22 March 2010

Spring love.....

Wonderful Spring....

It officially arrived yesterday afternoon!
Sunny, breezy, in the high 60's.
And beautiful blue sky.

It was just an appetizer
of what the near future

It's time to get out the pillows for the rocking chairs.
And put some of our favorite magazines and books in the basket between the rockers.

We spend countless hours rocking, reading and watching the birds.

And the kitties hang out with us.
On the perches that J built for them.
Perfect for feline bird watching :)

Shelby has already claimed her favorite spot on the porch.
Cuddled up on the wicker love seat with a nice cozy quilt under her.
love how she uses the little hat as her pillow!

 Bo perched on the table watching the birds chow down at the feeders.
Every once in a while he chatters at them!
Truth be known, he is petrified of the great outdoors.
He loves the screened in porch, but that is enough for him!

He is such a goofy, funny, affectionate, and sweet little fellow :)
He sleeps on my pillow each night....
My Bo buddy.

Oh, my!

When the sky is blue and the sun is bright,
Three dogs that want to be outside in their yard.
And that
makes for a neat and tidy living room floor!

Only one bunny has gone to "stuffed animal Heaven"
so far!
That's a good thing!

And because the day was so sunny and beautiful,
the horses grazed for hours.
On almost green grass.

And in the barn,
 stalls with fresh straw bedding
and yummy hay was
 awaiting hungry horses.

The day was just so lovely
we never even turned on the radio.

The birds, the horses, and the windchimes
were all we needed to hear.

Miss D is starting to let Annie
wander a little bit further
from her.

Allure and Allegra.

Tails and manes
swishing in the breeze.

Neither one came to the fence
when I went out to
clean the water trough.

And I even had carrots
in my pockets!

Oh well,
more for me!

I ate them :)

J had to bang and bang
on the gate
to get their

Finally everyone realized
it was almost
6 O'clock!

Way Past

(Look at those pretty ears on Allure! She was (im)patiently waiting for
                                                                  Carrot Time :)

All the horses are starting to shed their wooley mammoth Winter coats.

They are quite the sight to see!
In some places on their bodies they have sheded out
and others they still have their wavy, thick winter coat.

And when they are groomed each day, the hair is flying..
all over me :(

Poor little Annie
is still covered in a fuzzy, Winter
Baby coat!
I gave her a mini sponge bath,
which she Loves!

But, still hates to have her face washed :(

Doesn't every kid!

I finally hung the Spring stall wreaths up.

I need something to cheer myself, on Chilly, rainy days.

Until Spring really makes up her mind,
that She is Here to Stay!

But, Cadence seemed reluctant about his little wreath made of
Ivy and Pansies.

He seemed to have this look on his face that said,
"I am a Dude, give me something fit for a Stud!"

And Allegra?
Well after coming back in from turn-out
and eating her hay snack,
all she cares about is her
Window to the World!

I cannot wait to see Spring

 Butterflies, Birds & Dragonflies
Green, green grass
Warm, sunny days...

And her first real bath!
That will be an adventure!

Soon the Magnolia will begin showing signs
of first blooms!

The barn cats will
lounge on the bench.

I may do that, too :)

But, tonight is a bit chilly.
We even have a fire going
in the
wood stove.

I did put out all
of the
bird nests, with little eggs!

In Honor of Spring...

And lit the oil lamps,
because it makes the

And I just love cozy...


This is a very special day.
March 22, is the
of my
Amazing husband,

I snapped a pic
while he was watching the news.

Sadie Louise was playing with her teddy bear,
and then let out a huge

J and our silly dogs!
Baby Girl had to jump in on the action!
Zeke was laying at his feet.
Cats were lounging about the room.
A typical evening in our home.

I love this man.

But, the best part of having
the Honor of
Loving J...

Is the way he Loves


Happy Birthday, baby!


Wishing you all a week
sunny, blue skies....



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat post, Misha, and a Happy Birthday to your sweetheart.... Love all of your 'babies' --including the horses.

I was amused that you wrote this blog on the day before we are supposed to get some snow flurries here... GADS---spring just teased us and we're going to get a couple of days of winter... Mercy ME!!!!

Thanks for such an incredible post.

Amy said...

Wonderful post Misha! Loved so many parts about it, and the photo of the bench under that giant tree was gorgeous..but of course the animal shots got me and HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to your beloved J from Norway- he looks great for 29??!! ;-)) Hehehe...

I think you'd enjoy staying here, our animals are around us like yours..feels like I'm home when I see your photos. Oh Shelby on the quilt with the hat- ADORABLE...sooo sooo cute! And my cats sit on my kitchen table too- please don't tell anyone who might eventually eat here...hahaha...

Have a super day! Hugs from Norway

allhorsestuff said...

Oh so sweet the first onset of the coming springtime! I do so love it too Misha!
Your kitty all curled up on the straw hat and those rather large and inviting trees cradling a bench...oooulala!
And, just like me, I don';t waste carrots on a horse that comes slowly...if Wa mare tarries too lang..I partake of the yummy munchies!
Your home is so very inviting..loved the hall shot of the lamp and books!
HAPPY Birthday to your man too....your two are so perfectly made for each other! God bless you!!

Lucy said...

You're a lucky woman. I've never had that. Not even when I was married. And you have the luckiest horses in the world. I could (and would) live in those stalls. Incredibly clean. Have a great new week.

The Lone Star Queen said...

Sounds like a perfect day in the country! We watched the snow melt yesterday. Can't believe it! Happy Birthday to your J.

Have a great week.

Donna said...

Happy birthday to J! He's a honey hunk, LOL. But don't tell him 'cause it might go to his head! hahaha I loved the series of pictures about the horses enjoying this fine spring weather in east TN!

Shirley said...

Happy birthday to your husband. There is nothing quite like spring, I think it is the season most anticipated and appreciated.
Love your barn, the stalls look big. What breed are your horses?

cindy said...

Your kittens are soooo cute. Everything looks perfect, no mess. Doesn't that feel great?

Karen said...

What a great post, love your photos..and I can tell your husband has a warm and generous smile..lucky girl :-)

I came in from the barn COVERED in Opie's winter coat. My allergies just love this time of year. What would we do without shedding blades?

The White Farmhouse said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby! I hope it is a great one for him.

You know, I was just reminded of how beautiful Tennessee is last week. We had to drive through it to get to Florida. I don't care what time of the year it is, I just love TN! I remembered all the good times at my grandpa's house there. I am hoping that the drive back convinced my hubby to move! Would love to live there.

Your house looks so beautiful! Would love to see more of it though! Hint hint! Annie sure is getting big. Love the bits of spring in the barn.

Julie Harward said...

Happy Birthday to your very handsome husband! Wish I could come and sit on the porch with you and the dogs and cats and listen to the wind chimes and the horses and birds. You love all the same things I love! It is starting to get warm here (a bit)...I just wanted to say hi, loved this post! I'll be gone for a few days, catch up to you in a while! Love ya...take care :D

Mom's Coffee Time said...

Wonderful post, enjoyed every bit of it!! Wishing you a happy spring day too. Sending birthday wishes along.....

Snappy Di said...

What a fun post you have today! And happy birthday to your darlin' hubby!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Heart2Heart said...


I love your spring days on the farm! How peaceful it all is when things turn green again and there is love and warmth everywhere you look.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Misha, Thanks for all the beautiful images that were inspired by spring. The horses are fabulous and the little tidbits of information about them so sweet!
It was so nice to meet you today!
Happy Spring!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to J!! I hope he can hear me singing! Well maybe not :) might hurt his ears!
Your post brought so many smiles to my face! I love all the animals in the pictures. We have outside (barn cats) and 2 cats that live in the house with us. They would not know what to do if they were outside!
The first thing I noticed was the wreaths on the barn doors ... so cute! And Annie has her own ... that makes me happy! I want to see pictures when she has her first bath. Everytime we gave our horses baths one of them would immediately go and roll in the dirt ... would make me so mad!
You have brightened my day!

Country Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday to J! You are both very lucky to have each other. We had snow for our first day of Spring but I know the real thing is coming!
The horses are looking great!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your Honey! Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring post Misha! Great photos :) I love the wreaths on the stalls, such a special touch. Our snow is almost gone here and I cannot wait! I have been blessed by seeing Bluebirds and hearing the Meadowlarks :)

Have a wonderful day!

maurakeith said...

Hi Misha! Happy Birthday to your J! What a wonderful post...it must have been a beautiful official spring day for you and your 'family'. I LOVE your house ...such a cute little farmhouse! It must be wonderful to sit out on your porch with all the 'kids' and listen to the world go by as you read. I'm looking forward to warmer sunny days here on the farm too. I have furniture to put out on the tiny porch we have now but sometime this summer DH is wanting to tear it off and build a screened porch. Can't wait for that. I hope you have another WONDERFUL day! Take care. Maura :)

Rural Revival said...

I can't think of a sweeter place to be to welcome spring! I guess I'll just have to wait my turn. Perhaps you could ask her not to dilly dally on her way north please? : )

Happy Birthday J...all of us here at the old farmhouse hope you had a wonderful day!


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to J; hope you and he have many more happy decades together. Love the barn, your hard work is evident.

Ann On and On... said...

I can wait days in between posts because I know when you do write...I'll be gracefully lifting into your world, where I feel at home.

Wonderful photos! Hugs to all the animals...and you too!

Happy Birthday J!

Catherine said...

Happy birthday to J;here we have spring already for two weeks . nice post you did for spring! hugs Catherine

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I always love your pictures. This is just a nice blog to visit.

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Hi Mischa,
What a wonderful post. Annie is getting so big!! Happy Birthday J!!

Please stop by my blog to collect your beautiful blogger award. You deserve it!

There is a condition though, you must share 10 things about yourself & then share the award with 10 of your bloggy friends. Come to my blog & get your award.

All my best!!


Mountain Woman said...

First, belated Happy Birthday to J!!! Your pictures were so lovely and heartwarming and you have a wonderful place and a wonderful life. So cozy and warm from your home to your most beautiful barn.

LadyRider said...

Misha, you really know how to create "atmosphere." Your home and setting remind me of Vermont where I lived for over 25 years . . . but I never had the knack for decorating that you show . . . My house was "Early American Yard-Sale" with hay and dog hair . . . and kids' socks and mittens . . .
but I loved going to places that look like yours does. I bet it even SMELLS nice!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! Gosh, I've missed my "Front Porch" fix lately. Missed my buddies! And today I find a breath of fresh air as I always do here... ahhhh. Inside and out, it's just so beautiful there. Love the cat/hat pillow... the horses... oil lamps.. all so beautiful and cozy and Spring-y! Thank you for sharing. -Tammy

Elle Bee said...

I just love seeing pictures of your home. It looks so "cozy", just like you love!! The nests are so sweet--I don't have any of those--lots of bunnies, but no nests. Must get nests. :o)
So funny that your cat "chatters" at the birds. I love it when cats do that.
Happy Spring!

maura said...

Hi Misha! I already commented on this post but I wanted to say hello to you and thank you for stopping by to say hello the other day. Please don't apologize for being busy! I can only imagine how much work you have to do on your ranch this time of year. you keep your barn so CLEAN...I have NEVER seen a barn as clean as yours ...only in magazines of the rich and famous! I love the way you decorate with wreaths on the stall doors and on the gate by the road? Seeing your horses makes me want to have one again and I have to admit I've been thinking about it. I hope all your animals are well and enjoying spring...you and your hubby too! Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful Sunday! MauraXX

Uncovered Ruby said...

I love looking at pictures of your place The horse stalls are wonderful, the horses are beautiful, those two huge trees are magnificent...I love it all! Thanks for sharing! Lisa :-)