'm delighted to get some story about the story!

Karen said...

Lovely story, and how beautiful that first paint was!!.. Love those photos too... brings back memories, and Jane I'm sorry for your early loss of both parents. Thank you for sharing your story..

allhorsestuff said...

Go Team Jane And Gilly man! You were certainly prepared for him by all your lovely ponies..they have spunk- in a small package. While Gilly, he is a bit bigger, yes Jane-but the spunk is the same!

Loved this Misha..I am also writing your "Guest" post...still just been out o town.and going again tomorrow...
Stay cool...looks as though you are doing sauna times there

Feral Female said...

Lovely story Jane!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Jane, Thanks for sharing your story and pictures of you and your early horses, Trigger especially.

I love just how Gilly grew up to be so big and beautiful.

Rising Rainbow said...

Jane, it was great reading your story about your first invovlement with horses. Looks like you have been blessed with some special equine companions. That's pretty cool.

It sounds like your way of learning about living with and training horses has been pretty much the same way as mine. I fly by the seat of my pants in lots of situations and fill in with clinics and books, whatever I can find. It's been that way for me from the start and I think it's probably the way that suits me best.

Misha, thanks for having Jane. It was a fun surprise.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Loved reading about Jane's life with horses. The pictures are fantastic! Poor Gilly was such a sorry looking colt, glad to see he's grown into a happy, healthy horse.

Elle Bee said...

What great photos! That first one is amazing--so beautiful. Nice to meet you Jane and read your story!

Rural Revival said...

Thanks for sharing the stories of such wonderful and beautiful horses Jane! I love to hear stories of animals being rescued, I love a happy ending and Gilly is absolutely handsome!


Sandra said...

You've opened many doors for me, Misha, and I'm grateful. It's been a quiet adventure, learning about other horse women and their companions.

Ann On and On... said...

That was fun. I enjoyed the stories about each horse and how they played a role in her life. Thanks for sharing!!