10 January 2013

January 10, 2013

Isn't this picture great!
It was taken at a New Years Eve party my parents threw.
It must have been the early seventies.

I think my Mom must have been channeling Priscilla Presley!
That hair is too cool!
And she is wearing Palazzo pants and a tunic, in purple!
With that long strand of chunky pearls,
my mom was Rockin'  that night!

My Dad is the guy on the far left...with the BIG grin!
He looks mighty proud of His Woman.

My parents watching Annie and her family!

At our home, Christmas Eve.

~ Happy Anniversary ~
I love you both so very much!


Feel free to wish my parents a happy day :)

I previously used the 70's picture in a post.
Somehow the comments with that are staying attached to the picture.
Oy. Blogger!


Julie Harward said...

What a great photo that is! Your mom is a doll and it is so awesome that they are together and that you love and appreciate them so much. Thanks for sharing them...good luck with the stuffing! Come say hi :D

Mari said...

How sweet. Thanks for the smiles. You have great parents!

Amy said...

Hi Misha!
What a sweet post! Your mom was and is such a lovely looking woman! Love the photo of your parents with their backs to the camera looking out over the pasture!
Hope you have a super day my friend!
Hugs from Norway :-)

Feral Female said...

What a great picture! Thanks for sharing the memories!

The Lone Star Queen said...

They are a beautiful couple and I love the old photo. It has a Rat Pack kind of vibe. Have a great day!

Sydney said...

Thats wonderful they are still in love.

Darn toy killing doggies.

Lucy said...

Cool photo. Reminds me of what I looked like forty years ago. And I found out recently when I was going through old photos. I'll have to post some of them sometime. I THOUGHT I was fat then. Brother!! Sadly, I still do now. :(

Rural Revival said...

What a great photo and I loved hearing about your memories of staying at your Nana's. Staying with my grandparents was always the best for me. Your mom is beautiful!

PS. Thanks for the fly info, I'll check it out.

Donna said...

What a wonderful tribute to a fine looking couple. Glad that they straightened up and improved their parenting skills after you got past the teenage years, LOL.

Catherine said...

your parents photo is very nice , before and now!!

Snappy Di said...

I remember when my mom wore a very similar hair-do piled high on her head. I think she wrapped toilet tissue around her head at night so it would all still be in place the next day. How fun! Your mom is a beauty!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Country Dreaming said...

A very fashionable group indeed!
Love, love, love your Mom's outfit.
And her pearls.
You are blessed to still have your parents!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Misha, What a neat picture of your Mama --and the guys!!!!! She was/is a beautiful woman---so that's where you got your beauty I'm sure! But--I don't want to leave out your Daddy--who is a handsome man. Maybe you are the best of both of them! Where do they live?? I think you told us once--but I forgot.


Ann On and On... said...

Thanks for sharing those photos! It is so fun to see a happy couple...after many years. Have you ever asked them the secret to a good marriage? My parents are still married, it's been over 45 years. My husband and I decided to get married on their wedding day. :D

I love your mothers "style" and your dads grin.

Lucy said...

Lucy again here...check out my post today about Colorado the horse. :)

Merri said...

I swear that could be my family in my living room! i love looking at old photos.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Karen said...

Loved this post, your parents WERE rock'n. Still are!

And we ALL felt the pain, thankfully the tides turn and we appreciate them after a while :-)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a fun picture!

M said...

Your mom looks fantastic then and now. That 70s picture looks so much like photos from our family album! It took me right back to my mom's signature look back in the day and even my grandmother who was quite a fashionista in her time. I bet your folks really enjoy visiting your home even if you put them to work!

Flat Rock Creek Notebook

Oz Girl said...

Your parents are beautiful, your mum is an absolute doll! I thought she had a long dress on, omigoodness, I had forgotten all about palazzo pants, LOL. What a great photo. :)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend, Misha!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What wonderful photos!! Palazzo pants... your mom was, and still is ... totally cool :) -Tammy

Mary said...

I loved this photo when you posted it before, it puts me back in time, I love it! Happy Anniversary "Mom and Dad"!. You're right Misha, your Mom is very photogenic, I only wish I could be so lucky. Hurray for them both!

I finally posted something the other day, I hope it makes you smile. It's just a silly Fred being Fred.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary to your lovely parents from the gang in Norway! I´ve always thought your mother was beautiful, I absolutely adore the photo of her and your dad standing by the fence looking at the horses! And your dad is quite a handsome fella also ;-) It´s so obvious where you get your lovely looks my friend, you were blessed from both sides :-)

Bianca said...

Early seventees I was born.... ;-)
You have your beauty from your mom, that's obvious, but your father was and is a handsome guy too.
Is it their weddinganniversary??
And how is your dad and his backproblems? Did he have his surgery yet??
Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures.
Big hug! Bianca

Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary to your sweet mom and dad!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Wishing them a fabulous day! She totally rocks that purple!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I love her 70s look. However did women keep their hair up like that? Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwww... they always look like such a sweet couple to me. And so young! Happy Anniversary to Misha's wonderful parents!! ♥ Tammy

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! I know they are wonderful.

RoeH said...

I feel like we haven't conversed lately. I don't know why. I still like ya' and everything. Busy crazy lives I suppose. Love these pic of your parents. It is so COLD here my hands are freezing trying to type. Not that I'm upset about it. Compared to summer, I'm loving this. Hope you are doing okay and everything is alright. :))