25 May 2010

Titanic Giveaway Winner!

Titanic Museum Attraction before the Grand Opening!

The lucky winner of the
Titanic Museum Attraction
Family Pass
Lilac Lane Cottage!!!!!


Maura, I stole borrowed this pic!

To visit this wonderful blog, set in Kansas,
and full of love, critters, and eye candy,
just click  HERE!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Hopefully in the future,
Titanic Museum Attraction

will let us have fun with another

Also, a huge thank you to
Erin Wicker,
the Web Promotion Specialist
for Titanic.

For those of you who asked,
I purchased oodles in the
gift shop!

There were wonderful replicas
of old newspapers that carried
the news of Titanic on the front page!
We purchased all of them!
I intend on framing them.
(I see a trip to the Big City, in my future, to shop
at Hobby Lobby!)

We also purchased "old key" replicas,
which we already collect and
a booklet of old pics from the Titanic!
I am going to work these items,
along with the boarding pass we each got, 
into my antique secretary!
Perfect new additions :) 

The boarding pass that J received.

Thanks again for all the great entries!
For those of you that couldn't enter,
I really appreciate your comments and emails!
Really try to make this wonderful place
a "must see" on your next trip to east Tennessee!
Everyone seems to have such sentiment about

This giveaway also gave me the opportunity to visit with
so many of you, and try to catch up!
Now, it is time for me to get back
to blogging!

Just a little glimpse of what has been going
on in my world.
This sweet girl and three of her friends
have been showing up every morning and evening!

We have a small deer plot up the hill from our home.
Filled with yummy stuff deer love to snack on!

J took the pic with our basic digital camera.
No fancy dancy camera with a zoom lens!
This shows how close she has been coming!

I need to get back to the kids.
Annie is running circles in the pasture,
getting all that baby energy out!

I wish I could borrow some :)

Annie eating her breakfast this morning.

Look at that messy face!
I love it!!
That's my girl :)


P.S. Maura, please send me your address.

p.p.s. I used Random Number Generator to pick the winner.
My camera won't take a close-up that small for a screen shot
and I could not get it to "paste and copy"!


Deb said...

Congrats to Maura!

We have a Hobby Lobby about 3 miles down the road. God, I love that place. I've been staying away from it lately. You know with no job and all shopping has come to a halt.

I love Annie's messy face too. Just makes me want to pinch her cheeks.

Pretty doe, looks like a pretty big one too. Such pretty animals.


Heart2Heart said...

Congratulations to Maura as I am sure this time at the Titanic Museum will be so much fun to see and enjoy.

As always loving your pictures of life on the farm with Annie of course and now the deer. Oh my that is just beautiful.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

WOW...Misha I was absolutely shocked to get that email from you telling me I'd won the tickets. I just sent an email off to you with our address. My hubby is so excited...he said years ago that if he ever won the lottery he wanted to go down and see the Titanic wreck....this is even better! I'm just so excited..it made me cry LOL! Thank you so much for this opportunity to see Tennessee and the museum. Hugs to you my friend.....MauraXX

Flat Creek Farm said...

I snooze... I lose! :) Sorry I missed your giveaway, Misha. I'm playing catch-up. Congrats to Maura!!

Reading your post on the Titanic has really made me want to visit there. I think there is one (similar?) at Branson now? Sounds like a great trip to me. Love your deer pics, and of course Miss Annie's messy face! :) -Tammy

Feral Female said...

Congratulations Maura!!

Sydney said...

Congrats Maura. Hey now, fancy dancy cameras are great! I hate the zoom on my point and shoot because it's digital and everything comes out grainy.
PS- Theres random bits of post highlighted there in yellow, is there a reason?

Julie Harward said...

Yay for Maura...wonderful!
I love the little deer, a good shot too! Love that you will frame that, a good idea and a nice way to remember it all. Come say hi :D

Ann On and On... said...

I am so happy for the winner. I hope she enjoys it as much as you.

Thanks for sharing your purchases...it will be fun to see them up.

Hugs and kisses to messy Annie...and the rest of your beautiful horses.

Rural Revival said...

Whoa! That was fast, I didn't even have a chance to spread the word. : (

Congrats Maura! It looks like a fun trip! It's certainly on my list when I get to Tennessee. : )


Lynn Richards said...

I found your blog through Lilac Cottage. My daughter and I are just beginning to learn to ride at a ranch near our home that has Arabians. We are completely in love!!!! The best part is seeing all the babies born over the last 4 months. i have never experienced this, but have dreamed about it since I was little.
What a beautiful place you live in-truly a slice of heaven!

Beatnheart said...

Hi! I’m stopping by from my dear friend Maura the lucky winner...I’m just looking at your sidebar and all the animals esp cats that you have adopted...You are my kind of people. bless your sweet hearts!! I’m a follower...

Catherine said...

congats to Maura. I'm glad annie is well! love your pictures, very sweet; hugs Catherine

Donna said...

Oops, almost forgot to tell you - be sure to sign up with Hobby Lobby online to get their discount coupons.

Donna said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner! If you mean Knoxville, as the "big city", we have a new Hobby Lobby open at Turkey Creek now!

And visiting the museum this fall is on my to-do list, for sure!