11 March 2010

If These Boots Could Talk... the series!

In sunny, south Florida,
the Rich come to play in the Winter.

The Really, Really Wealthy...

There is Winter Fest (click to check it out!)
for the
horsey set.

Olympic caliber horses.
Polo ponies.
Show Horses...

They bring their horse.
Or horses....
And board them here.
Yes, this is a barn!
Isn't it beautiful!
It was my *home* for several years.
I lived and worked here.

And the beautiful pond?
We had a pet duck named Col. Sanders.
He was eaten by an alligator :(
That was a sad, sad day......

The riding arena saw lot's of action!

From client lessons
show horse training
riding clinics

The turn-out paddocks for grazing pleasure.
(Although Florida grass  isn't very yummy to the Equine set!)
Way in the back, with the red roof,
that was my Casa!

I was on call 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.

For specialized horse care, per client.

If a Long Distance Hauler pulled in at
with a horse,
that came by ship
or plane
from across the globe,
I had to be awake to meet them
at the gate!

And stay awake through the next day.
Because the horse was my responsibility.

Horses are precarious animals.
They sustain injuries.
They fall ill.
My post as a horse nanny was to ensure
the horse was healthy

But, taking care of the client is 75% of the job!
Some clients *know* about horses.
Some know nothing.
For some the horse is their child!
For others, it is an investment.

Getting to know and understand my client was always
my first priority.

When the show staff left to travel across the country
for horse shows.
I was left behind with a small staff.

That was always my favorite time!
A quiet barn is a wonderful place to be!
I managed the horses that were boarded
by clients
Palm Beach.


Not many people show up unannounced
to check out the facility.
But, one Sunday I did have a gentleman

The buzzer from the front gate rang.
I called the gate phone to inquire their business.

He was inquiring about boarding a horse
for his two daughters.
What a great day to let someone tour the facility!

He parked his car.
I asked him sign in.
His name was Joe.

His sister lived on a ranch out west.
She gave his daughters a horse of their own!
But, of course the girls wanted to have
close by.

So I gave him the normal tour of the barn.
I explained how our boarding program worked.
The girls could take lessons with a private instructor.

He knew nothing about horses.
He also joked about having two daughters,
ages 10 and 14,
and being a single Dad!
He spoke about both his ~girls~
with such Love.

                                             They were in L.A. visiting Mom for the weekend.
He really wanted to get the ball rolling on this
to surprise them!

After the barn tour, we hopped in a golf cart.
We toured all over the 70 acre ranch so he could view our
turn-out paddocks and riding trails.

I inquired if he would like to learn to ride.

Being in south Florida,
in February,
we were both wearing shorts.
He pointed to his kness.

I couldn't help notice how many scars this man
had on his knees,
from multiple surgeries.

He laughed and said he didn't think his body had any business being on a horse!

After the tour he decided to call his sister out West.
He found a place for Abbie to live!
I was thrilled.
He was just so darn excited to surprise his daughters!

We firmed up the departure date for Abbie to be picked up,
and transported to south Florida!
The sister said all of Abbie's paperwork was in order,
and her health certificate was current.
I would be here when she arrived, I told him.
Morning, noon or middle of the night!


Joe spent about three hours at the barn that day.
He had a wonderful sense of humor!
He asked a lot of really good questions.
He looked me in the eye when we spoke.
He respected my opinions.
He treated me with Respect.

There have been times when dealing with
High Dollar clients, that the client is less than
But, this guy was real.

I remember the phone ringing in the barn.
I excused myself, and took the call.

He pressed his card and a check in my hand.
Told me to call him when Abbie arrived.

I nodded o.k.while still on the phone call.

As I hung up the phone I glanced at the check and the card.

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

I had just spent the day with Joe Namath

Although I don't *know* football,
everyone knows who the
Legendary Joe Namath is!

I walked out toward the parking lot,
where he was getting into his car.

"I can't believe I just spent the day with Joe Namath,"
I told him.

And he replied,
"Sometimes it's kind of nice just to be Joe."


These boots have lot's of stories!
Some funny,
some sad,
some that are so outlandish-
That if I hadn't *lived* it,
I would not believe it!

Soon, I will write about working for the Crazy Man on the Beach!
The things I got myself into, for my

Love of Horses!

But, now, in my little life, I am quite content.
Just to sit here.
from my front porch in the mountains....
and watch the little things that mean so much.
Like Annie seeing Canada Geese fly over for the first time.
Wow, she was amazed!

Have a wonderful day!
And thank you all so much for your visits!
Every comment makes my heart smile....


*the Namath daughters are now 19 & 23.
Abbie is living back out West.

***Ranch and horse pics courtesy of misha
***Joe Namath pics courtesy of Bing Images


Julie Harward said...

I'm thinking you should write a book! That was very interesting. I didn't know there was such a thing as a horse nanny. I wonder, do they have a naughty chair like the nanny on TV ? LOl Share more please..very cool! Come say hi :D

Spring Lake Farm said...

That was an awesome story! Thanks for sharing.


Jackie said...

Misha, I just couldn't stop reading this story...you had me hooked from the first sentence. Thanks for sharing such a great story with us...and...Joe Namath...how cool!


Laura said...

Wow! Great story! Thanks for sharing. I loved reading it. You must have more??

Rural Revival said...

That's my girl!!! : )

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us. I look forward to the next installment with eager anticipation. Keep on writing!

Hugs ~Andrea~

The White Farmhouse said...

Very cool story! I got one kinda like that about Stephen King. What an interesting job you had in Florida. So many things to do and so little time. Thank you for sharing your sweet story!

Deb said...

oh what a great story....and photos...my grandpa played cowboy polo all his life....what a fun job you had...

Donna said...

What an awesome story! And what a great job to work there too.

This chance meeting reminds me of my DH chatting across country on a plane, sitting in first class, with a gentleman. He didn't know until then got ready to leave the plane that the fellow was Bart Starr, back in the day when he was still playing, LOL. He also sat next to Colonel Sanders on another trip, but he recognized him! (P.S. The Colonel cussed like a sailor too!)

Karen said...

What a lovely story, thanks for sharing.. and LUCkY YOU!!!

That isn't Roberts Quarter Horse farm, is it? We sold them a broodmare years ago, looks very similar.

Melanie said...

What a wonderful story!

Sydney said...

What a great story!
I have the same, but so different occupation than you. I run around to many, many different farms each day to take care of horses for people. Some are pets, some are children, some are investments. If an owner suddenly has an emergency guess who is there at the drop of a pin? Syd. I have to say I have a pretty darn good reputation at being responsible, reliable and knowing what the heck I am talking about when I open up my mouth. Pays off with great clients.

JeniQ said...

HI Misha - great post about a great experience!

Enjoy your day!

Feral Female said...

Great story!!

Heart2Heart said...


What a nice heartwarming story that was. You completely made this person feel at ease and the best part because you didn't treat him any different than you would anyone else.

What a great memory and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The Lone Star Queen said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this story!!! What an interesting life you have lived. It looks like an amazing place to have lived. I bet Joe did enjoy just being "Joe" for the day.

I'm so glad you are doing If these boots could talk and I'm looking forward to more stories. I bet you have some doozies...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---how neat, Misha... Joe Namath was a hunk and HERO to my generation. I really liked him... That's neat that you met him...

That must have been a great job... You need to write a book... Now my question: how did you meet hubby --and how did you get to Tennessee?????

We had a wonderful Birthday celebration and got home today!!! I'll post a blog tomorrow morning.

maurakeith said...

What a wonderful experience! That's nice that Joe had enjoyed just being 'Joe' around you...you must have made him feel very comfortable. I'm excited to hear more of your stories Misha...have a wonderful Friday! Take care...Maura

allhorsestuff said...

Perfect for the series of" Boot" stories!
Loved that...very neat!

Shanda said...

What an absolute awesome story. Loved every line of it. Love the Joe part. you are quite a lucky girl to spend quality time in a quality place like that. I can't even imagine what that place would be like. Lucky you.

Hope your getting some spring weather. We got the mud also. If we can just get the sand down, I can start training here and the barn building can happen around me. I'll be so gld when that happens.
Better run, I've been up all night and I have a lot on my plate for tomorrow.

Shanda said...

What an absolute awesome story. Loved every line of it. Love the Joe part. you are quite a lucky girl to spend quality time in a quality place like that. I can't even imagine what that place would be like. Lucky you.

Hope your getting some spring weather. We got the mud also. If we can just get the sand down, I can start training here and the barn building can happen around me. I'll be so gld when that happens.
Better run, I've been up all night and I have a lot on my plate for tomorrow.

Shelly's Stuff said...

Misha, what a great post. Wow...Joe Namath. I am really looking foward to your other stories. I am really more of a western pleasure/cutting/reining kind of girl, but I do like to occassionally watch the jumpers and dressage. While I don't do a whole lot of riding myself, I am so impressed by people who ride well (and have the courage to do so). I love being around the horses, even if its just as a spectator. There's something very special between the horse and rider. And no matter what kind of event it is, there's always a special something in the atmosphere. I'm hoping to make my over to Wellington for some of the Winter Festival events. This weekend we're headed over to Arcadia for their big rodeo...bringing my brother in law and sister in law who have never been before. Have a great weekend!

Jan said...

That was one great story Misha and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Whow on "Joe!" So nice to hear that he is such a nice guy and I'll be looking forward to more stories in the future! Keep enjoying "God's Country :)"

Oz Girl said...

Wow, what a story Misha! You had me glued to every word, right to the end. I can understand his joy in just being known as "Joe". What a wonderful day, sounds like not just for you, but for him also. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

This was wonderful! How did I miss this first time around? Sometimes I think I live in a bubble :) -Tammy