14 April 2010



Bed head!
Allegra waiting for her breakfast.

Every morning her mane looks as if she went
on a rollercoaster all night!

J says it always looks like she had  a
"roll in the hay!"

And I say, "Bite your tongue."

One "oops baby" is enough!  :D

Early Afternoon
(after barn chores are finished.)

I picked some beautiful little flowers weeds
and put them in a water bottle.
Put them on the shelf in the tack room.
It made me happy!

I took a very looong walk.
Time to check all the fencing for
loose boards, broken boards,
or tree limbs that have come down on the fencing.

What a gorgeous day for such a tedious task!

With hammer in hand and a pocket full of nails,
I walked the fence line.

*Fixed 1 board that was loose from the mares
scratching their bums on it! (How Ladylike!)
*Fixed 3 boards that Little Miss Annie broke!

She just has to eat the grass on the other side
of the fence.

*Fixed several boards in the pasture where
Cadence is.

The deer bang their feet on the top boards
as they jump over!
This is almost an everyday fix-it chore!
(I love the deer! It is worth it :)
Late Afternoon

J usually gets to the farm around 4:00p.m.
The barn was all clean and
I had already groomed the horses
outside in their paddocks.

The only important thing left was to give
Little Miss Annie
her lead-line lesson for the day!

So, before doing that we headed down to the creek.
(like I needed to walk another mile! (LOL!))

This is the neatest little place.
It feels like another world.

We used to walk down here all the time,
and just hang out together.
But, with the arrival of Annie last Fall,
it seems like Time has been too scarce.

These limbs came down over Winter.
J will get this all cleaned up.

After all, this is his prized fishing spot!
Sitting on the tree limb that extends out over the water,
he can see the fishies swimming below!

Gosh, it was a beautiful afternoon.
For humans and horses alike!



Every evening I have been arranging Redbud
and Dogwood branches in clear vases.
Vases full of color and beauty.
Inside the house.
And outside, too.

This is the porch off of our kitchen.
Nothing fancy.
I use it as my "potting shed."
Hopefully I will find the time
(that dreaded word again!)
soon to begin all my hanging baskets...

The Redbuds were moved to the table on the deck,
so we could enjoy them while J cooked on the grill.

It was late evening.

Seems like these days by the time
(ugh. There is that word again!)
we eat dinner it is between 9:00 & 10:00p.m.

Tomorrow will find me in the barn.
J at school.
Doing it all over again!
Nothing special, just another day.
Except the little things around me that make
me realize how different each day really is. 

What a glorious day it was......


I have been slowly making my way to visit all of you.
I post late at night and then try to visit the next day.
But it just seems as if I am chasing the days!
I really, truly thank you for your visits and comments!
You always make my days brighter :)

***And to everyone who has asked-
NO, Miss D will not be bred back!!
Annie is the baby of this herd.
Forever and always!***


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha! What a beautiful post...your day was a long one but what a beautiful day it was right down to the sunset. I hope tomorrow is filled with sunshine and happy critters. All the best to you and yours....MauraXX

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

What a wonderful day....doing exactly as you please! The redbuds are beautiful.. right now we only have some dandelions I saw in a warm sunny corner surrounded by cement in town....

Feral Female said...

Allegra and I have the same look in the morning! =)

Lovely pictures Misha, thanks so for sharing them with us!

The White Farmhouse said...

Looks like a lovely day. Soothing and relaxing. Love all the pics!

JeniQ said...

I love the views at your place. Quiet solitude doing the things you love.

Have an awesome day!

Karen said...

Love your photos.. beautiful mane that girl has. My horse is a qh and we pull it (I hate pulling manes, so really I cut it with scissors so it looks pulled..shhhh)
and I sometimes feel it's sacriligeous. Horses should have their manes, know what I mean?

The Lone Star Queen said...

I enjoyed spending the day with you Misha. I especially enjoyed the walk down to the creek. Beautiful!

Sydney said...

Lovely flowers. There are still too little of them around. Just last week the grass turned green here.

Jeanette said...

Your pictures show a beautiful and serene place. Lovely!

Rural Revival said...

What a lovely day indeed! This made me smile so much!

Thanks for showing the little spot by the creek, it's so magical. I could sit there and read all afternoon. And, that view from the tack room, ooh, I never, ever tire of seeing it. Thank you!! : )

Is J almost finished this term? What is he studying? There is a possibility in the air that the Artist may be returning to school in some shape or form. The economy over the last year and a half has not been kind to his profession. : (

Enjoy your day today, the same but different..it's all in the way we choose to see it!

Hugs ~Andrea~

Donna said...

What a beautiful post! I know how beautiful the land is around here in east TN and you sure do have a slice of that heaven!

Lucy said...

How beautiful it is getting there!

Snappy Di said...

Such a beautiful post, Misha... you have inspired me to go cut some redbud branches and bring them indoors today before they are all gone.

Enjoy your day!

Shelly's Stuff said...

Misha, the pictures are incredible, very peaceful and calming. Makes me want to move to Tennessee...then I remember I don't like the cold! Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing!!!

Country Dreaming said...

The days have been glorious lately!

Have another great day1


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Misha... I love seeing your 'day'---and spending it with you. You are a busy lady---and I can understand why you don't want anymore Annie's in your barn. They are wonderful--but just like kids, they take alot of care and TIME (as you know)....

Thanks again...

Ann On and On... said...

I love the photos.... You have a beautiful way to spend your days. NOT easy. Farms are a lot of work. You just make it seamless. Walking in your shadow for a week would make people think twice about having a farm. It takes special people like you and J.

Have another wonderful day!

Leslie said...

Hi Misha.. I left you a comment earlier but do not think that it saved.
Thank you for stopping by my little part of the blogging world.

The view from your porch is amazing!!! How wonderful it must be to wake up and spend the day with the animals. Iknow that it requires much dedication, work and love.
I think I'll hang around a while.
Nice to meet you.

Donna said...

I just love your posts! You always make my day brighter.
Guess what I found that is purple and like yours? Yes the shoes!!!
I love them!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh...her mane looks GREAT compared to mine in the morning! I have short hair, so I look positively HAIRY and SCARY when I wake up! She looks gorgeous! Ha!

You seriously have a most beautiful piece of property there. I sure would like to know the story of how you wound up here and the story of your home. Have I missed that somewhere, Misha?

Love the creek, and your mountain view, just lovely as are your buds in the sunset!