29 June 2010

Guess who is visiting us today?


The Equine Dentist!

***It should be a very interesting day***

Did you brush and floss this morning?

Full report soon :)

xo, misha

p.s. Do you know what kind of teeth Annie has?
(now, go Google it!)


Julie Harward said...

I think Annie just has baby teeth. I watched the vet work on one of our horses teeth and it gave me the shivers! :D

Feral Female said...

Baby teeth??

That should be interesting to see. I`ve never seen a horse dentist at work!

Sydney_bitless said...

Thats great. All mine are great for the dentist, including Indigo who proceeds to lick dr.bob our vet/dentist after she gets her teeth done. No sedation there.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Baby teeth????? I would assume that she will lose her baby teeth --just like us humans --when she gets her permanent teeth... But what do I know???? ha

Have a great day... I had not heard about the drowning at Baby Falls, but when we were there recently, kids were diving off of those rocks... Scared me.


Country Dreaming said...

Good Luck--
Looking for a full report. :)


Donna said...

Googled it and I came up with baby cheek teeth? Did I do my homework correctly? :)
I hope they all get a good report!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Hope everyone checked out well! :p (I wanted to post a toothy grin but couldn't figure out how.. lol!). -Tammy

Sandra said...

I'm guessing baby teeth but what do I know -smile-. I'm just happy mine are all healthy and on their feet! Give Annie a hug for me, love those babies!