07 May 2010

The Great flooding of Nashville, Tennessee.

As you may have heard, torrential downpours in the southeast
 flooded the
Tennessee capital of Nashville
 over the weekend, raising the Cumberland River 13 feet above flood stage.
 An estimated $1 billion in damage, and killing more than 30 people.

It could wind up being one of the most expensive natural disasters in U.S. history.

Scenes from around Nashville.

The Opryland Hotel
Gaylord Opryland Resort

Before the flood, that left between 5-10 feet of water in this grand hotel.

After the flood.

Guests being evacuated from The Opryland Hotel.

Kenny Chesney uses a small john boat
to cart away possessions from his flooded home.

Country music singer Kenny Chesney (who grew up in east Tennessee) is one of thousands in Nashville
sifting through belongings after floodwaters consumed his home this week.
                              Most likely his house will be condemned after water rose past the first floor.
He did an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.
Incredible footage of the Nashville area.
(just click below to view)
***Nashville resident and country music singer Kenny Chesney.***

Thanks to everyone who sent an emails
asking if we were alright!

We live in east Tennessee, about three hours from Nashville.
Although we endured  the same storm system
last week, we had no flooding in this area.

It will take a long time for Nashville to recover from this.
So many have lost everything...

Secure donations can be made through the
Red Cross



Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I have a friend who lives in Mt. Juliet, and I was glad to hear she is well also. Thanks for these pictures; I didn't see half this stuff on the news. It makes me appreciate where I am living.

Thank you for letting us know you are well.

Karen said...

Ugh... hard to believe all that devastation in Nashville.

Glad you're high and dry.

JeniQ said...

Just very sad

Feral Female said...

Our thoughts go to all who are suffering in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Lucy said...

I've been following Tennessee on the news. My goodness....a lot of water just from rain. I was in Nashville once and went to a show at the Oprey so I was more than interested in how it fared. Also the old one downtown...how did that do. As beautiful as the new one is, I still liked that old building better. Hope it starts drying up fast. Nature is weird. We need rain so badly and hardly ever get it (hence the word desert I guess ) and others get deluged with it.

Donna said...

Thank you for raising awareness of the flood devastation in our great state. The loss of tourist dollars during the cleanup phase will also be devastating to the state's economy. Folks may also donate to the Salvation Army. I know the Knoxville SA office is already providing supplies and assistance to affected residents. My heart goes out to those who have lost so much.

Rural Revival said...

Oh Misha, how tragic. I am so glad that you, J and the gang are okay, but my heart goes out to those who are suffering and those who have lost their lives and of course, the oft forgotten ones in tragedys like this..the animals that are lost.

The White Farmhouse said...

I am so glad that you are okay. My family lives outside of Nashville in Franklin and Smyrna. They are okay, but say that they do have some small damage. Thankfully everyone is alright though. It is terrible what has happened there.

Julie Harward said...

I heard about this and saw it on CNN...so tragic! I feel so sorry for those that have suffered damage and ruin! Just when we get feeling secure, fat and sassy, mother nature hits us hard, it's always such a shock! I'm so glad it didn't hit your area!!! Come say hi :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Misha I'm so glad that you and your family and animals weren't touched by the flooding and tornados. My heart goes out to all those who have homes or families and animals that were affected by this disaster. They must be feeling terribly lost right now...

Catherine said...

I did not know about it. We just had big damages in the south of France too.Glad you are ok. Catherine

Oz Girl said...

Misha, I am so glad to hear that you guys are ok... but it is devastating to see the images on the news. I feel like this week has been such a bad week... everything on the news is so depressing!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on Micki's situation... and I can't believe you actually have family who lives in Oregon, Ohio! How amazing. I know it's a lot for me to ask others to donate to help someone they and even I do not really know. I can't explain it, I just felt compelled to DO something, silly as it may be.

*hugs* to all of you!! You're the sweetest. (and so is Zeke, below!)

Country Dreaming said...

It is soooooo sad to see such destuction in such a beautiful city. We vacationed there several years ago and went to the Grand Ol
Opry for a show. the hotel next doors was beautiful.
Hopefully cleanup will go smoothly and everyone can get their lives back.
Glad to hear that you, J , the horses and dogs are doing ok.
Try to have a good weekend.


Ann On and On... said...

Mother Nature has a bee in her bonnet! I'll pray for a safe and quick recovery. My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one...it just doesn't make sense.

Vickie said...

Hi Misha - glad to hear y'all are okay on your place. My oldest son lives in Nashville. Thankfully, his place on 17th Ave was way above the flood stage and he was okay. Don't know that I've ever seen than kind of devastation from flooding before. So sad. So much destruction. It'll be a long long time before Nashville is back to its old self again.