14 June 2010

Mountain ramblings....

Sadie Louise watching the deer on the ridge.


It has been a whole week since I posted last!
One of those weeks where each day just slides into another day.
And the next thing you know, a whole block of time has passed.

But, time was put to good use!

Did you notice anything new
when you arrived here?

Did you go,
"Hmmm, something looks different?"

Well, thanks to
this blog got a whole new look!

It was time.

Time to freshen up
From My Front Porch in the Mountains!

Diane changed the Template.
Expanded the mosaic header,
which I adore!
She even added a Navigation Bar!

After she set everything in motion,
my job has been to add all the words!
(and try to learn this new stuff without destroying her work!)

Check out the navigation bar.

So far, we have~

~Meet Misha~
(that's me! But you already know that!)

This takes you to the post
of how J and I came to live
in East Tennessee!
I get a lot of mail asking this question :)
Hopefully the tab titled
will peek curiosity, and people will check it out!

~The Arabian Horse~
Just a short history on the Arabian Horse.
Of course, I love all horses, but the
Arabian is the breed my
heart belongs to!

~Our Menagerie~
Since so much of what I write about
comes from the antics and the sheer joy
of  having horses, dogs, and cats
in our life....
I thought they deserved their own page!

I hope you will take time to look at each
new page!
A lot of love went into this,
for you, the reader!

And thank you so very much, Diane!

I emailed Diane last week about a
new signature....
And I got a whole Blog makeover :)

If you would like a new header, a signature etc.
just stop by and say hi to Diane.
She has a fantastic blog, a charming sense of humor,
and she is very tech-savvy!
What more could you ask for!
(And she has a rescue dog! Be still my heart!!)
Making friends in the blog world
is the best part of blogging.
So, go on, visit Diane.
And make a new friend :)

But, wait!
I have more :)

In a few days I will be hosting
three Guest Bloggers!
What will they be writing about?
Why, Horses of course!

You will get to meet~
(just click on each to visit them!)

My new friend in Blog Land, Jane Augenstein, from My World in Pictures.
(who is also a wonderful hooked rug Artist!)

(Gilly and Pokey. Best Friends!)

And perhaps one more special person,
that I would be honored to have their written word
on my blog!
I just need to catch up with her :)
If this mysterious person is too busy at the moment,
then maybe another time!

I hope you take time to visit each one
of these very special gals.
In the coming days, each will have a turn here!
I can't wait...

Summer has made her arrival here in east Tennessee.
A very early arrival.
We have had steady days of 90+ degree weather,
with humidity that just hangs in the air
A lot of you know how much I hate hot weather.
With a passion!

Last week, I put up my annual count-down widget.
It lets me know how many days until Autumn!
I look at it often.
Like, several times a day.
It gives me hope!

With the hot, humid weather,
the horses get water baths each day before they come in!
Once a week they get head to hoof
shampoo baths.
The other days, a nice cool rinse off 
after grazing all day does the trick!

It does the trick for me, too!
Some days that hose is just too tempting :)
Hence, the reason no pics of me.
I was dripping wet.
It was wonderful!!!

Cadence loves his baths.
Especially if you have a pocket full of carrots!
Which J always does!
(when I do laundry, I find the left overs!)

Cadence was the last water bath of the day.
I think the heat and humidity led to the goofy
look on J's face!
But, look how relaxed Cadence is.
After baths, everyone is back in the barn,
cooling off in front of their stall fans.

What a life they lead!


After getting everyone settled in
with hay and carrots (except Annie, she got sugar cubes!)
it was still early, so we took a drive
on the
Cherohala Skyway
in the
Cherokee National Forest.

The mountains in the background are in North Carolina!

J being goofy...again.
He is quite silly, with a quirky sense of humor!
I love him anyway...ha!

Indian Boundary lake
A great place to cook out and swim!

Betsy from Joyful Reflections has been to Bald River falls!

A nice couple from Michigan took our picture.
They wanted to know where we were from!
10 minutes away, J told them!
(Hey,Donna! I am wearing my Amber tennies!)

It was a lovely day.....
even if it was 94 degrees!

I will be out and about visiting all of you this week.
I have much catching up to do!

Please take the time to check out the pages
on the navigation bar.

I am thinking of adding one for Annie!
With pictures of her from
just born
to current pics.

What do you think?

It is amazing to look at all the images I have of her,
and how much she changes..
even day to day!

Have a wonderful week!
And just FYI,
only 100 days 'til Fall!

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 4.06.39 PM


Lucy said...

I just love those mountains. I was in Tennessee about 10 years ago and I just did not get enough of it. I'd love to go back and live there.

Rural Revival said...

I have checked it out and it looks wonderful. I vote for a page for Annie, please!

Looks like a fun day and beautiful falls. Sometimes we often ignore the closest places to home. I'm glad you took advantage and appreciated your own neck of the woods and glad I got to tag along! : )

Hugs ~Andrea~

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, WOW---We've been to Bald River Falls several times --but never have seen that much water coming over the falls... Wow---think we need to go back soon!!!!!

Love the new blog look...Love the Navigation bar... And yes---add a page for Annie.

Don't you just love the Cherohala Skyway... We have the best Autumn color pictures EVER from there.

It has been horribly hot here also... Hate it!!!

Have a good week and stay COOL.

Ann On and On... said...

Your bloggy makeover is beautiful! Of course you need to add an Annie tab. :D

As hot as it might be...it sure looks like a beautiful place to visit! Thanks for sharing the photos.

*I should have just written "ditto"...since Rural Revival wrote everything I was thinking. :)

Country Dreaming said...

Beautiful mountain pics.
Your new look is wonderful.


Snappy Di said...

I lived in Arizona for over 20 years and probably visited the Grand Canyon twice... not THAT's pathetic. Now Sedona, Arizona.. that's a different story... so lovely there.

Your mountains remind me a bit of our Blue Ridge Mountains and Abbott Lake... I should do a repost of those photos.. absolutely to die for gorgeous... just like your area of the world.

YAY fall.. can hardly wait for October so I check your little countdown widget whenever I am here visiting.


Cass @ That Old House said...

I vote for a page for Annie, too! Your life in TN with the horses is so exotic to me -- and WOW, it sure is gorgeous there. Wonderful post, and love the new look!

Julie Harward said...

You have been busy! The blog looks great, can't wait to check it all out! Gotta have a page for Annie! I love that the horses get a bath each night and a fan...they are so blessed, I'm sure they think they are still in Heaven! The day trip sure had some pretty scenery in it and you two look great! Come say hi :D

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Hi Misha -- I'm back catching up... the new look is great! I just found the Flea Market magazine last week (by accident) -- it is wonderful!

Sydney_bitless said...

Wonderful. Looks like a lot is going on. Thats a gorgeous place you live in.

Karen said...

Love the new look! Diane is awesome, isn't she? Her post this morning was hilarious!...

What a beautiful falls area... and

Can I have Cadence? Please? What a handsome fella. He'd look so nice in the pasture alongside Opie.

Feral Female said...

Love the new look! The pictures are breathtaking!!

jane augenstein said...

Nice, nice, nice!!! Love the new look, I haven't checked out all the buttons yet, but will.
Oh, my gosh!!! The waterfall looks soooo refreshing! It's been hot, humid and horse flies, the BIG ones are back! I SO do NOT like those horrid biting things! Poor Gilly and Pokey stay in the barn all day to be away from them, can't blame them. No riding for me when it's like that.
Oh, yes, please an Annie page would be most wonderful! What a sweetie she is.
Your friend Diane did a great job on your blog transformation! :-)
Also thanks for the kind words! Can't wait to see what others have to say about horses! :-)

Deb said...

Lots going on at your place. OH the waterfalls!!! I'm a freak for waterfalls. And that lake is GORGEOUS. My stomach jumped a little looking at the photo of J leaning over the ledge. You have a great tan going on. Must be all the horse baths and playing in the water hose. I'm off to check out your navigation bar. The blog looks great!

Jeanette said...

Another great post worth waiting for! You live in such a beautiful area! We have lots of waterfalls in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and I love going there. All we need is those gorgeous mountains!

Donna said...

How exciting - to get a new blog look! Looks spiffy-licious! hahaha!!! I may have to have that gal give me a little makeover sometime, so I appreciate the info.

We've been on that lovely drive and seen the waterfall. I know I have a pic somewhere of it on my blog! There is the most wonderful bakery in downtown Tellico Plains. It's in a old bank. Great homemade breads and delicious sandwiches.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Awesome makeover! Love it all! And those photos are simply breathtaking. Do you know how lucky you are to live in such a gorgeous place? well, except of course for the hot summers ;-) But we suffer with that here as well. I'll have to check those links out on the new navi bar. Fancy! :D -Tammy

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Misha, I checked out the changes and I love them! I'm with Andrea and think there should be a page for little Miss Annie all to herself. She's the star of this 'show' isn't she?! Your horses are so beautiful...I love quarter horses but Arabians are my true love. They are such majestic looking creatures. My Keefer had a wonderful personality and I'd love to have another like him one day. I love the photo's of you and J...you look so beautiful. I read your page on Frances...Wow I can understand why you moved from Florida to get away from that. I think you're right though...I'd rather be hit by a hurricane than a tornado but if I REALLY had a choise it would be neither! No wonder you love your home so much in the mountains...you have good reason to. I'm looking forward to reading what Andrea writes and your other blogger friends. Have a wonderful day Misha....Maura :)

Aunt D said...

Hi Kiddo,
Love the new header et al. Thank goodness you can keep all of your beautiful photos on the computer - can you imagine choosing among them for photo albums! They are all too wonderful.

Catherine said...

Ilove your new header and blog! and your ùmountains pictures too!

Sciarada said...

Hi Misha, what wonderful horses and the landscapes are stunning

Donna said...

Love all the pics, the new header and of course add Annie pics! I see the Amber tennies! Amber touched so many lives in her nearly 30 years on this earth and continues to touch more!

Amy said...

Hi Misha,
Thanks for the wise words on my blog, you're right, it's funny how the brain remembers the good and not the bad memories- even though there were probably equal amounts of both..but that is a great thing. I told my dad once I had thought as dominating and controlling as my mom was, it would be a relief when she was gone- but I'd give anything for her to be here telling me to be quiet so she could finish her thoughts....hahahaha...
Your blog is wonderful! Congratulations with the new look! Definitely need a button for Annie- she is so special and deserves her own button!
I have to tell you the landscape where you live is gorgeous! I never knew Tennesse was so amazingly beautiful!
Warm hugs from the gang in Norway :-)

Sandra said...

Love, Love, LOVE the new look! Diane did a fabulous job...very warm, welcoming and completely professional. Totally professional, well done!