28 March 2010

Dear Annie,

Dear Annie,

I glanced at the calender and realized
that  today
5 months old!

Each month we celebrate the 28th.
The day
Annie Arrived!

When we first learned you were
on the way,
we were quite surprised!

But, soon, our surprise turned to

and great anticipation...

Because you were such a surprise,
we did not have an exact date of when
 would show your
 little self
to the World!

But, we were ready!
Ready a couple of months too early!

We waited, and waited, waited....

Every morning I would peek into your
Mom's stall,
to see if you had arrived.

Every day, late in the afternoon, I checked to see if your Mom was showing signs of
impending birth.

And finally,
You arrived!

At 10 minutes 'til midnight.

We were 
Simply in Awe
of you!

You stood all by yourself
(with no help from from us!)
within your
Hour of Life.

And later that day,
after the sun had warmed the
your Mom, Miss D,

to the

And the other horses,
watched from their barn windows. 

That day, 
I remember seeing
Allure turn to Allegra,
and whispering in a tiny voice,

"That is my Granddaughter."

Your Arabian Equine family
was so
to have a
newborn foal
in the

What a proud Mom she is!

In the past couple of months
she has begun to let you wander a little
bit further in the pasture,
but always under her watchful eye.

When I am in the barn working,
and I hear a loud bellow,
I know.

I know that you,
Little Miss Annie,
have wandered a little
too far!

Miss D has been so gracious to share you with us...

Sometimes I just cannot help myself,
and I ditch the barn chores,
to play with you in the pasture.

You follow me whever I go.
We exchange nickers and whinneys.
After you drink from the water trough,
you love to rub your muzzle
on my face.
Drips and all!

When I bring out
the grooming bucket,
your eyes light up!

Rooting through the bucket,
full of things that make you pretty,
is just so much fun!

You are finally starting shed your baby fuzz.
Right now you look like a patchwork quilt!
But don't worry...
Soon you will have a sleek, dark Bay coat just like
your Mom's!

Annie, you are just so beautiful!

Your eyes are just so
full of wonder...

And I adore your curiosity
of all things!

Sometimes you lack in the patience department.
You have even shown us that you have
little Temper!

As I finish early morning chores outside your window,


that I know you are 
to go play!

A few soft nickers turn to to loud

A couple stomps with your hoof

Annie, could you please stop eating the grass

We have lost count
how many fence boards
has had to replace!

the grass will be lush
and the greenest of green.


When J bought your
lead rope,
he made sure
it was
fit for a
Princess Filly!

In bright pink.

Because all
love Pink!

(And I thought this was the about the Sweetest Thing!)

Every afternoon,
it is
lesson time!

After you are
lessons begin.

And I have to say,

Little Miss Annie,
You are one smart cookie!

I think you have just about

(as in "Stop!)

After lessons
is my
favorite time with you.

And mugging for the camera!

(And it gives your Mom a much needed break
from her "mommy" duties!)

And we always exchange big hugs!

to you.

Every day you make me
gaze in awe,
ponder life,
and even,
sometimes cry.

Happy 5th Month Birthday!

Little Miss Annie,
You are
True Gift.....

(And Thank you, MissD!)


p.s. A little background for those of you who are new here!

Miss D, Annie's Dam, (mom!)
was helping out with a 4-H program at a neighboring farm.
Their Stallion got loose....
And well the rest is History :)

p.p.s Miss D will never leave the farm again!  ;)

***I wrote this after a very, very long day, late at night!
Please excuse any misspellings ar typos.
If only Blogger would update their new Post Editor
and add spellcheck.
Then my world would be complete! Ha!

Also, please excuse me for being so behind in visiting you all!
Sometimes, Life just gets in the Way!
But, I will be by soon to say HI!
Visiting blog friends is the Best thing about Blogging!  :)


Amy said...

Sweet post Misha and you're not the only one in love with Annie, she is wonderful...such beautiful eyes!!! Happy 5 months Annie!! I'm sure your 1st birthday coming up will be one heck of a celebration!!! Hugs from the gang in Norway :-)

Spring Lake Farm said...

She is simply adorable. How lucky you are!!!


Karen said...

Beautiful baby face :-) Love your new header, what a great collage! You've even got the shoer in there.

The White Farmhouse said...

What a lovely post! She sure is a beauty. I always love that baby fuzz. I understand about how busy things get. I could not imagine doing all you do and finding time to blog too! You are my hero!

Happy Birthday Annie! The big one is coming up too quickly!

maura said...

Good Morning Misha! My goodness you were up late...no wonder you were tired when you wrote this. What a wonderful post...Annie is growing up so fast and look how much she's changed. Her coat will be beautiful when it all sheds out...I can't wait to see it! It's wonderful the way you work with her every day getting her used to being handled and groomed..I can see where that will make your work much easier when it's time to actually put a saddle on her. Will you train her yourselves or will you have a trainer 'break' her. I hate that word but I can't think of a better way to say it! It must be a thrill every morning to see that sweet face waiting for you. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day Misha...take care and please give Little Miss Annie a hug for me! MauraXX

from my front porch... said...

Yes, it was late, late!

I love her baby fuzz, too!

Andrea said...

Annie is astounding....WOW!!

I have an urgent prayer request on arise 2 write.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh how I love Miss Annie too :) What precious words and pictures. Happy 5 Months, Annie! -Tammy

JeniQ said...

Good Morning Misha! First I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header picture!

Second -

Have a great day!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

What a beautiful post...she is a sweetheart. I also love your new blog header ~ Rebecca

The Lone Star Queen said...

Your Annie posts always make me happy. Happy five month birthday Annie!!!

P.S. I didn't know the story of how Annie was concieved. The Stallion must have been a beauty just like her Dam.

Lucy said...

I absolutely love this post. Isn't it great just how social horses are? I want to toss myself into those pictures. *sigh*

Snappy Di said...

How adorable is the photo of you and Annie smiling... both of you. She's very lucky to have you to love her.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Vicki said...

Aww, I love your lifestyle! Just came over from Lucy's and you got me now! Annie is adorable. I live in a farming/ranching area but need a farm of my own! I'll be back to see you often, come visit when you can..both of me (o:

allhorsestuff said...

Annie, you have grown so much! What special times these are with her...I just love seeing them!
The pics of Annie in the stall...oh my...I coo'd they were so cute.
Love in the form of Annie...perfect!

Feral Female said...

Very sweet post Misha! Happy 5 month b-day Annie!

Rural Revival said...

Miss Annie, you really, really are so beautiful. I could look at you all day. I can't wait to see you mature and watch you become a young lady. Happy 5th month birthday to the sweetest thing ever!

Misha, I love the photos of you and Annie and the one of her nuzzling up to J...priceless!

You are so blessed and I'm a lucky girl to be able to be included though blogging. Life is good. : )


Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

She is so precious!! I love her fuzzy mane, soulful eyes, cute little nose and how she is so loving and trusting. You, J and Miss D are so blessed to have her and we are all blessed to watch her grow.

Happy 5 months old Annie!!!

As always...TFS!!! This is why you are a "Beautiful Blogger"

Alisha :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH----I didn't know that the Stallion enjoyed a romp in the hay with Ms. D....... I hadn't realized that it was accidental. BUT--oh, aren't your thrilled now?????

Happy 5th month-birthday to Annie. She gets prettier every single day!!!! Love the new pink lead rope...

GREAT pictures --especially that last one.

Donna said...

I love to hear about Annie! Tell her I said Happy 5th Month B'day! The pictures always bring a smile to my face :) It is always such a joy to visit your blog!

Country Dreaming said...

Five months old--it's hard to believe! I can remember checking each day to see if Annie had made her appearance. Then one day there
she was! Oh, happy day.
I have sooo enjoyed reading about her and what she is up too!



Cheryl said...

Lovely photos and beautiful words..Happy 5 months Annie!

Sydney said...

Shes such a cutie. Get mozilla firefox as a browser. It has built in spelling check. Very handy and it's more secure against viruses compared to other browsers.

By the way I sent my certificate for my boots over a month ago. I sent it overnight shipping so I got a tracking number and still no boots. I e-mailed Ariat about them and no one has even got back to me.
Know who to contact?

Donna said...

We'll certainly allow Miss D's little indiscretion, since sweet Annie is the happy result! Best wishes to her as she experiences her first spring season!

Julie Harward said...

5 months...where did that go?! She is beautiful....such a beautiful head! It's fun to spend a day with you and them...I miss having a baby around to love on! Have fun training here..thats a lot of fun too! :D

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

As usual wonderful pictures... what a pretty girl :)