26 February 2010

Mountain ramblings...

I paid a little visit to Kat at  Heart to Heart a few days ago.
Not even knowing she was having a giveaway.
A giveaway for a book I have been curious to read.
I won the book!
How fab is that!

Thank you, Kat!


Then I paid a little visit to City Gal Moves to Oz Land.
Susan was having a giveaway for "I Heart You" cookies and samples
of her Lazy G Ranch doggie cookies!
I love doggie cookies.
So, of course I entered.
And today...they arrived!
Because I won!

We were so excited the pups and I!
They couldn't believe they won a giveaway :)

But, Bo has a bone (get it? a bone!)
to pick with Susan.

First Bo looked at the cute tag for the people cookies.
Then he read the tag for the pup treats.

Then he scoffed and said Miss Susan must not know the joy
of feline love. Or she would be making cat treats, as well!

I assured Bo that Miss Susan most certainly does know feline love.
Why, I believe there are a couple of cats at
the Lazy G ranch, I told Bo.
But purrfecting cat treats is an art.
Miss Susan is trying to master this art on her beautiful ranch,
on the prairie lands of Kansas.
And as we all know, an artist only wants
Bo will be (im)patiently waiting for his cat treats
to share with his herd.

Meanwhile, J and I ate every last morsel of the
"I Heart You"
They were perfection!
And our Pups?
Why they want their own PayPal account now!
Thanks, Susan :)

A lotta Annie Love!
Hugs with this girl
will cure
what ails you!

"Whatcha doin down there, Annie?"

J knows just where to scratch Annie.
Look at that face!!
(Not J, Annie's face!)

A new broom!
Yep, it's the little things in life that me happy :)


I am having a "Hurry, Spring!"
Hopefully, I will have it posted tomorrow.
Nope, not another Ariat giveaway....
A "Misha" giveaway!
Just a few of my favorite things.
From me,
to a lucky Follower!



Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Congrats Misha ~ I'm having a giveaway too...would love to have you stop by and give it a try! Maybe lucky number 3???? ;-)
Have a wonderful day ~ Rebecca

Donna said...

Poor Bo :) He justs wants some too! Annie is so adorable with that nose in the air :) I just love seeing pics of her! Doesn't every woman love a new broom? You really do keep that barn spotless!
We are coming to the mountains this weekend I hear it is going to be pretty!

Feral Female said...

How cool that you won that book!

Milah said...

Wow, that aisle is clean!

A good woven broom is hard to find. I bought one about 20 years ago at the Indiana State Fair. It's my favorite broom but the bristles are nearly worn off. I bought another one a few years ago and it's not the heavy weight my first broom was. I wish I knew who made my first broom...

Catherine said...

Your lucky to won the giveaways!!!Annie looks in good health and growing fast.your stable looks so clean!Isit a magic broom?

Hugs Catherine

Rural Revival said...

Wow, you're the giveaway Queen! Congrats Misha! : )

Poor Bo! Give him a scratch under the chin from me and a big hug to Miss Annie please!

Hugs ~Andrea~

cindy said...

I love your view. With that scene to look at it would be hard for me to come in and blog!!

The Lone Star Queen said...

Gosh, I need an Annie hug. The picture of Annie and J is adorable. It really shows her personality. Girl--your barn floor is clean enough to eat off of. Poor Bo, he wanted a surprise too.

Have a great weekend, we are headed out to look at more land. Wish us luck.


JeniQ said...

Misha - Annie is just too cute! Love that face !

Enjoy your weekend

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congrats on your fine winnings! As always, I leave your posts in smiles. Your horse barn is so spotless! Wish my house was that clean.. lol! And that picture of Annie's appreciation of 'the rub'.. priceless. That needs to be submitted in a contest, for sure :) Have a wonderful day, Misha! -Tammy

Ann On and On... said...

Oh Annie.... I heart you!

Love the photos. You look so pretty!

*I will continue to post about Q.C.

Congrats on all the winning. "Good Mail" is so much fun.

Thanks for saving my comment....you are too kind!

Deb said...

lucky girl....my dogs are jealous you won the treats....great photos...

Heart2Heart said...


Now I know what the secret giveaway was with the puppies! TREATS! What doggie doesn't like treat!

So glad that you love the book, and there are more giveaways coming next week too! Going to be busy before my surgery so I got to get them out there.

Love the pictures of Annie, I'll tell you one hug from her and I think I wouldn't need surgery.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Donna said...

Congrats on the recent bloggy win! And Annie looks like she is getting spoiled rotten, LOL!

P.S. I understand about a new broom. When you live in the country, good brooms are essential!

Sandra said...

Hey Misha, you should buy a lottery ticket -grin-.

Country Dreaming said...

Oh, that Annie look at her face! She is such a cutie and my how she has grown. I know of two people she has wrapped aroung her hoofs--Ha! Ha!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Your lucky pups and their homemade treats... and you are pretty lucky too! Looking forward to your giveaway.... And that Annie - oh she will be a beauty this summer shining in the sun!

Oz Girl said...

Your pics of Bo made me laugh... and you are right, cat treats take longer to perfect. I made a batch of salmon treats a few weeks ago, but only Barack liked them. Hmmm, 1 out of 3 cats. Not good. The dogs loved them though. Back to the test kitchen, lol.

I love that pic of Annie getting her rub, what an adorable photo!

Like Tammy said, I always smile when I come here. Animals have a way of doing that to us I guess, but I think it's your blog in particular. :)

(Thanks for the shout-out and glad you guys enjoyed your treats!)

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Lovely animals! I had to point out that your crocheted table runner is beautiful.