11 May 2010

The Wonderful Days of Spring...

Miss D and Annie in the final days of their weaning!

Beautiful days we are having!
Lovely weather for horses and humans alike!

Annie and Miss D consume mega amounts of
wonderful sweet grass each day.
They are still being turned out together each day.
But, when they come in the barn, Miss D is now residing
in a stall at the far end.
Annie is between Allure and Allegra.
Allure, her grandmother, pays little attention to Annie.
Allegra finds Annie intriguing.
Although occasionally she does pin her ears back
and make nasty faces at her.

Yep, horses do that!

Perhaps in a week we will do the final weaning stage.
Miss D will be turned out with her mother, Allure.
Annie and Allegra will become pasture mates!

Allegra and Allure mowing as much as they can!

Allure and Allegra have been pasture buddies for a long time!
Not only are the Mother and Daughter, they are best friends.
Allegra is very possessive about Allure!

When Miss D came back to us last year,
Allegra wanted nothing to do with her sister.
When the three were in the pasture together, she would run
between Allure and Miss D, with her head low and ears back!
"This is my friend," she was saying to Miss D!

Allegra is such a princess!

But, she is also 14 years old going on 3!
She loves to run and buck with her back legs high in the air!
Each day she plays with Annie along
the fence that separates them.

While Miss D and Allure just continue to graze
in each of their pastures!

Annie is now in her "terrible twos"!
At 6 months, her little personality is really coming out!
She is constantly giving a whinny for our attention.
If I walk out in the pasture, she runs full speed to see me.
She wants me to scratch her neck and belly!
And then she proceeds to sniff me all over.
Especially my hair!

And I love it.
And I love her!

Each morning, Cadence, the stallion, goes out first.
Each morning, Annie has a meltdown!
By golly, she is the baby,
and she deserves to be turned out first!
She begins by walking in circles in her stall.
She throws her head.
(Annie has learned this one from Princess Allegra!)
She squalls.
She stands at her stall door,
 takes her right hoof and
furiously digs in the straw bedding!

I cannot help but laugh at her!
Such typical child-like behaviour.

I want what I want, and I want it now!

But, I soak this all in.
Because each day, Annie grows a bit more.
Each day, her little personality adds on something new.

I so love the filly she is becoming!

*If you look at the middle fence post, to the left, you can see our pair of swallows!
They like the mud near the water trough for building their nest!

The barn *Swallows have arrived!
Each spring a flock of Swallows descends
upon the farm.
They swoop in and out of the barn for days.
Eventually one pair begins to build a nest.

They are messy!
Leaving trails of twigs, mud,
leaves that fall out of their mouths,
all over the barn floor.
But they are also very entertaining!
This year they building right above the barn doors,
on a metal beam.
They could not have picked a worse spot.

After I brought Cadence in yesterday,
I noticed a
big, white, goopy spot
on his back!
Oh, well.
Soon there will be the little chirps of baby Swallows.
And that makes it alright!

Cadence coming to get his lunch!

In about 4 weeks it will be time for the first hay cutting!
I just love seeing the tractors buzzing about the fields.
The "Virginia Boys" will be back to help.
Won't they be surprised to Annie!
She was just a peanut inside Miss D last year :)

His internal time-clock knows it is lunch time!

We are enduring yet another beautiful spring!
And once again,
I know why I live in east Tennessee!

J and I made video of Annie having a tantrum on Sunday!

I hope you enjoy it and get a good laugh at this little filly,
who is trying so very hard
to make herself heard!


Thank you so much for all the wonderful, sweet comments that
you left on the
"Mothering Sunday"
My Mom really enjoyed reading them!

I have so many blessings to count in my life.
And each one of you are included in that!

Thank you for visiting
From My Front Porch.....


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Deb said...

You know how I LOVE the Annie video's. She was really showing her diva side wasn't she? Really cute.

Donna said...

Annie is too funny ...loved the video :) I love hearing about all the horses ... you always bring a smile to my face.
Your mother is so cute ...just like you!
Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Misha, I love love love that video... I can tell that Annie is in her 'terrible 2's'..... What a cutie!!!!

Glad things are going so well with all of your horses. I'll be curious to see what happens when your separate Annie from her mama.... Oh My Heart!!!!!


Julie Harward said...

I can't believe how green and lush your pastures are! And Annie is getting so refined and is such a beauty! And such a 2 year old! Do you show your horses?
I do not like the swallows...what a messy bird they are and they try to build on my house! Come say hi :D

from my front porch... said...

Julie, Nope none of these are show horses!
After a long career in show horse business, I have no desire to be a part of that ever again!!

Since Annie is only 6 months, it will be a couple of years before we start any ground work with her as far as breaking her to ride.
Generally Arabians are not fully grown until three years of age.

Cadence is 29, Allure is 24, Allegra is 14, and Miss D is eleven. With Annie at six months we have a huge age span!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, Misha, I can't wait to see that video of Annie. (Psssst.. I'm at work, don't tell.. lol). This post made my day :) Thanks!! Enjoy that wonderful weather. We have more rain tonight (sigh). -Tammy

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Misha! I'm so glad that the weaning is going well for Annie and Miss D...and I can't get over how big she's getting. What a personality! Loved the video...that little filly is SO CUTE. Your pastures look wonderful and I'm glad you're enjoying some beautiful spring weather. Enjoy your porch! Maura:)

Rural Revival said...

Misha, I just love hearing about these beauties and learning about their personalities. I really, never, ever realized how unique and individual they really are! I find it amazing! Making faces? Really?!! I have to see that!

Swallows in the barn? Makes sense but I never thought of that either. Boy, do I have a lot to learn! : )

N mentioned on Sunday that we should get some chickens, a couple of goats, a sheep, a cow and two horses. I asked him where we would keep them. He said, I'll design a barn and dad will build it. Okay, I said!! If only it were that easy! : )

I'm glad you're having beautiful weather. We're having cold nights and wet rainy days this week. I've had to sleep with my socks on, the farmhouse has been a little chilly!

Can't wait to see the video tonight!

Hugs ~Andrea~

Together We Save said...

I am at work too!! So I will have to check back and watch it later!! Love your pictures!!

Sydney said...

I totally know what you mean about the barn swallows. Seriously ours try and build nests in the STUPIDEST places! They kept on insisting the scale in the milk house was an acceptable place. Considering the scale is about an inch wide, not going to work, not ever.

Leslie said...

It looks like you are having some beautiful weather. Annie is so funny and cute ~ they all are.
Thanks for the header tip.. maybe I'll go check it out.
Have a great Wednesday

Heart2Heart said...


Ah this entire post lowered my blood pressure as usual, just another day on the farm with your family! Blessed is what I would call you and your family! Thanks so much for making my day and sharing more horsey stories with all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lucy said...

For sure they are lovin' that weather. And grasses.

Country Dreaming said...

I just can't say this enough--I love the horse stories, they are sooooooooooo funny!


Ann On and On... said...

You could video Annie everyday and it wouldn't be enough. :D

Getting to know these horses is like making new friends.

I hope you ended up feeling better today.....F.M. sounds painful.

Mom's Coffee Time said...

What beautiful pictures you always have! Happy Spring! ~Amy

Elle Bee said...

This brought a huge smile to my face!! You've got built in entertainment every day. And built in lawn mowers. :o)