05 April 2010

Beautiful Day!

Today was gorgeous!
Deep blue sky.

And warm.
Too warm for me....
I could live with temps in the mid '70s.
All spring & summer.
I hate hot weather!

I know, I know.
After the very long, hard Winter we had,
I should not be complaining!

We even broke a weather record,
here in east Tn.
Today reached 85 degrees!

Cadence made his way to places in his pasture
he has not visited since last summer!

A few times I had to walk out and check on him.
He comes when called, just like a pup!
But, today he was one busy guy,
checking everything out that
spring has brought!

The mares started at the top of their pasture,
and grazed all the way to the bottom.

They were loving life!
When I cleaned out and refilled the water trough,
they came running to see what I was doing.
Both got to drink from the hose.
The ultimate hot-weather treat!

I don't wanna go out, Mom!

And Zeke?
He doesn't like hot weather either.

Sadie Louise and baby Girl happily go outside
to their yard.

Squirrels need barked at,
bees need chomped at,
and naps under the big shade tree
are all the rage right now!

But Zeke would rather stay on the sofa,
and snooze to the low hum of the
ceiling fan.
My kind of dog!

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Enjoy the sunshine!



Heart2Heart said...


WOW hard to imagine anywhere being that hot unless it was somewhere south of the equator today. Here's hoping that it doesn't last and the temps will dip back down to normal range soon.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

You did have a beautiful day -- wonderful pictures! Our weather was very nice also and quite warm.. but I had to enjoy it from indoors (sometimes work just gets in the way) Ha!

The White Farmhouse said...

I love the warm weather but am dreading the humidity. We are not that warm yet, but I know it is coming. Love all the pics!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Misha! Sounds like you had a wonderful day over there...a little hot but at least nice and sunny. Love your photo's... Cadence is such a beauty but then again so are the mares. We had a beautiful day here too...not sure if it got to 85 but at least to 83 and unfortunately windy...I HATE the wind. Zeke has the right idea...stay in where it's cool...he's so cute. I hope you have another wonderful day tomorrow! Best Wishes....MauraXX

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree Misha.... It's too hot for April... Like you, I prefer 70's rather than 80's.... But---the warm weather has made spring pop out here in the Glade. Read my blog tomorrow and you'll see!!!!

Great pictures!!! Poor Zeke... He looks so abused.... ha ha


Country Dreaming said...

I just love Zeke's expression!
I'm not a hot weather fan either.
I could do 70's-80's for summer.

Have a great Tuesday.


Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Great pics!! Absolutely love Zeke...I just want to give him tons of kisses and hugs :-)

BTW, E bought me a pair of Ariats. I love them!! He loves them on me too, but, he says he is a Justin guy LOL

All my best!!

Julie Harward said...

I am a little jealous of that hot weather...we have 35* and a huge snow storn going on right now..12-24 inches here at 7,000ft. ugh!
You'll have to start carrying sugar cubes in your pocket when you go out to gather Cadence! I think Zeke is one smart puppy!
I had to laugh right out loud at your comment to me...why do people start to giggle at a slap?! lOL
You have such a beautiful place...wish our fields looked like that! Have a good week :D

Sydney said...

Warm weather means shedded horses, long trail rides and tank tops. Unfortunately it also means flies and sunburns which I got a little of both today.

Sherry@Ties2ThePast said...

Noticed your weather widget said Tellico Plains, TN. My husband & I were there last weekend enjoying the gorgous weather & scenery. I wondered if your Farm was in this area & now I see it is! Really enjoy your blog, especially the parts about your animals. Zeke is such a hoot!! Gotta love him! We also rescue (6 dogs & cats) but only have 3 acres so don't have anything large. Maybe someday! Thanks for your blogs, they make my day!!

Feral Female said...

Goodness, it is hard to imagine such hot weather already! Try to stay cool.....well you`re already cool Misha so try to stay cooler!!

Karen said...

we've had the same beautiful weather and I am loving it! Great riding weather... and the mayflies have arrived, the one aggravation. I won't complain of heat this year, after the awful winter we had.

Donna said...

I figured your horses were loving the weather yesterday! It got up to 86 here in Knoxville. Whew! I wish it would stay in the 70s too!

~Kim~ said...

As always, I enjoy looking at your pictures!! They capture so well what you are saying and feeling!! I'm glad the warm weather is back, but it didn't have to warm up quite so quickly! :-) Enjoy the rest of your week!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful "summer" photos!!
We had a nice day as well, I have some pink skin on my pale arms...much too early, but we'll take it.

Rural Revival said...

What a beautiful day! We had perfect weather all weekend. Not quite that hot but close!

Girl, you made me cry when I read your comment on my beekeeping post. I'm so happy to call you my friend! I look forward to you sipping on a cold drink in the cool shade of my porch while I check on the bees! : )

Hugs ~Andrea~

Cia said...

I love Zeke's picture! And I'm with you...I hate hot weather. Not my cup of tea. :)


Amy said...

I never realized how beautiful Tennesse is before seeing the photos on your blog! Such a gorgeous place you live! Will you breeding your mares? They look so content grazing!!
Love Zeke- I think my leo girls would enjoy chasing squirrels with him! :-)
Enjoy your beautiful day Misha! Hugs from Norway :-)

Rue said...

Hi Misha :)

I don't like hot weather either! I was loving the 70s, but 85 in Spring?? Too much for me!

Do you realize you named your new baby after my daughter Annie?? LOL

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your story with me. You're right about men letting it go, but I think its because they don't like confrontation ;)


Snappy Di said...

Hi Misha! It's been warm here in Virginia too but the forecast shows thinks cooling down in the next few days.

Yes, that is a playhouse on our hill built by the prior owners for their young son who rarely played in it. He preferred a delapidated building at the neighbors where he and his friend played... Shoot, they could have just as well given him a cardboard box to play in.. You know how kids are.. LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful pictures as always, Misha! But I do have a favorite today - oh what a precious photo of Zeke ♥

I love warm weather, but I have to say when it gets a little tooooo warm I find myself getting a bit on the cranky side ;) Happy Spring, and hope it cools down a bit for you (to more seasonal temps!) -Tammy