31 May 2010

Gracious me! A week of Coyotes, storms, and a reply to an unsatisfied customer...(yep, another long post!)

Happy Memorial Day!
Please take a moment to remember those who served.
And remember those who are serving today!
Freedom isn't Free.


What a week.
Hot, steamy,
with storms in late afternoon
every day.

Typical Tennessee in late Spring.

And we have been visited by Coyotes twice.
We always see them in the distance.
They are lurkers.
At night, they will send chills up your spine
when they begin their ritual
Last Sunday,
we were bathing Allure on the wash rack.
Cadence was in his paddock a few feet away
Laughing at her sudsy mane, I am sure!
(we make bath time fun! For us.and Cadence!! hehe!)

When all of a sudden.....
Both Cadence and Allure,
turned their heads in the same direction.
Ears pointed forward.
And Cadence began to quiver.
His whole body rippled.
We have come to know this as his sign that
Coyotes are near!
There they were.
Three heads peaking through the gate
that leads to the back pasture.
All three sat very still....
I got Allure hosed off and ran her into the barn.
Dripping wet!
By this time, everyone had sensed the Coyotes.
J ran to the gate clapping his hands and yelling for them to go!
We got the other horses in the barn.

Today, the Coyotes appeared in Cadence's pasture.
About 3:30 again!
Again, there were three!
About 10 feet from him.
J had just got to the barn and saw them
as Cadence ran to his gate.
Once again, J ran them off.
But, that was enough for everyone to be at their gates,
asking LOUDLY, to come in the barn.
Their stalls are their "safe space".
They just wanted to feel safe.
I wanted them to be safe.
Horses are not predators of anything.
But, Coyotes certainly are.
A little info about Coyotes.
The coyote is an opportunistic predator.
These adaptable animals will eat almost anything. They hunt rabbits, rodents, fish, frogs, and even deer. They also happily dine on insects, snakes, fruit, grass, and carrion. Because they sometimes kill lambs, small horses, ponies, calves, other livestock, as well as pets, many ranchers
and farmers regard them as destructive enemies.
Coyotes are formidable in the field where they enjoy keen vision and a strong sense of smell. They can run up to 40 miles an hour. In the fall and winter, they form packs for more effective hunting.
Coyotes form strong family groups. In spring, females den and give birth to litters of three to twelve pups. Both parents feed and protect their young and their territory. The pups are able to hunt on their own by the following fall.
Coyotes are smaller than wolves and are sometimes called prairie wolves or brush wolves. They communicate with a distinctive call, which at night often develops into a raucous canine chorus.

Coyotes are everywhere.
Not just in rural settings anymore.
In large and small cities.
In suburbs.

We always see them lurking.
Slinking low to the ground in late afternoon
at the tree line.

But, now they are coming too close to the barn.
Too close for comfort.

Friday, May 28, 2010

9:00 a.m.
Breakfast finished.
Well almost.

(ANNIE! Quit watching me get Allure ready and finish your breakfast!)

Annie lallygags.

Eats a bite.
Watches out window.
Eats a bite.
Watches Allegra eat.
Eats a bite.....

Time to get the kids ready for a day in the sunshine!

(Quit making funny faces and finish that breakfast! You are holding up everyone!!)

It takes me about 30 minutes to "ponytail" manes,
fly spray bodies, and use Swat cream on their muzzles.
All in the name of those pesky pests
called flies!

(Allure isn't sweaty :) I had just wiped her neck with fly repellent!)
(To Kacy K-I am no Hairdresser!!)

Allure always hits the water trough first thing.
May as well take in a good amount of water,
so you don't have stop grazing later to get a drink!

Allegra walks out, finds a yummy spot to graze,
and goes at it.
Soon the field will be baled.
So it's best to munch as much as you can!

These ladies are pretty proud of their
new masks.

Did you notice?

They are making a Fashonista statement.

Faux Cheetah fur for Allegra.
Faux Lynx for Allure.

The Faux Fur Fly Mask
is a definite
must-have in the
Mare Fashion World 
for the
Summer 2010!

Annie is way too young
for something so provocative.

No way, nada, nope.

She will be wearing her
baby-size red mask.
Except she
 keeps taking it off!

Annie has learned to tail swish
those nasty flies.
They keep buzzing around her
little bum.
And boy, does she get mad!!!

When she has had enough
of the pesky pests,
she trots to the
run-in shed.
And takes a break!

Mother and Daughter.
Annie is 7 months old today!

This weekend, she and Allegra will become
pasture friends.
And Miss D will share a pasture
with her Mother, Allure!

Allegra, as you all know, is such
a Princess.
But, she has really been sweet to Annie,
since they were moved side by side
in the barn.

We are  hoping that Allegra will accept Annie.
Allegra is very jealous when it comes to her
pasture friends.

Last year when Miss D, who is her sister,
came back home, she
positively, absolutely,
did not want
Allure and Miss D
to be friends!

She did everything
from kicking to biting,
if Miss D got too close to Allure!
For being such a Diva mare,
she can make the nastiest faces!
Allegra made darn sure she stayed in the middle,
never letting Miss D too close to Allure!

I was playground monitor for weeks,
until acceptance set in!

Sweet, chubby, Tinker!
She has a window seat all day long,
to view the pasture antics!
The little drop of water on her chin?
I had filled the washer,
no detergent yet,
and she decided to get a drink!
Too lazy to jump down from the window,
and slurp from the kitty-cat bowl :)

Don't hate me because I am Beautiful!

5:00 p.m.

The storm is coming.
The Coyotes have been run off.
The horses are tucked safely in the barn.

J and I pass out afternoon hay.
I will soon begin grooming everyone.

But, where is J?

After a really long week
of essays due,
midterms taken,
the best way to let go of the world for
just a little bit,
is a dose of

Yep, I do believe what the world needs is Big Dose of
Annie Love.....

she cures everything!


In Blog land we all, at some time or another,
receive a snippy comment or email.

I have had a few over the last year and half.
I think it just comes with the territory.

But, this past week I was awarded a rather
nasty, long and rambling, anonymous email.

I would like to address this here, since I have no return email address!

Dear "Mrs Smith",

I apologize that I have not been to your blog lately.
If you have been leaving sweet comments for me
and I have not reciprocated enough, I do apologize.

I try my best to visit many of the Followers here.
But, often, I am just trying to find the time to post!

I would love to have the time to return each
 and every comment
with a visit to your blogs.

It just seems as if there are not enough hours in the day!!

And ,yes, we all have our favorite blogs.
I have formed some wonderful relationships with the gracious
women who write and invite us into their lives!

This is my reply to your email, 
since you used a "NO-REPLY" email form
from the company you work for.

I would, however, like to express that
your employer would probably not
be very thrilled to know that you
were writing personal emails
on company time.

Especially emails of the context you wrote to me.

I do believe that my response to you is very diplomatic,
considering the words you used with me.

But, then I am one of those
bloggers who try to be as gracious as my "sister Bloggers".

Regards, misha

***From this post on, any comments with a question, I will answer in the comment section.
I will do my best!  :)


Feral Female said...

Ah those darn coy-dogs! We have them here as well Misha, which is why our poultry is all locked up tight in pens at night. Never had them go after the goats thankfully.

Love the pics of the horses of course! Such beauties!

Rural Revival said...

Coyotes, wow, that's pretty close, 10' away??!! Yikes! We have them here too, we've never seen them during the day but we always hear them at night, and some nights they are pretty darn close! You're right, they are everywhere, and are showing up in cities like Toronto! and snatching small dogs.

I hope all goes well with the pasture change this weekend. They are all so beautiful and I'm sure Allegra will be most gracious to her new mate. Love the fly masks, I can't believe Annie can take hers off!

Speaking of Miss Annie, distracted while she eats huh? Hhhm, that reminds me of a certain boy I know, who takes 45 minutes to eat a bagel! : ) There you go, I have a backup pasture mate for you if need be! ; )

Happy 7 month birthday Annie. You're almost as big as your Mom! How did that happen???

Misha, love the photos of the stormy skies and of J and Annie...very precious and much welcomed downtime for J, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful long weekend!!

Hugs ~Andrea~

Lucy said...

Oh for heavens sake....some people are not even worthy of a comment back. I have yet to understand why people think they can be judgemental and overly opinionated about somebody else's life and then have the less than courageous unadulterated audacity of putting it on email you can't reply to or commenting anonymously. They are cowards. Purely and simply.

And......I loved this post. While I know the problem of coyotes, a small part of me loves to hear them out in the desert at twilight. It's kind of haunting. i just love your blog, Misha. Don't sweat the weirdos.

Deb said...

We've seen coyotes in our neighborhood too and during the day. We're on the edge of town out here and it's a new developed area. I guess you could say we moved in on them so we really can't complain. My sister is about 4 miles from me in a more rural area and they have lost several animals because of them.

I love Allegra's pony tails. It seems you have had quite the week. I can't believe you received a nasty email for such as that. What's wrong with people? It's only B-L-O-G-G-I-N-G. LOL! I wouldn't give it another thought!

Y'all have a great weekend.

Julie Harward said...

Hi Misha...
I loved this long post, every bit of it. Such beautiful pictures of all the horses! I just love Annie's baby mane and I cannot believe how tall she is and those big pretty eyes..oh my! Those are nice masks, I don't like the silly ones, these are sexy! LOL Those dang coyotes..we have them here too but our big golden seems to be good at keeping them at bay, many people here have the great pyranese (sp.?) to watch over their sheep. Your fields are so lush and beautiful, ours are just beginning to grow! That guy of yours sure is a cutie, how fun to enjoy all of that together!
I cannot believe the nasty women and comments...I followed advise given to me and turned off anonymous comments and have had none since and it's so nice! You ought to do that. Have a great weekend...Come say hi :D

Donna said...

We have coyotes here too! I hate to hear them at night. We have seen them during the middle of the day too.
I love the fashion statement for the horses ... so cute! I love all of your posts.
We had a terrible storm here yesterday and today it's rainy :( I am like you sometimes I barely have time to blog much less respond to every comment. I do love to read each and every comment but there is only so much time in a day!

Jeanette said...

Misha. I loved your post today! I must admit that I thought the sound of the coyotes was pretty cool, but here I am sitting on my patio on a beautiful sunny day. I'm sure I would feel differently if I was in a rural area in the dark of night! We have coyotes in our area too but they don't come into the neighborhood, and we never hear them! I hope that they don't become too much of a pestfor and you have to shoot them or something. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and funny captions! I do so enjoy reading your blog and if you never visit me or respond to me, I'm ok with that!

Lottie said...

Hi, I just recently found your blog and have very much enjoyed visiting with you. I LOVE the pictures of the horses and your farm! Sorry about the coyotes. I didn't know they are still around.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Just stopping by for a visit to see how everyone is doing and to say that I hope everyone continues to be safe from the coyotes! Of course Virginia has them in both the city and the country. Like you, I hope they move on. Take care and enjoy your weekend!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Little Friend, I cannot believe how big Annie is.. She's almost as big as her Mama. I lOVE LOVE LOVE your posts----each and every one of them. I read every word---and would never complain about the length... I just cannot get enough of your lives with those precious horses.

Hope you can keep the coyotes away. SCARY!!!!

About that rude post, just don't allow anonymous comments at all. People can sign up on Blogger --even if they don't have blogs. People like that don't deserve a response. Just ignore her!

My knee is still extremely painful. Doctor visit is Wed... Wish me luck.

Karen said...

We have coyote issues here too.. although they don't seem to threaten our horses. They do, however threaten the small dog, chicken and cat population. Ugh!

My horse's fly mask is an embarassing blue plaid with bright blue fuzz where you have leopard print. We call it the Elton John look.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

It's been while since I have been by, I always enjoy my visit and love seeing all your pictures. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant visitor too.
We are having more and more coyotes here ... amzaing to hear when they are running at 4 in the morning...kind of ;-)
Hope you have a fun weekend and a great week next week ~ Rebecca

Country Dreaming said...

Still loving the horse stories--can't believe that Ammie is 7 months old!
Not impressed with your "visitors"
though. Little too scary to me.
Sorry to hear about this not so nice comment. Not necessary at all!

Happy Holiday weekend to you!


Leslie said...

The Coyotes are pretty scary ~ I don't think that I've ever seen one in person, Thankfully.
I love the pony tails.. lol, poor babies, they must hate hate hate the flys.
I hope you have a great week.
Sorry about the crappy mail that you recieved. : (

Ann On and On... said...

Loved the photos as usual! Diva and all....

I remember running in the pasture after the coyotes when the calves were born. The yummy after birth created a lot of excitement. Our mule was known to take care of them.... Although somewhat afraid, I was more interested in the safety of the newborns. It's amazing what adrenaline does.

With that being said I miss the barking and howling. Here in the city all I get are honking horns. Until the day my feet are planted firmly on my very own pastures my memory will serve me well.

jane augenstein said...

Oh, great post and pictures! The coyotes are bad here too but don't seem to come too close to our house. I think Lucy our Australian Shepherd keeps them away. Pokey would probably be after them too and maybe even Gilly! I have seen him chase a dog and strike out at it, it was one that bit him when he was young.
LOVE the picture of Annie giving J a kiss! What a sweet girl she is and so beautiful! Happy Birthday to Annie!
I have my blog set so that I have to approve any comments that way I don't have to worry about nasty comments, I just delete them if any come in. I have only had a few iffy ones.
Hope you had a good weekend!!! :-D

Sandra said...


I know, I know...nasty, terrible things but better a dead coyote than a maimed or dead foal or horse. I'm all for live and let live but coyotes are NOT indigenous to our part of VA, they were introduced in the 1950's. They kill for pleasure as well as for food and will tear open a lamb just to eat the choice liver or kidneys and then live the animal in death throes while the coyote moves on to the next lamb.

Snares! You can check them daily and dispatch the coyote quickly and efficiently; far more humane than a lot of other kill methods.

As to the snip...I've often wondered about people who use company time, computers, electricity to check personal e-mail. That's nothing more than stealing and the person a thief.

What goes around, comes around.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.


Are you sure you missed me? -GRIN!-

from my front porch... said...

Yes, I sure did miss you, Miss Sandra :)
I missed your heart, soul, and your-tell-it-like-it-is mind!


from my front porch... said...

Just for FYI.

It was not an anoymous comment-it was an anonymous email sent to me!

I never have allowed anony comments. So I guess that is why they chose the email route!


Shanda said...

Wow, how rude of someone. Don't let it bother you, there are idiots everywhere.
Sure is beautiful where you live
and Annie gets cuter everyday. Love that cute little mane she is rockin' right now.

Elle Bee said...

Oh my goodness I just felt all creepy when you described the coyotes coming too near!! I can feel the fear of the horses. I'm glad they feel safe in the barn. You're such a good mommy! I love the dose of Annie-love! We all need that.
Great pics as always. So sorry about the nastiness you received. I couldn't be more sympathetic--I have such a hard time keeping up in blogland. I think you were very gracious in your reply.
Hugs to you!

柏廷柏廷 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Flat Creek Farm said...

Misha, so sorry you rec'd a snippy email! Hugs to you! Some folks just have a little toooo much time on their hands I think :)

Now on to happier thoughts...
love love love your photos. They always make me smile. And the new masks... woo hoo! Thanks also for reminding me - I have some SWAT and need to use it. The roll-ons are not nearly as effective. I also have a blue Dawn/vinegar spray I use on the bods. It works pretty well! But my girls are not fond of the spray!

Watch out for those coyotes! I have a story about them, and they worry me to this day :-o

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Misha! What a wonderful post...your horses are so beautiful and Miss Annie is growing too darn fast. I can see why J has to have his Annie fix...she's adorable.

I can't believe that someone could be so 'small' as to write and blast you for not answering a comment they left...do they not realize that you have a LIFE and sometimes it gets in the way of Blogging?!!! My goodness they must not have anything better to do with their lives. I love your reply and you did it very graciously too Misha. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday....Maura :)

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

This post was a great way to end my week. Annie is getting so big and so beautiful...just like Miss D.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and glad J got some sweet nuzzles from Annie...those are the best.