04 June 2010

Beautiful Boy

Henry Louis Granju

Yesterday, I wrote a full post about someone I do not know.

Katie Allison Granju.

I then decided not to "hit" publish.
It just didn't seem like my news to share.
I am not a Mother.
I don't read the parenting books or blogs
 that Ms. Granju has authored.

But I have been reading her personal blog
for several years now.

And, so today I write about her.
Along with thousands of others.
Because it is my story to share.
And yours.

If you read BlogHer, Babble, or even The New York Times
or a host of other sites that feature the writings of Katie, then you know.

You know that her beautiful boy has died.

Henry was a great kid who went astray.
And then he met up with bad people who did
a horrific thing to him.

Katie and her family have sat by his bedside.


Waiting for him to recover.

And then Tuesday morning as I mucked stalls,
I heard the news on the radio.

Henry Louis Granju
had died.

And I cried, as I worked.

Raw is the only way I can describe the words
that Katie uses to fill her pages as she
writes about the loss of Henry.

And it is my story because I am a
Human Being
who cares.

The following is a list combined by Knoxville blogger

A list of all the blogs that have paid tribute to
Oh, how I wish Henry could have known how much love
the world had for him.

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What I ask of you today is to visit Katie's blog,

Mama Pundit

Read through her past few weeks of entries.
She sat with him for over a month,
every day.

And she is eight months pregnant with her fifth child.
A daughter, named Georgia.
Who will never know her big brother, Henry.

You do not need to leave a sweet comment for me today.
I will know you stopped by.
But, in your busy life please take a moment
to leave one for Katie and her family.

Because, we are Human Beings who care.

mercy, me.

GRANJU, HENRY LOUIS - age 18, passed away Monday, May 31 at the University of Tennessee Medical Center after having spent more than a month courageously fighting for his life. Henry was born October 7, 1991 at St. Mary's Hospital, and he grew up in Knoxville surrounded by a large circle of loving family and friends. He was one of the members of the founding class at Episcopal School of Knoxville, where he spent eight happy years as a student, and he earned his high school diploma in November, 2009. He was a gifted musician and writer with an incredibly clever sense of humor. He brought joy to his friends and family with his creative jokes and the natural compassion he held for others. Henry felt the world deeply and never stopped showing us the world in a different light through his incredible heart. He especially loved his dog, Fiat, and he spent many happy times with his extended family in Bell Buckle, TN, which he considered his second home. Henry was very close to his younger siblings, Jane Granju, Elliot Granju and Charlotte Hickman. He also treasured his role as oldest cousin to Eleanor, McLean and Nancy Catherine Tant, Jones, Anna, Helen and Nicholas Allison, Gray, Jack, Ward and Leo Anderson, and Louis and Will Granju. He is survived by his parents, Chris Granju and Katie Allison Granju, and his stepparents, Jon Hickman and Melissa Granju, all of Knoxville. His surviving grandparents and great grandparents are Susan Anderson Allison, Jane Allison, Nancy Orr Anderson, and Jean Pierre and Barbara Granju. Surviving aunts and uncles are Ray and Betsy Tant, Robert and Nicole Allison, and Nicolas and Karen Granju. Receiving of friends will begin at 10am on Saturday, June 5 at St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Knoxville, with memorial services immediately following at St. Johns, beginning at 11:30 am. There will be a casual open house at 2:15 pm following the service at the home of Jon Hickman and Katie Allison Granju. The family asks that mourners avoid wearing black, and that everyone bring fresh cut or picked flowers to the service for children to lay at the altar. In lieu of funeral arrangements, and in honor of Henry's brave battle against the disease of addiction, the family requests that donations be made to a permanent endowed fund being established to assist families in paying for needed drug and alcohol treatment for their children. Donations may be sent to: The Henry Louis Granju Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Administrator: James Anderson Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 2000 Meridian Blvd. Suite 290 Franklin, TN 37067. May God's loving light envelope our precious, beloved boy, the light and love of our lives - our beautiful Henry.


Pictures of Henry Granju courtesy of mampundit
Blog list courtesy of Shane Rhyne
Obit-Knox News Sentinal